Best Bike Shed: Dry, Practical and Secure | Outdoor Storage for Bicycles The Bike Shed Motorcycle Club is an exclusive motorcycle brand offering dining, barbers & official motorcycle clothing; Jackets, Gear, Shirts, Tees, Jeans, Helmets.� Bike Shed London remains closed under the UK's Covid restrictions, but we expect to partially re-open on 14th April and fully open in May. Bike Shed LA is nearing completion and we plan to open in May Application for LA Membership is now open. See more below. Bike Shed's Webshop remains open and our team are on our social media and the weekly newsletter, where you can stay up to date. Like what we do? Love what we make. This bike rack keeps bikes organized, up and out of the way. The steadyrack vertical bike storage rack would be a great gift idea for him (or her) that loves cycling and wants to keep their bike safe! Bike. Wall Mounted Swivel Single Cycle Rack.� Metal Bike Shed for 3 bikes | cycle sheds from Asgard. For more great pics, follow www.- #bicycle #storage Fahrradgarage. Bike. Tired of your kid's bikes lying around with no awesomely geeky place to store them? I was too, so I build this Excitebike bike shed to give my kids a place.

A bike shed is the best place to store your bicycles if you keep them in your garden or yard. And the best bike shed should be secure, weatherproof and practical to use on a daily basis. As usual there's tons of choice! And as usual I will guide you through the simple steps to find the best one for you. First of all you need to think about size. Where in your garden or yard will you put the shed?

How much space is available there? And most importantly: how many bikes do you want to store in it? Secondly, you need to think about what it's made from.

How do you want it to look? What's your budget? And what sort of security, durability and maintenance levels do you want? Of course, if you're still unsure that it's a bike shed you need, check out these bike storage ideas. They're mostly aimed at indoor storage and there's a ton of different options. I'm sure you'll find something you haven't considered! And if you haven't got room for a shed, you could also combine a good bike cover with a heavy duty lock and ground anchor. What size storage shed you'll need will obviously depend on what exactly you want to keep in there!

How many bikes? What size are they? How many accessories will join them? And perhaps you'd like a bit of space to work on your bikes too? If so, you'll need a place for a bike stand and enough space to work around it. Now, obviously I don't know the answers to these questions!

But if we look at the average bike's dimensions, we can get some idea of the minimum amount of space you'll need and we'll be able to compare different sheds accordingly.

I go into this in much more detail in what size shed do I need for my bikes. But in summary, these are the shed sizes you'll need for different numbers of average sized, adult bikes:.

Of course these numbers are a general guideline only. You may have a bigger bike. Or a bike with a child seat. You may have a much smaller bike. You may only want to store kids bikes. Obviously the only answer here is to measure your bikes and everything else you plan to store in the shed! What I would say is: be generous. The shed needs to be easy to Best Outdoor Sheds For Bikes India use. And if you have to cram everything in so that there's no room for maneuver, it's going to get really stressful and annoying!

And remember, it's not just about whether they will actually fit in there. It's also about the process of getting them in and out! In the ideal shed, each bike could be added and removed without interfering with any of the other bikes already in the shed. Forward or backward access is the most practical, but less common! This would mean the bikes go in forwards or backward rather than sideways. Unfortunately there aren't too many bike storage sheds that allow this! If some of your bikes are rarely used this isn't so much of an issue.

They can go at the back. But if you have several bikes that are always being used usually by different people , then it's worth hunting out a shed that does allow forward access. Of course it's not just about what you're going to store in the shed. It's also about where you're going to put the shed. And this may restrict the sizes available to you.

Maybe you have limited floor space. Maybe the height will be limited by fence or wall heights or other aesthetic concerns.

Maybe there are planning permission restrictions? You're going to need a dry flat area that not only provides enough space for the shed, but also enough space to easily access and open the doors.

There are also security issues here. A shed in your front garden or yard, which will be visible to everyone who walks past your house is much more at risk than a shed that's hidden away at the back of the house. However a shed should never be hidden away from you! A shed door that's visible from the house is less attractive to thieves than one where they're able to work on breaking in in private. In the same way, sheds that are closer to the house are safer, as the thief will be more concerned that their activities will disturb you especially if you have a shed alarm.

In general, I recommend that you position the shed behind the house, away from the street and passing eyes. But close by the back of the house with the doors visible from your rear windows. Of course this won't be possible for everyone and if you're forced to compromise, I'll talk about extra security measures you can take to nullify the threat later on. You basically have three choices here: plastic resin or vinyl , metal, or wood. And each of them has their own advantages and disadvantages.

However it's worth noting that these qualities can always be increased or reduced by the quality of the particular shed you choose. Wood is the material that has traditionally been used to make sheds since sheds were invented! And there are many good reasons for this Wood is relatively cheap, strong, easy to work with and looks fantastic in a garden setting. A well made, well looked after wooden shed will also provide your bikes with great protection from the weather. Wooden bike sheds come in a vast array of shapes and sizes and they're easy to customise, so you'll always be Best Bike Shed For 4 Bikes Kit able to change one so it's exactly how you want it.

Or you could of course build your bike shed! And because they're so easy to work with, there's loads of things you can do to improve the "out of the box" security level. A wooden bike shed is probably the most environmentally friendly option too more on this later. However, wooden sheds do need lots of love and attention! You'll need to re-treat the wood every few years. And even the best wooden sheds will need their roof re-felting eventually.

You may need to put dome effort in to keep rodents, insects and other animals out. And you'll need to watch out for rot which will reduce the security and shorten the life of a wooden shed. Most importantly the default security level of the vast majority of wooden bike sheds is very poor. So again, you'll need to do something about that although as I've already mentioned this is very easy.

When choosing a wooden bike shed, make sure the planks are at least 12 mm thick anything less won't be strong enough and go for tongue and groove rather than the cheaper and poorer quality overlap cladding. If you think that wood is the right material for you, check out my guide to wooden bike sheds, where I talk about all this in a lot more detail!

Metal sheds have also been around for a long while and although we don't usually think of metal as traditional shed material, for storing bikes it's actually very useful. The best thing about metal bike sheds is the level of security they provide. A metal shed will protect your bicycles from theft better than any other kind of outside storage solution. A quick wash Bike Shed For 4 Bikes 301 down with soapy water now and again is all you need to worry about!

Most significantly, metal sheds can be a nightmare to assemble! And it can take a couple of people a day or more to put everything together. When choosing a metal bike shed, look for panels that a more than 0.

If you think metal could be the best choice for you, I've written a complete guide to choosing a metal bike shed where I talk about them in much more detail. Plastic also called Resin sheds are the new kids on the block. And they're increasingly popular. Plastic bike sheds are easy. Plus the modern plastics are less likely to fade or become brittle and crack in the sun.

A wash now and again is the only maintenance you need to do! They can look cheap and fake. Most of them are impossible to customise.

So they can be damaged by strong winds or heavy snowfall. And hot, direct sun can cause some plastics to bend! Plus, just like metal sheds, they can suffer from What Size Shed For 4 Bikes In China condensation if not properly ventilated. Plastic sheds tend to be less sturdy than the other types. So when choosing a plastic shed, look for ones with steel supports in the roof and walls for extra strength , twin walls and ventilation grills to prevent condensation and UV protection to reduce fading and brittleness.

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