Reverse Pent Sheds | Ace Sheds Most areas will allow a square foot shed without having to file for a permit. In my area I�m allowed square feet Reverse Pent Roof Shed Down or a 10?12 shed without a permit. Setback in my area was 6 feet from property lines or buildings. My ideal shed was a 14?14 but opted for two 12?10 sheds to avoid the hassle of getting a permit. Shed Ideas. 7 x 5 Waltons Overlap Pent Wooden Shed (23) ? 10 x 6 Pressure Treated Tongue and Groove Pent Shed (11) ? 12 x 6 Pressure Treated Tongue and Groove Pent Shed 6 x 8 Walton's Reverse Overlap Apex Wooden Shed (59) ? 8 x 6 Value Overlap Apex Shed with Windows (19) ? Waltons 3ft x 6ft Wooden Overlap Pent Bike Store (8). Our pent roof sheds are available with full 12mm standard or tanalised tongue & groove cladding. These sheds are highly customisable and can be ordered with a frame upgrade, combi base, sub frame, bearers and various window options. Key locks, security screws and sensor alarms can be added to any pent roof garden shed for extra security.

Protek Royal Exterior is a quick-drying water-based product that is robust, hard wearing, and can be applied to all pressure-treated timber. It is recommended that coats be applied. Protek Royal is a high-build formulation, so each extra coat increases the colour, sheen and protection to help weatherproof your building. For added protection, a clear top coat is recommended.

Gutters are strongly recommended on all buildings. This product is for self-application. All timber buildings supplied by Skinners Sheds require waterproofing.

It is the customers responsibility to ensure that the building is fully waterproofed with a quality waterproofing paint, for which we recommend Protek Royal Exterior which is available in 2.

Protek Royal Exterior is a quick drying water based product that is hard wearing and can be applied to all pressure treated timber. For untreated interlocking cabins, we recommend Protek Wood Preserver then stained inside and out with coats of Protek Royal Exterior. Buildings that are delivered only will be delivered to the front of the property and must be checked and signed for. If you require delivery and assembly then please ensure that you have clear access for us to be able to get the building to the area of assembly.

If you need further assistance please use the the contact form or call us on Reverse Pent Shed � Pressure Treated. Specification: Internal eaves height: Approx. Tongue and groove cladding. Extra roof framework. All Pent sheds 7ft x 5ft or larger will come with a fully trussed roof � this means there will be no sagging. Walls: Extra strong wall framework with diagonal bracing and redwood shiplap cladding.

Stainless steel nails. Floor: Tongue and groove flooring fixed to narrowly spaced floor beams which gives a strong floor with a 2 inch permanent dry air flow. Windows: Fixed toughened glass window s. Reverse Pent sheds 6ft x 4ft or larger come with 2 windows as standard.

FREE fitted shelf Under 2. External Cladding All our apex sheds come with 16mm redwood shiplap timber. Configuration Choose the configuration to suit the location your shed will sit in your garden. Doors Upgrade your door, or change the side your door opens. Upgrading to double doors will give you an opening of approximately 54 inches 2 X 27 Inch doors.

Roof Cover Options All our pressure treated buildings include a high quality polyester mineral felt as standard. If your building is being delivered only then you will receive a free fitting kit.

Upgrade to a Firestone Rubber Roof - Durable, leak free and environmentally friendly. Comes with a 20 year guarantee from our suppliers and now includes 2 FREE contemporary vents. Bases A free site survey is available to inspect your current base. We recommend a minimum of 12" clearance around your building to ensure we are able to assemble your building correctly and allow for future maintenance. Treated timber bearers are highly recommended.

They improve the airflow underneath your building, and will extend the life if erected in damp and wet areas. Bearers are not used to rectify base problems or levels - If you have base or level problems then consider a Heavy or Concrete base. Manufactured from pressure treated x 50mm timber with bracing in each corner. A survey by UKTV Gardens also suggests that the garden shed is used as a place to escape the world, beating stress in the progress.

So if appears that there is no need to worry if you think your garden shed is a little off the wall. During the winter months the garden does tend to get left and it can look a little barren, and with the winters we have been having, even more than normal. With thick snow all over the country the garden, our garden sheds and summer houses had been transformed into a winter wonderland which looked really special. What ever happened to global warming? When the weather had broken then that was the time to get down and plan what action you need to take.

It was always a good idea to check your 10 x 5 shed in the garden to ensure there were no leaks or wild animals making an home in it. You can plan over the coming months what to do, when to start digging, although this is normally done before the winter so the frost can break the soil up, and to be buying seeds ready for the warmer days of spring.

When you get through to May gardening enthusiasts would have turned to trimming plants for the warmer months to come. Using the trimmers and secateurs from the garden shed this would take a little organisation and careful planning. This was the advice from Dan Pearson a gardening expert.

He also gave various tips what to be doing that month. Using your tools from your garden shed you should cut perennials as well as asters, eupatorium and heleniums which should be trimmed down to knee height. The reason for this is to produce a stockier and stronger plant in your garden. Because May is a glorious month where the seasons are changing from Spring into Summer and is greener than most there is a massive amount of potential in the air to fulfil.

He does warn that certain parts of the UK may still be affected by frost and in those areas it will be prudent to bring your garden shed into play to protect young your garden plants. By mid May it should be fine and you can bring your plants out of the shed into the garden. Other jobs which are normally handled in May are the planting of tomatoes in the warmest spot in your garden possible. Sometimes best to leave the grass to grow a little longer than normal as well as adding more iron to any pale looking flowers in the garden.

All Sizes Available - Please Ask For Prices 10x4 10x5 10x7 10x8 10x9 10x10 10x6 10x9 11x6 11x7 11x8 11x9 11x4 11x5 11x6 11x7 12x4 12x5 12x6 12x7 12x8 12x9 12x10 12x12 13x10 14x6 14x7 14x8 14x10 14x12 15x12 15x8 15x10 16x6 16x8 16x10 16x12 18x8 18x10 18x12 20x8 20x10 20x12 22x8 22x10 24x10 24x8 28x10 28x8 4x10 4x4 4x6 4x8 5x8 5x10 5x4 5x5 5x6 5x7 8x5 6x10 6x4 6x6 6x5 6x7 8x4 6x8 7x10 7x5 7x4 7x6 7x7 7x8 8x10 8x4 8x6 8x7 8x8 9x4 9x5 9x6 9x7 9x8 9x9 Southampton Fareham Basingstoke Portsmouth Winchester Romsey Andover Farnham Chichester Worthing Horsham Crawley Aylesbury St Albans Romford Bromley Streatham Southampton Orpington Sidcup Bedford Brentwood Letchworth Milton Keynes Oxford Reading Stevenage.

Call us today on email [email protected]. GU4 7QA Phone GU9 9JX Phone Bespoke Options. View At Surrey Show Rooms. Click Image Below For Prices. Photo Gallery. Woodgate 5 x 10 Apex Shed. Chichester Apex Sheds. Chichester Pent Sheds. Garden Sheds Display Site, nr Aldershot. Free Assembly Included.

After 40 years in the business we know what is important in making a quality garden shed � one that will last and will look good in your garden. Sheds Show Room , nr Woking. Shed Installation Included. Visit one of our show sites and see for yourself how good our 10X5 sheds are.

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