24 8x6 plastic storage shed ideas | plastic storage sheds, storage shed, shed What is the top-selling product within Plastic Sheds? The top-selling product within Plastic Sheds is the Rubbermaid 7 ft. x 7 ft. Storage Shed. What is the most common feature for Plastic Sheds? The most common feature for Plastic Sheds is lockable door. Can Plastic Sheds be returned? Yes, Plastic Sheds can be returned and have a Day. Choose from plastic sheds, metal and wood sheds, storage buildings and small outdoor storage that will help protect valued outdoor items. Take a look at our selection of Rubbermaid sheds and Lifetime sheds, too. An outdoor shed is the perfect place to store lawn mowers, gear, bike racks and more. These plastic sheds have double-lined shed wall panels with steel reinforcements and roof trusses. With Lifetime sheds, you not only get a heavy duty outdoor storage building, you get an attractive garden shed that will complement your yard. A variety of optional shed accessories are available as well.

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Large 8' x 15' to 11' x 21'. Medium 8' x 7. Small 3' x 6' to 7' x 7'. Side Entry Sheds. Shed Accessories. Cancel Apply. Outdoor Storage Sheds. There is no easy way to decide which of these 8 x 6 plastic garden sheds comes out the clear winner.

All are in the same basic price range and offer similar storage space. If you Plastic Garden Sheds Builders Warehouse are looking for easy to build solid construction, the Keter Factor is the clear winner with its snap together assembly. On the other hand, if you can deal with drilling the necessary holes, the Keter Manor has a lot to offer. Bear in mind that any shed with double walls and steel reinforcement is likely to provide you with a longer lifespan and stand up to the weather more effectively. I hope you have enjoyed reading the information I have put together here on 8 x 6 plastic garden sheds; they are a great way to put a shed in your backyard in a single weekend.

Share 1. Tweet 0. Pin 0. Here are some things to consider in buying a plastic shed. Table of Contents. Keter Factor Large 8 x 6 ft.

Resin Storage Shed. And when you buy a 8 x 6 plastic shed, it gives you the good looks without the maintenance and excess cost But how do you know you're getting a good deal? The 5 Quality Checks for 8 x 6 Shed Buyers. Doorway Size Small doorway size makes it tough or impossible to get your mower, garden furniture and other large items into the shed.

Extra Shelving Many plastic shed companies make their sheds to take their shelving and accessories only. This will give you some kind of concrete guide to the mass of the shed Height The shed needs to be tall enough for your long handled garden tools and you.

More plastic shed purchasing insights are located here. The 4 Most Popular 8 x 6 Plastic Sheds With those points in mind, here are 4 popular sheds we think make the cut.

You can click the links in their descriptions to compare them yourself 1. Easy to assemble in approx. Doors have double handle that can be secured using a padlock. Holes and some parts have excess flashing that has to be removed. Can be placed directly on the ground as it has a built in plastic floor. Short assembly time, approx. Lots of brackets to figure out during assembly which can be confusing and slow down the process. Some parts are not labeled with part numbers, again this can slow down assembly.

Bolt together assembly instead of snap fit adds to the overall strength. Some sheds are shipped with the wrong parts and Plastic Storage Sheds Outdoor Electric customer service is rated as poor. Steel reinforced vinyl panels add a lot of extra strength to the shed. Challenging to assemble, requires some experience and quite a few hand tools. Doors are double wall for added security and have a place to secure your shed with a padlock.

Walls are single wall which makes them flimsy in appearance. Wind tested to mpg snow load tested at or 20 lbs. Keter Manor Large 6 x 8 ft. Another plastic shed that has been designed for areas with lots of rain, snow, and wind. Large double doors that make it easy for you to get just about anything in or out. Ventilation at top lets fumes like those from your lawn mower's gas, paint, solvents, etc.

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