Turn an old shed into a tiny house or build one from scratch. This pent style shed has a flat sloping roof ideal for positioning anywhere in a garden or lf tighter spaces. Sadly, the Scala 6 x 5 does not feature an interior shelving option or steel reinforcements so it may not be quite as strong as source of the other options on our best garden shed list. Drill the joints and hammer a length of rebar through into the ground. This building combines a shed and greenhouse best type of garden shed 900 one.

Spending time in your garden is the perfect way to relax and enjoy the British outdoors. Whether you like to grow your own veg, tend to flower beds or simply manicure your lawn; getting the best garden shed in the UK will ensure you have secure storage for your tools and equipment. But with so many different materials, sizes and styles to choose from, picking the right garden shed for you can be hard work.

In this article, we will view the top sheds on the market; so you can find the best UK garden shed for your lifestyle! The Toomax Storaway garden storage shed is a great choice if you are looking for a quick and easy assembly process and a compact amount of storage space. The Storaway by Toomax has an litre capacity easily accessible by a wide double door front opening and a top lid that lifts up. It is capable of holding two large rubbish bins or a grill and BBQ equipment, no problem.

All three doors use the same latch and have the option for a padlock as well. The Storaway comes in either grey with a black lid or vice versa and both options include an integrated floor panel to prevent condensation inside.

If you prefer, expert assembly is available with this shed for an additional price and a two-year warranty comes standard with purchase. Keep in mind, the top on the Storaway is not piston assisted and it has a minimal slant angle so you will most likely have to occasionally clear snow and leaves. The Duramax Woodbridge II is our top choice for a luxury garden shed. It provides you with ample storage space in an elaborate and stylish design that is built to last.

This garden shed is available in different colour variation to suit your style. It features double front doors with a window on either side of the front to enhance natural light within. A pent roof with additional steel truss support, built to resemble shingles, helps to keep the roof clear of snow while also having a stylish appearance.

The Woodbridge II by Duramax comes with a metal foundation kit so you can securely attach it to a platform. The wall columns are reinforced with metal to enhance the strength and sturdiness of the dense plastic structure. For security purposes, this garden shed features eyes in the door handles for a padlock as well as a latch inside the door on the top and bottom. It also comes with an impressive year warranty. It also has a lengthy assembly Best Large Garden Sheds Uk 10 process that will take several hours and require you to enlist help from a couple of friends.

If you are looking for a garden shed that packs a lot of value, the Lifetime Vertical Storage could be just the thing. It offers a substantial amount of vertical storage with a smaller footprint overall.

The Vertical Storage garden shed is constructed with high-density polyethylene plastic material which makes it weather and impact resistant. It comes in a roof brown colour which has a grey tint. This low-maintenance garden shed features two double doors with padlock loops so you can Best Garden Storage Shed Uk 8th increase security. The walls of this garden shed are double layered and steel reinforced for added durability and strength.

The walls can also be fitted with brackets and shelves if you so choose. A year warranty comes included with the purchase. Unfortunately, this garden shed does come with what consumers are calling a tricky assembly process which is made worse by fittings not being consistently sized correctly. Additionally, it may require a second person and a power drill to get the task completed.

Lastly, it has a flat roof so it will collect some snow and leaves. Keter is back again, this time with their Scala 6 x 5 garden shed. This plastic storage shed is weather-resistant and provides you with a significant amount of natural lighting thanks to its two oversized windows built into the front doors. The Keter Scala 6 x 5 garden shed features wood-styled panels in a light brown colour with dark brown trim. The two large front doors are adorned with metal hinges and a sliding latch that has the option to install a padlock for increased security.

The walls are constructed using a dual-layer design to improve strength and also enhance security. A year warranty comes standard, as with all Keter garden sheds. Sadly, the Scala 6 x 5 does not feature an interior shelving option or steel reinforcements so it may not be quite as strong as some of the other options on our best garden shed list.

Additionally, we recommend reinforcing the floor panel as it is relatively thin and less sturdy. The Keter Manor 4 x 3 is our number one choice for a tall garden shed with ample vertical storage and a quality build. It has an litre capacity and a stylish design that easily fits into more confined garden spaces. The Keter Manor 4 x 3 garden shed has an elegant appearance, at least for a garden shed, and comes in a grey colour with white trim and a black roof and fixtures.

The tall, space-saving design features a single front door opening with metal hinges and a lockable latch in case you want to improve security. The Manor 4 x 3 garden shed by Keter includes a floor panel and double walls to ensure effective weather resistance and to keep the contents fully protected. A ventilation duct above the door, and also built into the floor panel, helps prevent the growth of mildew or mould while still keeping rain and snow outside.

