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The Internet is full of statements from people stating that the John Deere D Series lawn tractor you buy at Lowes or The Home Depot is different and not as good as the same model sold at a John Deere dealer. The mowers are good, dependable lawn tractors when properly sized for your lawn. They feature dependable engines, good cutting decks, good ergonomics and easy to use controls.

My opinion in this article is backed up by other reputable online review sites. Specifically, Consumer Reports and consumersearch. In this section I will separate the facts from the opinions so that you can make a better decision in regards to a John Deere series lawn tractor. Is that true? Do yourself a favor and run away from that mechanic as fast as you can.

Hard telling what other lies he is trying to get you to believe why his products are better than the other brands. Or maybe he has just been misinformed. They are not farmed out subcontracted to another manufacturer. John Deere is the O. Just to be clear. Just like every other manufacturer today, the Greenville plant does not make every component that goes into the tractor.

John Deere is a worldwide manufacturer so some of the parts may be made in other states or countries in another John Deere plant. In addition, some common parts like nuts, bolts, engines, transmissions, pulleys and electrical solenoids are made by other companies for John Deere. Some of these parts may be sourced from another country. Who makes the engines? Who makes the transmissions? Tuff Torq makes the transmissions in the rest of the D series lineup.

There is no difference between the D, D, D, D, D, D, D, D lawn tractors at your local big box store, local hardware store or the corporate John Deere implement dealer. There may be some confusion in the fact that some retail stores do not carry the entire line. For example, one big box store may carry the D and D, another store carries the D and D Your local John Deere implement dealer will also carry other John Deere lawn tractors that look similar.

The other tractors they carry are much more expensive and may be a better choice if you have a large property to mow, a small acreage to maintain or own livestock. Can the John Deere D series pull heavy loads? John Deere recommends loads no more than the weight of the tractor and the rider. I am going to add this means a small yard cart, dethatcher, lawn sweeper and plug aerator on a relatively flat lawn. Specifically, John Deere series lawn tractors are NOT garden tractors and you should not expect them to pull heavy loads through the woods, mow steep hills or use ground engaging implements.

They are great for what they are designed for but will fail if abused. If you do use them to pull heavy loads the transmissions will not last. The list below states the transmissions in the different models and these trannys are all designed to mow your lawn for many years but they are not designed to pull heavy loads uphill.

See my review of the D! What size decks do the John Deere D series have? The John Deere D series has 42 inch 2 blade, 48 inch 3 blade, 54 inch 3 blade stamped decks. A smooth underside prevents grass buildup and clumping.

A deep-deck mower design lifts grass for a clean, even cut. The 42 inch John Deere Edge deck consistently rates higher than the Husqvarna inch decks and the Simplicity inch decks.

Reason One: Consistent Buyer Experience. John Deere strives to create the same buying experience no matter where you buy your John Deere series lawn tractor. In other words, John Deere has a much closer and consistent relationship between the retailer Lowes-The Home Depot and your local John Deere servicing dealer than the other brands.

If you buy your John Deere at Home Depot and it needs service your local John Deere dealer treats you the same way as the person who came into his dealership and bought the tractor there. Every John Deere product, no matter where you buy it from, goes through a series of quality checks by a factory-trained technician before it goes out onto a showroom floor, let alone into your backyard.

Yes, even the lawn tractors at The Home Depot are inspected. Every lawn tractor with the dealer sticker on the back of the machine has gone through this process:. Check fluid levels 4. Inspect safety switches 5. Examine belts and belt guides. Ensure nothing loosened during shipment. Install bumper if required 6.

With engine running, engage the mower deck 7. Check tire pressure; ensure optimal pressure 8. Check to ensure the mower deck is level 9.

Yes, some independent dealers of other brands may also have a pre-inspection but John Deere has a consistent pre-inspection from every dealer and retailer for every lawn tractor sold. Why does this matter? In other words you have to crank the engine seconds most of the time before it starts. You never hear of this issue with a D series Deere. Because the John Deere tractors are started before you use them the first time. Please check with the dealer located on the sticker on the mower to be sure.

So this extra time spent by John Deere and your local John Deere dealer is the main reason these lawn tractors cost just a little more than the competing brands riding mowers. As a group there is nothing wrong with these lawn tractors, they are great riding lawn mowers. The John Deere series are very competitive machines when compared to the current Cub Cadet and Craftsman for cut quality, bagging and mulching.

They are consistently better than the Husqvarna, Poulan Pro, and Simplicity lawn tractors for cut quality, repairs and initial quality. The D is the most basic John Deere lawn tractor available.

It has an adequate This is a great mower for your small in-town lawn that you mow every week and you want to look the best. DO NOT expect this model to perform as well or last as long as the more expensive mowers or last on larger lawns.

The engine is not designed for mowing on slopes. You may pull a small yard cart John Deere lb. It will accept the 2 bin bagger. It is only designed for small, relatively flat city lawns. I recommend this mower to very few people. Buy the D instead.

Personally, I would have no problems owning this riding mower for my one acre gently sloping lawn. FYI: The D and D lawn tractors are the same mower except for the engine and where they are sold. John Deere has a comparison page where you can verify this yourself here: John Deere Online Brochure.

The V-Twin engine is smooth running and has more than enough power Wooden Sheds Lowes Kitchen to handle any lawn. The deck cuts well and bags well. If you follow accepted practices these decks also do a great job for mulching. The D is the most popular John Deere Lawn tractor and I highly recommend it for most suburban lawns.

The 20 HP V-Twin engine in this mower is especially nice. The engine is quiet and smooth running. It has a little better fuel economy that the 22 HP in the D It is not designed for ground engaging or pulling heavy loads. The transmission has proven itself to mow hills well and last. The steering radius is not as tight as the Craftsman Lawn tractors but it is very easy to steer and comfortable to mow with.

Yes, it has cruise control. One more thing: I am not exactly sure if this riding mower uses the basic Intek or Intek Plus engine internals so I am only going to recommend it for flat and gently sloping lawns. The Intek Plus engine will handle 15 degree slopes for years and years because it uses a full pressure internal lube system that pumps the oil up to the critical bearings.

The Intek engine does not have the same system and if you run it all the time on steep slopes it will fail 3 times faster than the Intek Plus.

The 48 inch size fits onto smaller utility trailers well and will go through the doors of most utility sheds easily.

This is also one of the better bagging decks and surprisingly handles green grass clippings well. This size deck works well for 1 to 2 acres. John Deere does not have a 46 inch 2-blade deck or a 50 inch 3-blade deck.

Deck belts will last longer with the electric deck engagement. This size deck and engine combination works well for 1 to 3 acres. This is a great tractor for your typical acre farm lawn.

It looks larger, has big tires, a big deck and looks muscular and cool. But there is a major problem with the LGTs.

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