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The top five choices being the neutrals: white, cool gray, black, beige and walnut brown. Other custom colors like purple, red, orange, yellow are also available in the market. If you want there are garage door software programs to help you visualize your ideas before hiring a contractor or purchasing supplies. However, since you garage door is as important as any part of your home, picking the right color for it needs careful thought and consideration.

But how do you choose the right color to paint your garage door? However, there are still several guidelines which one can follow to avoid any design blunder and keep your house from looking like a visual chaos. There are different approaches that one can take in choosing the right garage door color for your home.

Each approach allows you to come up with a garage door color that is perfectly fitting for your home. Using the style of your home. Each design style usually corresponds to a specific color palette. Traditional homes are also geared towards rich exterior color palettes and usually have wood grain finishes for their garage door. Contemporary homes go for anodized while minimalist houses go for clean neutrals like black, gray or white.

While a more more adventurous palette include vivid pops of colors like red, blue or yellow. Using the materials of your home.

Whether brick, stucco, wood or vinyl � in the same way that each of these materials match a specific color, it also may not work with other garage door colors. Brick, for example, has inherent warm undertones and work best with black and rich earth tone colors like sand and tan.

Using other architectural elements in your home. Make sure that your garage door harmonizes well with trims, window sills, shutters and the front door.

However, there is an exemption to this rule as more traditional applications usually paint the garage door, front door and shutters in one color. Visit this page for more details about selecting front door colors for your home. Using the color wheel. Know a few color basics. It is highly beneficial to understand how the color wheel works when choosing the right garage door color for your home.

Explore several color combinations such as a complementary color scheme, analogous color scheme, monochromatic color scheme and neutral color scheme. Using your personal style. Choosing a garage door color for your home offers endless design possibilities.

Know what your preferences are. Do you want a sophisticated statement? Then an elegant black or dark green garage door might be the perfect fit for you. Do you want warmth and richness? Then explore red, brown and orange garage door colors. This actually very tricky as you have to do this while steering clear of an ostentatious color. Here are some other things you need to keep in mind when choosing a garage door color for your home:.

Should you blend or contrast? If you do not want attention, match your garage door with the rest of your house to give it a harmonious look. If you want to make a statement, use a pop of color to add some visual interest to your home.

Both options work well in choosing the right garage door color for your home as it gives it a different character. For example, a white house instantly brightens up when a different color is used for its garage door contrast , while it looks more expansive and airy if a matching white garage door is used blending.

Should you paint your garage door the same color as your front door? Occasionally, matching colors for garage door and front door look good in several applications. Although there is no strict rule regarding this, it is popular belief that the focus of the home must be the front door. If your garage door and front door are the same color, the tendency is it draws attention away from the main entrance of the home.

You garage door must also never compete with your front door. If your garage door that has a powerful color like red, blue, or yellow, it draws the attention away from the beauty of your house itself as it can become too overwhelming. Downplay your garage door color. Another common design mistake that homeowners must avoid is drawing too much attention to the garage door. In some cases, it becomes a design challenge especially if the garage door design or style is unattractive.

The best solution that you can do here is to blend rather than contrast with the most dominant color of the house. Match the right parts of your house. The trims around your garage door may be the same color as your garage door or it may be matched with other trims. Stick to one shade of color.

Some homeowners use a different color to highlight the details of a garage door. Using two colors for your garage door gives an outdated look. Also, avoid clashing colors : like a pink garage door, a yellow front door over a green house.

Consider the overall look of your neighborhood. While standing out may be a good way to create a statement, it is not good to go overboard in terms of choosing a garage door color for your home. Try to observe the surrounding environment and use that as a guide for your garage door color options. Aside from choosing the right color for your garage door, another factor which must be taken into consideration is the process needed to change its color.

The garage door is considered to be one of the most dominant features of a home and any painting mishaps can cause an undesirable effect to the overall look of a facade.

