Need ideas? Get inspired and start planning the perfect woodworking logo design today. Logo for Turned Autumn Creations. Logo design for Turned Woodwrking Creations, a woodworker that was looking for his personal woodworking logo png. Logo for American Glory Woodworks.

Had the pleasure to design the logo for AGW. I wanted to give it a rustic feel while using the colors of the American flag. Very happy Woodworking Drill Bits Inc with the end result. A Woodworking Projects You Can Do At Home Again bold and iconic logo of a paintbrush staining wood, the complimentary light and dark colors on this branding solution really stand. Vintage Logo for Renovation Co.

Logo design proposal for German made marking gauge tool. The tools are used by people who have their own workshop for woodworking at home. Logo Design woodsorking Stay at Home Woodworks. Woodworking, custom furniture building, lumber milling.

I make high end retail items and build custom furniture and wood working projects for people. I've made cutting boards, serving trays, tables, signs, bar and coffee stations, wooden wall art, custom accent walls, custom built-ins woodworking logo png barn doors.

Logo for "Schmidt Creek Mill". The contest holder like his logo to feel approachable. Familiar but unique. They live on an old farm that has an old barn with Schmidt Creek running through it.

They have a beautiful white pine forest on their property. They also have a famous rail road line running through their property and would be open to incorporating train tracks or rail spikes in the design.

As a design process, considering the above facts I have incorporated all the components the CH asked. The top part of the logo is a wood log and the bottom is a saw blade. The rail track, barn, pine trees, wodworking all are. Vintage illustrative emblem logo for Slabtown Woodworking. Logo Design for Colorado Craftsman Fence.

Logo Design for a woodworking company. The client wanted something vintage and hand drawn which captures the essence of the business. Logo for a modern costum woodworkng furniture lovo. This logo is modern and simple and includes the wood and water elements in an abstract unconventional way. The letters mix inside the elements to create a unique and stand out logo for this wood furniture company. Handdrawn logo for a farm in Switzerland.

Handdrawn logo for a farm in Switzerland to be used as pgn personal logo farming, woodworking and also on cheese packaging as a label. We create and make custom wood work from pens to dinning tables and everything in.

Logo for Custom high-end woodworking. Because of the name Dapper Deer, the woodworkinh holder would like a dapper deer Logo Ideas For Woodworking : The logo needed to be suitable to woodwofking burning into wood and or engraving into wood. We are a small, but rapidly growing reclaimed wood furniture design and manufacturing company based in a workshop on the East side of Los Angeles.

We want our logo to represent the simple, geometric, utilitarian look and feel of our furniture, Woodworking Company Logo while also capturing its timeless, natural, warmer qualities. This logo is available for purchase so if you are interested drop me a message. Logo for Ernest Maxing Builders. Clever logo for licensed contracting company who specializes in renovations, woodworking and furniture design.

Description goes like this "We are a group of young professional woodworkers. Our shop is located in Alberta, Canada. We create custom woodworking logo png, functional stationary, and millwork pieces woodworking logo png both residential and commercial clients. We also teach classes to hobbyists interested in learning millwork basics and wood finishing. Custom woodworking business.

We woodworking logo png in custom furniture and cabinetry. Woodworoing for wood furniture design and manufacturing company. The client asked for a logo that could be branded into the underside of their tables and woovworking have the silhouette of an animal.

A deer was my first idea so I thought it would be nice if it looked like it's made out of wood. To evoke the effect of sturdiness, Woodworking logo png designed the deer to look more abstract and simple. The thin lines which woodworking logo png the shape suggest it's a woodwork. The «Standard Mat, Inc. Companies rent them so they can drive trucks and equipment over them so they will be get stuck in the mud. We sell products that target the construction industry.

Made for people who want to own a unique handmade piece of woodworking logo png furniture. Sophisticated logo for Lakelife Culture Woodworking. We specialize in bringing both modern and tradition carpentry technique woodworking logo png creating sophisticatedly functional high-quality original furniture, decor, and cabinetry.

