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Glenwood 12 x 20 Wood Shed Kit. Glenwood 12 x 20 Wood Shed Kit quantity. Description Specs Resources Reviews The Glenwood 12 x 20 Wood Shed Kit offers a large amount of loft storage along with the perfect sizing as a single car garage. L Overall height: 13 ft. Side wall height: 8 ft. OSB roof sheathing Full second floor loft with 4 ft. H garage door purchased locally Optional 18 in. Louisiana Pacific Smartside ext. Click here to view additional sizes of the Glenwood Click here to see other Best Barns Sheds Click here to view the Best Barns Accessories Additional Information: General: Once you receive your new Kit begin by unpacking the pre-cut framing, windows and hardware.

Pre-cut roof trusses for fast and accurate assembly Premium grade 2 x 4 imported from Sweden, wall studs are placed 24 in. Primed, ready for paint color of your choice. Latex acrylic paint recommended Treated with Composibor from U. Borax prevents fungal decay and insect damage Backed with a 50 year limited warranty Optional Floor: The Deluxe wood floor kit is designed to be installed on uneven ground or if the homeowner wants a stronger floor.

Guaranteed lowest price. We will not be undersold. Call us to match any other price you find. Size: 12 ft. L Sturdy-Built Truss System: 40 lbs. Greenbriar II 12x20 1 Manual. Goes great with these accessories. Add to cart. But is it going to break the bank? Read on for some tips to figure out how to maximize backyard storage space on a budget! There are a lot of factors that go into determining the cost of backyard storage space.

What you plan do with your portable shed will have the greatest effect on the total cost of your project. Obviously, the most common use of a storage shed is for…storage! If this is the extent of your demands, you should be able to meet your needs Arrow Spacemaker Patio Storage Shed Pack with a fairly inexpensive, basic shed. If you have a list of items you know for certain will be stored in your shed, you can measure them ahead of time to get a general estimate of the space you will need.

A 10x20 storage shed will have square feet of available space, approximately. Remember to figure for space to bring any lawn equipment in and out. A 10x20 portable shed is also large enough to serve as a single car garage. It is an especially attractive option if your house does not feature a garage and you want to avoid the cost of building a dedicated detached garage. A properly constructed shed with a garage door could serve this need quite effectively!

If you need to store both a vehicle and other belongings, you may want to consider a 2-story 10x20 shed. Not only will you have another level of floor space, increasing the height of your structure increases the number of cubic feet available to you for storage! It should be noted that a 10x20 shed is the bottom end of what can be feasibly used as a garage since movement around the vehicle, etc. If your primary use will be for a garage, you may want to consider upgrading to a somewhat wider shed.

It is also becoming increasingly common to use sheds as office space or small dwellings , a. If this is your intended use, you will also want to think about insulating your shed and consider any necessary electric or sewer hookups that will increase your cost.

It is also important to check with your township or municipality to see what requirements must be met to allow you to legally live in your 10x20 portable storage shed. While the main outlay for your project will obviously be your 10x20 storage shed cost, there are usually some other expenses to keep in mind.

First, you will want to figure for the cost of filing any necessary permits with Best Place To Buy Plastic Sheds Ds your local government. Second, remember that your shed should rest on a gravel or concrete pad. While some people put their shed on concrete blocks, this is strongly discouraged as the blocks are difficult to level and can break or sink over time, causing doors and windows to bind. For your 10x20 shed foundation, you may be able to install a simple gravel pad and perimeter by yourself.

A concrete pad is somewhat more difficult and will most likely require hiring a professional, although the final result should be a more solid and long-lasting foundation. If you have construction experience or enjoy working with your hands, you may consider building your shed yourself.

It is possible to download shed drawings and diagrams from the internet to use as a template and buy all necessary supplies at your local building supply store.

However, if you would like to avoid the risk of missing an essential component, you should think about assembling your shed from a shed kit. Going this route allows you the satisfaction of working with your hands to improve your property, while also taking some of the risk and dirty work out of assembling your materials. If you start researching the tools and supplies needed to complete your project, and decide to skip that extra stress, you still have the option of going with a fully constructed 10x20 shed.

In that case, the shed will be pre-assembled by an experienced team at a construction facility and transported directly to your location. If your access point is not wide enough to allow entry of the fully constructed shed, contact Sheds Unlimited to review our options for on-site assembly.

Building your shed yourself or from a kit is an excellent option if you are looking for a fun project and you are sure you have the necessary skills and tools. Buying a prefabricated shed will generally be less stress and often less overall expense, since the shed builder is able to work more efficiently in a dedicated shop and can usually buy materials at a wholesale discount. It is especially cost-effective to buy Amish built storage sheds from a factory direct company like Sheds Unlimited since they cut out much of the markup price of a middleman distributor.

Here are a few of our 10x20 storage sheds to give you an idea of the approximate starting costs for some of the different designs:. Featuring higher walls, it allows for more cubic feet of storage with the same footprint.

Offering more in the way of looks, the Classic Workshop Shed is a classy yet affordable storage solution. Beautiful and refined, the Premier Workshop Shed is storage with elegance. The Legacy 2-Story Workshop Shed is literally on another level! A second floor nearly doubles available storage space and the sharp overall look of this structure complements any property.

Want to go for an ultra-hip vibe? A Studio 1 Modern Shed is good for way more than simple storage. Use it as an art studio shed, photography workshop, office space…or whatever your mind can dream of!

These sheds feature LP SmartSiding with a year manufacturer warranty to keep all your projects cozy and dry. Whatever your budget, we can most likely help you find a 10x20 storage shed that can be customized to perfectly match your needs! Check out our available colors and options. We want to help make your storage dreams a reality and increase your Space for Life!

Great prices, outstanding customer service and the shed surpassed our expectations for quality. Mark, Austin and the rest of the staff at Sheds Unlimited were great through the entire process. Would happily recommend them to family and friends alike. I ordered a 28X50 garage with 12' walls and a full attic with vinyl siding to match my house. Six weeks after ordering, right on schedule, three guys showed up with a single truck and trailer that had all the materials on it.

They built the entire building in TWO days start to finish, and after they left I barely found a dustpan of debris. They were extremely fast, professional, very friendly and the building is the same quality as any stick-built, if not better.

Shingles and siding are all straight as an arrow, I can't find a single error anywhere. It's pointless to hassle with local contractors, just call these folks and have a nice day. Getting a shed from these guys couldn't be easier. We did a rent to own arrangement because we had buildings collapse last winter and needed good, dry storage space and our plan is to build a garage and then return the shed rent to own is really a month to month rental.

The quality and appearance of the shed makes want to pay off the loan and keep it. My shed is everything I could of ask for. I could of built my own shed but comparing the. The wait was worth the time as did the kids faces seeing this 8 by 16 ft house roll off the truck into our yard. As for the people I spoke to they couldn't be nicer on the phone very helpful in a timely manner never had to wait more then a few minutes.

This shed will last and be part of my family for a long time.

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