Choosing the right type of paint. The type of paint which you will be using depends on the type of material of your garage door. High quality latex paint is the most ideal paint type for all garage door materials but it especially works well for steel or aluminum garage doors. The reason why latex paint is used for most home improvement projects is because it is easier to work with and it dries more quickly.

In addition Wooden Garage Vs Brick Planet to that, latex paint also comes in different finishes, varying from flat, satin and high gloss finish. You can also choose from other finishes like the wood grain finish which looks exactly like a wood panel. Acrylic latex paint is strongly recommended as there is no preparation needed other than cleaning and it adheres well to the garage door material. Oil based paint is a big NO for garage doors because they causes bubbles on the original or existing finish, eventually resulting into peeling off.

For wood garage doors, make sure to use a primer before applying a coat of your desired paint color. Also, In buying paint for your garage door, choose the best quality you can afford as it pays it off in the long run. Garage doors are also constantly exposed to outdoor elements and have the tendency to fade, rust or chip, so make sure to take necessary actions to weather proof it. Determining the amount of paint you need.

The amount of paint you will need is dependent on two factors, the size of your garage door and the kind of material of your garage door. How big your garage door is will help you determine the total coverage of paint based on an estimated area in square foot or square meter. This can be computed using taken measurements and a simple formula. The type of material it is made of also plays a significant role because some materials take more paint to cover.

The most common materials for a garage door are wood, steel, aluminum, composite and fiberglass. For example, a wooden door needs more paint to cover compared to an aluminum door.

In addition to that, if you are going a Wooden Garage Images Zoom shade lighter or darker, you may need more paint too, as opposed to repainting a garage door with the same existing color. Considering allowances for retouching and an ample amount to cover a whole garage door, it is safe to buy a whole gallon of your desired color. Consider the right timing. Timing matters! Deciding when to paint your garage door must be carefully thought of too. Wet, extreme cold and hot weather are not the right time to paint your garage door.

Paint needs the right temperature to dry at an optimum level, otherwise it will look cracked or faded. The kind of material of your garage door also reacts to certain weather conditions. Aluminum garage doors, for example, expands and shifts during extremely hot weathers, thus needing more paint.

Take the necessary preparations. Prior to painting your garage door, there are several steps that have to be done in order to prepare its surface. Instead of jutting out to the side of the home, the structure is nestled directly under the same roof�blending in seamlessly from the driveway.

Sometimes carports look too hollow, but this contemporary home features a carport with wood paneling halfway up the structure that creates more of an outdoor room than just a spot to park a car.

If you're not a fan of carports because of security, consider adding a gate. This Tudor Revival-style home features a grand carport with an optional gate for security at night. Photo By: Grandfather Homes. Photo By: studiObuell; Garett Buell. How To Outdoors Structures. Pinterest Facebook Twitter Email. By: Deanne Revel. Modern, Mega Carport Who said carports have to be tiny? From: Matt Fajkus Architecture.

From: Paula Ables. From: Clark Richardson Architects. From: Betsy Burnham. The metal panels used have been pre-fabricated already. Unlike wood frames that have to be set-up piece by piece then cut and nailed together, metal sections are pre-fitted and can easily be bolted together to make a strong, durable garage that will stand up to time beautifully.

Metal garage buildings save more time in terms of construction, thus making it more cost-efficient to use. Wood frame garages require the expertise of an architect, and architects cost a lot of money. Since the metal panels and other building components used in the construction of metal buildings are made in shops. When fabricators use this approach to manufacturing, it is more economical for the builder to buy in bulk.

One disadvantage that metal garage buildings may have is that it has the same look. They are available in different colors, facades, shapes, and sizes.

You can choose your own design according to your preference, without having to consult an architect. Although wood frame garage buildings are customized, or have a more personal feel to them, metal garage buildings can also have the same feel if you know which suppliers to talk to.

There is also no need to coat the walls of a metal building with special formulations to make it water-resistant. Moreover, you are assured that your vehicles would be safe from thunder, rain, and lightning, most especially from fire, since wood is a highly flammable material.

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