Uncompromising craftsmanship, simplicity in both design function. Organic woodworking logo png nature. Bold by design. Sawdust is Man Glitter Handcrafted furniture. Logo design for small woodworking business. And to also remind woodworking logo png of the great beauty that exist in all of us, but has been covered.

This logo woodworking logo png a tree with roots that reflect name of the logo Bush meaning wilderness Roots, for the company that do wood carving and bushcraft. Logo for Connor Chairs, woodworking logo png repair woodworking logo png sell vintage chairs. This logo it's for a canadian woodworking, whit canadian mountain woodworking logo png top and title in the middle and a grain wood around it.

Logo design woodworking logo png Brass Tacks Home. Hand-drawn illustration of a woodworking logo png of birds in the shape of a house for this company that offers renovation services for the interior of homes. Full line of professional woodworking screws for the furniture industries as well as for the hobbyist woodworkers.

Founded in as a local wholesaler of woodworking logo png for the cabinet and furniture trades, Quickscrews International Corporation has evolved into the supplier of the most popular woodworrking of fasteners woodworking logo png the industry.

Logo reflects company legacy and expirience. Hip logo for carpentry company. Client wanted to see more simplified design with an old school hand saw related to carpentry in form of a vintage emblem. OUW monogram, the roman numerals year of founding and carefully pnt colors makes the whole emblem really nice.

The client was looking for a logo that represents the voice of her blog. That is, she's a girly girl that loves woodworking and all things DIY. Woldworking "W" initial is made up of hammer and nails to further her theme of wood. Also added is a watercolor splash and pink lettering to add some femininity to the design.

Logo design for DIY business website. The creative online business like that needed some creative logo. The client wanted some hand-drawn illustration of the tool which DIY woodworking projects need. Also, the font and layout woodworking logo png the logo design appeal to the people who love creative work.

Logo design for woodworking classes, wooden furniture and unique woodworking logo png items like rustic cake stands and beds. Target woodworking logo png are females 30 and up. Rose design concept for a woodcraft brand.

An elegant rose design concept for a woodcraft brand. A housing illustration made up of pine tree textures as the focus which the client wants to be highlighted.

Rustic look. Wood working shop, build custom furniture, cabinetry, cutting boards. Drew my dog with retro style in Illustrator, customized a square Typeface in to edgy retro Font look, added besides the hammer other elements, kept all in Brown tones.

The product is a disposable applicator for applying stain and sealers to wood. We are a niche product targeting woodworkers, DIY'ers and hobbyist.

Trying to attract the "traditional" woodwork usually older retired men in rural woodworking logo png as well as the emerging female and millennial woodworkers. One main logo, which is the one at the top, two badges and a "woodworked" apple icon. The typography is strong to communicate the strength of wood and masculinity as per the brief.

The main typeface used also carries some original features, with eye-catching cuts and angles that make you think of craftmanship and in this context furniture construction and woodworking. The apple icon or symbol is derived from the name Woodworking logo png.

Woodworking logo design SVG PNG DXF Cricut Silhouette Wood saw svg, Carpentry logo, Woodworker svg, Lumberjack svg, Woodwork monogram svg LAcreateSVG. 5 out of 5 stars (84) Sale Price $ $ $ Original Price $" (10% off) Add to Favorites Woodwork monogram svg, Woodworking logo design SVG PNG DXF Silhouette Wood saw svg Carpentry. www.- Software Type. Affinity Designer Affinity Photo After Effects Illustrator Vintage Fore Plane Woodworking Logo. by Enola99d in Templates. $6. Like. Save. Cart. Vintage Craftsman Carpentry Logo. by Enola99d in Templates. $6. Like. Save. Cart. Woodworking or carpentry tools. Sep 19,  · Expert Tip: My review of woodworking logo designs has shown that many brands opt for one of two color palettes: black and white, or natural tones like green and www.- you want to embrace the themes of authenticity and handicraft, I’d stick with one of these two color schemes; if you want to really stand out, go with something brighter and less common.

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