Easier than building an addition to your home and usually less expensive, too, these prefab offices can be shipped right to your address to assemble yourself.

And if you ever do return to a company office, this shed could easily double as a guesthouse or in-law suite, so we doubt the extra space will go to waste. It's no surprise, then, that office sheds are more popular than ever right now. Studio Shed, a manufacturer of such sheds, says sales have risen fivefold compared with a year earlier. Yet adding an office shed to your property is not as easy as clicking Buy and seeing it pop up in your backyard overnight. For one, make sure to check with your city or town before ordering in case there are any permitting regulations on new structures.

Plus, brace yourself for a lengthy wait before it ships often four to six weeks and assembly that may last a few days but up to a few months, depending on the complexity and comfort level you seek.

In fact, you may want to consider hiring a professional to properly install it for you, says Tyler Drew , president of Anubis Properties. For starters: power. Are you going to run extension cords? Can your electrical panel handle the load of a sudden addition to your house? One of the first 'home offices' I had would lose power if someone in the house used the microwave and toaster at the same time. If so, prepare for your office to flood come winter.

Or maybe the ground beneath your shed simply cannot hold the weight, and now your office floor slants on one side. Doesn't seem like much, but when your office chair is constantly being pulled to one side of the room, it can cause some serious back issues.

Take it from personal experience: I've even seen a home office shed collapse. Another downside is office sheds, although cheaper than a home addition, don't come cheap. Still, if having an office all to yourself is worth any price, then here are some options to consider. The final price, however, will depend largely on the choices you make regarding size, type of siding, and finishes. Installation can be done by yourself or with the help of Studio Shed professionals.

Need office space for you and your co-workers? The Modern Studio Luxe from Kanga Room Systems ranges in size from to square feet, plus the option of a bathroom. Residents in the company's home state of Texas are also eligible to receive completely furnished dwellings and the option of professional installation.

The Urban comes with two large, insulated windows as well as windows up top to bring in plenty of sun—ideal for artists or others who need natural light. Plus Hus which is Icelandic for "plus house" and pronounced like "couscous" offers a basic byfoot structure, and then you can choose to customize it based on one of three plans.

The Open is the most basic version, and includes the structure as well as doors and windows, ceiling lights, interior cladding, and an AC and heating unit. It must also be assembled on a concrete foundation. The floor is impact resistant and durable to help keep everything inside.

This is the perfect shed for storing lawn mowers, garden equipment, adult and child bicycles, and many other smaller but heavy items. Unlike metal sheds, this one will not rust or rot and will remain watertight and impervious to rain and snow. Rubbermaid also offers wall anchors that can be used with this shed that let you install storage options like pegboard, shelving, and racks for added capacity. Start with a solid heavy duty floor, add in double doors, and a single window and you have a recipe for success in one of the best cheapest plastic sheds on the market.

The sidewalls stand a full 71 inches tall, perfect for the over 6-foot crowd and for giving you plenty of storage space. While most plastic sheds are made to remain the color they arrive in, this one is made to be painted to suit your tastes or needs.

The heavy duty construction and materials make this shed a great choice for those who live in the snow belt. Poorly written assembly manual, it takes someone with a lot of experience to decipher them properly.

If none of the horizontal sheds above seem to be exactly Best Price Sheds Qld Jobs what you are looking for, here are a couple of optional style sheds that might do the job.

What do you do when you have no room for a permanent structure like a plastic shed, but still need a place to stash your bikes, lawn mower, and other gear? Why not grab a storage tent like this one? It is made from a heavy duty vinyl tarp and fiberglass poles that are completely impervious to the weather.

This storage tent can be put up in ten minutes and used all year around. It is tear-proof, weatherproof, and UV proof for a long life. Features a Velcro panel in the back that lets you secure your bikes or lawn mower to a fence pole for added security and heavy duty eyelets to secure it to Costco Keter Sheds Best Price Review the ground. At 6 x 6 x 6 feet it offers plenty of storage space under a triple layer ripstop fabric cover. The frame is made from high-grade steel that has been powder coated to resist corrosion, chipping, and peeling.

The seams are heat sealed instead of sewn to provide better water resistance. While these are only a small sampling of the many different plastic sheds on the market, they do seem to represent the best cheap plastic sheds out there. After spending many hours researching the various sheds, I found the Lifetime Outdoor Storage Shed to be the best of them.

In fact, I have one of these sitting in my backyard and it has so far made it through a couple of hot summers and heavy winter snows without a problem. I hope you have enjoyed reading the information I have put together here on the best cheap plastic sheds; they are a great way to put a shed in your backyard on a budget. Related Articles:. Share 0. Tweet 0. Pin 0. These cheap plastic garden sheds will surely fit your budget Quick Navigation. Quick Navigation 1. Heavy-Duty Walls for Added Strength.

Keter Factor Large 8 x 11 ft. Resin Outdoor Shed. Keter Manor Large 4 x 6 ft. Resin Garden Shed. Low Profile Storage for Your Backyard. Lifetime Outdoor Storage Shed, 8 by 5 Feet. Pitched Roof has Trusses for Added Strength. Fusion Wood and Plastic Composite Shed. Wood-Composite is Designed Not to Rot. Duramax Vinyl Shed with Foundation. No Foundation Needed for this Big Shed. Long Term Fully Portable Storage. Easy Up Storage for your Backyard. Today we are looking at several of the top low-cost plastic sheds on the market.

Short assembly time, approx. Lots of brackets to figure out during assembly which can be confusing and slow down the process. Some parts are not labeled with part numbers, again this can slow down assembly. Bolt together assembly instead of snap fit adds to the overall strength. Some sheds are shipped with the wrong parts and customer service is rated as poor. If you don't have the base perfectly level, the doors may not line up or stay closed properly. Can be assembled in less than 5 hours by one or two people quite easily.

Some of the assembly holes do not line up properly, making assembly of certain parts properly. Priced well below some of its competitors yet offers higher overall quality. The instruction manual is poorly laid out, making it hard to follow. If you live in an area where it rains a lot, you are so to love the extended roofline. Easy to assemble in an afternoon with a minimum of tools and experience.

Doors have double handle that can be secured using a padlock. Holes and some parts have excess flashing that has to be removed.

Can be placed directly on the ground as it has a built in plastic floor. Superior quality and heavy duty resin materials make the Manor a very good deal for your money. The corrugated resin parts seem to be flimsy but only until your shed is fully assembled. Sliding roof for ease of access. The plastic assembly screws are flimsy. Low profile keeps shed out of sight. Must be assembled on a flat location.

The plastic padlock loops are not very secure. High-density polyethylene floor is slip and stain resistant. Assembly process is more complicated than most plastic sheds.

Steeply pitched roof lets rain and snow slide off easily. Needs to have a good solid level foundation. Steel-reinforced doors for added security. The plastic seems to be overly flimsy. This shed is the perfect size to fit on your deck or back porch. Doors do not seem to close securely. Everything fits together very snugly.

Tight fit ensures shed is watertight. You have to lift the lid to open the front doors. Some pieces are poorly made and require extra trim parts to cover any gaps. Has over screws to assemble. Natural wood look fits into any yard nicely. Doors have been known to fall off.

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