Designing A Two Bicycle Storage Shed For About $ Dollars Choose from 54 storage shed plans that are easy to use and designed to fit any type of storage. If you can measure accurately and use essential tools, you can build your shed. To prove it to you, we�ve created a collection of the most popular shed sizes with a material list inside.

Also a bike shed should allow a place to store bike accessories like helmet, gloves, shoes and water bottles etc. A small person might not have the strength to lift a bike overhead to hang it up on a wall or ceiling hook.

So you want to be able to roll it in and park it. Many homeowners associations specify that any accessory structures blend in with the look of your house. This way no one will complain about it looking ugly. A bike shed should not stand out or call attention to its self.

This is another security feature. You might also disguise it by putting some vents on it to make it look like a hot water heater shed. Maybe even add a short stove pipe coming out of the top for maximum effect.

Any shed can serve as a bike shed. The bigger the shed the more bikes you can put into it and the more bike related stuff you can store. A big shed will also give you a place to service your bike out of the weather. An ideal bike shed would have enough room to stand up in, so at least 6 to 7 ft vertical clearance.

Then you need a few feet behind to walk around it and get to the other side or out the door. If you want to park them side by side and walk on either side of both bikes you will need more like 8 ft wide shed. Plus about 3 feet behind to walk and get to the door. Another way to control the cost is to make your bike shed smaller. You can do this by parking your bike vertical and storing your accessories on a shelf or hooks. You can store 2 bikes vertically in a space about 4 ft square with plenty of room for accessories.

You will not be able to get in the shed and service your bike but you can do that under the back porch or in the garage, then return the bike to its shed for the night. This way you will not have to lift but a fraction of the bikes total weight. Just enough to get it rolling up the wall.

Then hook the wheel around a nail or peg and lean it against the sidewall. It will stay in place nicely and take up less than half the space of standing horizontally on both wheels. And you can do all this just standing in the doorway of the shed. Aside from saving lots of money, a small bike shed will be portable so that you can easily move it if you want to change locations.

Either across the yard or to another house. This would be necessary for example if you rent a house or apartment. And you will have better luck asking your landlord for permission to locate a small bike shed near your apartment than a larger one.

Or you can make it modular to make it even more convenient to move. By modular I mean where you can take it apart and move the pieces then put it together at the new location. The only real option most people have is to build a bike shed out of wood.

Metal takes special tools and the components are not readily available. However building a bike shed from wood only takes common hand tools that most people have in their garage or they can borrow from a friend or neighbor. And any Home Depot or Lowes has all the necessary components to build a wooden bike shed. So our goal is to design a cheap bike shed to store 2 bikes at a minimum cost and with the least amount of effort and complications to build.

This is the material list and cost estimate to build this bike shed. So there would be a lot of waste there. I have also not included the price of paint or caulk.

Likely you have enough extra paint around the house you can use for free. The first step called for in the bike shed plans is to build the floor. The finished floor size is under 4 ft square so keep the other half of the floor sheeting to use in the roof. You could use pressure treated plywood in the floor but I already had the right size OSB pieces around the shop so that is what I used.

Where some of the screws came through I simply turned the floor over and removed them. But if you follow the plans carefully your completed shed will be very tight and not need trim. Cut the following pieces per the shed plans:. Remember that two of the outer door frame uprights will be cut at an angle and the other two will be cut square. Now lay it into place along the pencil marks on the header.

Center it side to side between the marks at the top of each vertical door frame. Do not nail this sheet to the outer door frame because this would be nailing the door shut.

Go to the bottom of the sheeting and line it up between the bottom marks on either door frame. At this point you will have 4 nails in the sheeting. Line the grooves up for appearance, then mark and cut the excess. Then nail it on with 2 inch galvanized nails. If you are going to use a router to trim the excess then just nail it on and trim it after the next step. Cut 4 studs and a top and bottom plate as per the bike shed plans.

Notice that the 4 studs are cut at an angle on the top end. This is just the opposite of the front wall. Attach the studs to the bottom plate with 3 inch screws.

This allow the sheeting to lay flat. Nail along the top plate with 2 inch galvanized nails every 8 inches. Square the underlying frame to the siding by measuring the overhang at the top and bottom of the stud on one side. Snap a chalk line and cut off the excess with your circular saw. If you are going to use your router, make your small cut along the bottom overhang then route the excess from both sides.

Cut your 6 studs and 4 top and bottom plates. Remember the 6 studs have angles on the top end and the top plates have angles on both ends. Because the shed is so small, the heads of the carriage bolts for the hinges and latch will interfere with the studs in the sidewall. So you have to drill access holes so they are out of the way and so you can reach the nuts to tighten them in the future.

Lay the correct stud on top of the front wall and hit it with a hammer up and down the length to mark where the bolt heads are. Nail the bottom corners and check the frame for square against the siding by measuring the side over hangs at the top and bottom. Then nail into all the studs with 2 inch galvanized nails every 8 inches. Use 3 inch drywall screws to secure the studs to each other and use 2 inch drywall screws with a fender washer to secure the siding to the underlying stud.

Then lift a sidewall on the floor and bring it up flush to the back wall. When they are tight to each other nail through the sidewall corner stud into the back wall corner stud at the top and bottom. Then nail through the bottom plate at each corner into the floor. Attach the next wall the same way. Lift the final wall into place. Go inside and finish nailing or screwing the walls to each other and to the floor. I was anxious to test for fit so I put a bike in. It fits perfectly�.

The same way you needed to make access for the hinges. But first clean the metal parts to make sure the paint will stick. Use paint thinner and remove any oil from the hinges and latch. If you have built your shed carefully to size then your corners will fit tightly and will not need trim. The roof is the last step in building your bike shed. You can use shingles like I am showing here, or you could use rolled roofing or even a nice metal. But shingles will look good, are readily available, are cheap and will last many years.