Also, you may want to make sure you set aside a good chunk of time to complete the lengthy assembly process. The Keter Manor 6 x 8 is another fantastic option on our list that provides you with lofty storage space.

It has a tall apex ceiling with a significant slant to help prevent snow and leaves from accumulating on the roof. The Keter Manor 6 x 8 garden shed is beige with dark brown trim. It features a large double front door that gives you a wide port of entry with a sloped threshold.

The doors come equipped with a slide lock that has Best Garden Sheds For Sale 63 the option for a padlock. The Manor 6 x 8 design includes a built-in floor panel and ventilation ducts to keep your possessions off of the ground and to complement its plastic weatherproof design. We really like that no special tools are needed to assemble this option and that a year warranty comes included. Similar to the other Manor garden shed by Keter on our list, this option does not feature a shelving option.

You may also need a second person to complete the assembly process and when not done exactly right, you could wind up with a less sturdy base floor panel. The Factor 6 x 6 is a great option if you are seeking a garden shed with lots of upgraded features not found on the more simple, basic models. It has sturdy door handles with the option to be used in tandem with a padlock and the entire structure is weatherproof.

The Factor 6 x 6 garden shed has a large litre capacity and comes with a skylight and a versatile window that gives you the option to install it on whichever side you prefer. To ensure integrity, the double walls feature ventilation grills and steel reinforcements atop a heavy-duty floor panel. The interior of the Factor 6 x 6 garden shed incorporates two adjustable shelves with brackets to help increase organisation and maximise the usable space.

Expert assembly is available for an additional cost and a year warranty comes included. Cons for the Manor 6 x 6 include reports of the walls bowing over time or if you overload the shelves and the need for a second person to complete the assembly process. If you are looking for a stylish, durable outdoor storage solution, then this is it. Designed to accommodate two wheelie bins, your garden furniture or equipment, this handy shed makes an excellent choice when you have limited space available.

With its 1,litre capacity, this outdoor storage box can accommodate plenty of garden essentials. Thanks to its piston-assisted lid, it makes an excellent place to store your unsightly household refuse bins. Simply lift the lid to use your bins without having to remove them. The double doors make accessing your stored items extremely easy. Plus, the sloped front base is an excellent design feature for lawn mowers, bins, or any other wheeled items.

Highly durable and completely weather-resistant, this storage shed will not fade over time. Assembly is fairly tricky, so be prepared to set aside several hours. Also, screwing through the plastic can be very tiring, and a power driver is pretty much essential. With its smart wood-effect panels and ingenious design, the Store-It Out Max is a popular choice.

Its double-bolted closure makes it easy to open and close for storage, while the padlock facility gives you the option to secure your possessions. All in all, for compact garden equipment storage with easy access, this model is an excellent outdoor storage solution and one of the best plastic sheds around. Dimensions: The Keter Store It Out Midi garden shed is our top choice for anyone prioritising a heavy-duty floor panel.

A heavy-duty floor is essential if you want to store heavy items in your garden shed while also keeping them off the ground and dry.

The Store It Out Midi is beige with a dark brown base and lid. This compact storage shed has an litre capacity which is designed to be large enough for two rubbish bins or a grill and other garden tools.

It features a lift-up top and a double door front opening for easy and versatile access to the contents stored within. The Midi is made with durable plastic that is both weather-resistant and low maintenance.

A sloped entrance adorns the heavy-duty floor which allows you to easily roll wheeled items into and out of the shed without having to do any heavy lifting. Added support is built-in to this garden sheds walls for optional shelving. It also features lockable handles and comes with a one-year warranty. Drawbacks Best Price 6x4 Garden Shed To to the Midi garden shed include it having thinner plastic walls which may turn out to be less durable and the top is not piston-assisted so it will not stay up once opened.

It has an litre capacity large enough for two standard wheelie bins. It features a unique bin opening kit that uses chains and clips to raise the lids of your bins simultaneously with the shed lid. The lid on the Premier XL is built at an angle and features pistons inside to help raise the lid and keep it open with minimal effort on your part.

The walls on this storage shed are designed with a ribbed structure and double wall panels for increased strength and durability. Ventilation ducts are built into the exterior on either side and a floor panel keeps your belongings elevated and dry. Expert assembly is available for an upcharge. Shelf brackets and a year warranty are included with the purchase. You may also find that the walls bow if you lean heavy objects against them allowing some unwanted moisture to enter.

Whether you pick a metal, plastic or wooden shed, each has pros and cons which you should be aware of beforehand. In this section of our shed buying guide, we will view the important differences between each of these materials.

Wooden sheds are by far the most traditional and popular type of shed. They are often highly-customisable, with options for extra interior shelving, windows, log stores and different types of cladding.

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