Eliminating the overhang on the back wall will allow the shed to sit directly up against the side of your house. Now make sure the shed is square to the roof sheeting by measuring the overhang at the front and back edge of both sides of the shed. When all measurements are equal then the shed is square. If necessary you can lift the floor at one or the other of the front corners to make it square.

Attach it from the top side with screws so you can adjust the fit if necessary. Then lift it back in place on top of the shed and check for fit. You can either attach it with screws to the shed now or remove it and finish the roof on the ground. Do not put flashing at the top edge just yet because we will put it on top of the shingles to make a water proof edge at the top. Please save the file to your phone or computer so you can read or print it any time in the future.

Share this: Click to share on Facebook Opens in new window Click to print Opens in new window Click to share on Pinterest Opens in new window Shed Building Forum Please visit my shed building forum if you have any questions about my plans before or after your purchase them or if you have any questions about the shed building process. This is why you need a bicycle storage shed. This will prevent splitting the wood. Pre assemble: Align the bottom ends of the 2 outer door frame pieces and attach the 2 together with 2 inch screws every 8 to 10 inches from top to bottom.

Outer door frame: Attach the header to the outer door frame, then screw the bottom plate in place. Then attach the top plate to the door frame This will assure that the top plate does not interfere with the siding laying flat. Outer door frame: This is what the outer door frame looks like assembled. It has a single bottom plate on the bottom, sandwiched header and top plate on the other end.

Place 2 spacers into each corner of the outer door frame. Check for fit: Place the top and bottom horizontal inner door cross pieces into their top and bottom positions to check for fit. Uprights: Place the left and right uprights in place to check for fit.

Assemble inner door frame: Remove the pieces and assemble the inner door frame on a nearby flat surface. The inside joint last center cross piece will have to be toe nailed in place. Mark centers: Mark the centers of the 3 uprights and 3 horizontal cross pieces so you will know where to nail. This will be the mark you line the door sheeting up to so you know it is spaced properly. This shows the same marks at the bottom of the door frame.

Door sheeting: Cut the door sheeting per the shed plans but double check the measurements against the actual door frame. There are three height-adjustable arms that can rotate which each can hold a bike, skis, or other gear. One of the things I really love about this rack is how versatile it is. Because you can rotate each arm, adjust their length, adjust their height, and attach gear to it almost anywhere it makes this stand possibly the most versatile bike rack on our list.

Worth noting also is the 6-slot bike helmet holder that helps keep everything together. Also, there is a bike repair setting which holds your bike firmly for repairs! Much like the bike racks you might expect to find around town, this ground standing metal rack is a good solution for households with tons of bikes. Adjustable from bikes includes all 5 stands you simply pick how many you want, snap it together quickly, and viola! To store the bikes all you have to do is place the front wheel between the uprights.

If you want to lock your bikes you can use a chain or oversize padlock with ease. This vertical rack holds up to 4 bikes in staggered horizontal rows. This is a bit of a unique bike stand. It sits on the floor with a wide, stable base. On the vertical riser are four height-adjustable arms that hold your bikes in position. There is no need for any additional hardware, mounting to the wall, mounting to the floor or anything else.

Instead of a hard-sided plastic storage shed, what about a lightweight and portable storage tent? Imagine a tent made from rugged UV resistant vinyl tarp just big enough for your bikes. I would still beware of high winds though � put it somewhere relatively sheltered. The Bravindew is the best bike storage shed for those with minimal space and a tight budget.

Indoor storage and outdoor storage are both perfectly viable options. Each one comes with a few pros and cons, however, that you should be considering before you make a commitment.

This is a great option if you have a large garage or pole barn. I would say that if you use your bike every day a floor stand where your bike remains on the floor is ideal for quick use. These mounts help keep your floor space free. Usually, you screw a rack or hooks into the wall where you can then lift up your bike and hang it on the wall.

If done right they look nice, are easy to use, and keep things organized. Maybe the biggest drawback here Bicycle Storage Shed Designs 50 is that you need enough strength to lift your bike up and down so elders or people with health issues may struggle.

Tents are lightweight, portable, pop-up style sheds that keep rain, wind, and elements off of your bike. Also, securing your bike means running a locking chain out to a pole or tree nearby.

Sheds usually are either plastic or metal unless you build your own. Most sheds can lock securely and hold bikes. Usually, you can find a way to secure them to the ground, the building, the cement, or something else and then you can lock your bike down to them. Covers are similar to tents but simpler. Lean your bike up against the wall, put the kickstand down, or chain it to the tree. Before you go buying a fancy wall rack or floor stand, consider how hard it will be to put together.

Some of these have adjustable parts, moving components, or have to be bolted together in a certain way. Usually, this is no big deal for those with mechanical inclination but some may find it difficult. Maybe the least mechanically tilted storage options are small plastic bike sheds usually very easy to assemble , bike covers, and tents. Maybe this is a give-me but remember that you may have more bikes in the future.

Take into account how many bikes are in the household and how many you might accumulate. Which one is best for you, only you can decide! We also consulted online magazines for product research and reviews to get as much unbiased information as we could. To help weed out fake reviews we used Fakespot. With so much quality gear available, we had to narrow it down based on what we felt were the best options were for the price.

The staff authors have a wide and varied background in road cycling, racing and bike packing. The authors have decades of experience in cycling and eager to share their knowledge with readers. To help narrow down the selection we used personal experiences along with recommendations from fellow cyclists, bloggers and bike shops. What brand is the shed pictured at the top of this article? Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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