I had left the cladding off wooden bike shed 3 bikes kit save weight when moving the walls kkit to prevent them being damaged in transit. A wooden bike shed is probably the most environmentally friendly option too more on this later. I even source doing a living roof with plants! I started with the base, I used pressure treated wood because it will contact the ground. Introduction: Bike Shed.

Sometimes, you need a bike shed. Perhaps your situation is like mine, where you own too many bikes to keep them all inside. Whatever your reasons for needing one, a bike shed often makes a good solution to keep bikes out of the weather.

Did we miss a shed that is one of your favorites, or did you end up selecting something else? Did you like or hate anything about one of these sheds? Please leave a comment and tell us what you use so we can consider adding it to the list. We also cover indoor bike storage solutions here. The YardStash IV is a quick and dirty solution that can be easily set up in your backyard to store up to two bikes out of the weather.

The vinyl tarpaulin material material is easy to assemble and disassemble like a tent, but still provides your bikes with UV and weather protection. At 77 inches wide and 32 inches deep, it is a compact storing solution. It takes approximatively 10 minutes to set it up on its basic metal frame. To prevent condensation inside, it comes with a front mesh door to allow air flow. The waterproof vinyl material is a better than nothing kind of solution for bike storage in the rain.

The design of the Yardstash roof is also intended to be able to shed snow. Vinyl tarpaulin is a quick and easy way to keep a bike out of the weather Fast setup Large front zipper for easy access Compact to store when not in use. Fabric design looks like a cheap tent Provides no real security � just weather protection.

Bosmere offers one of the safest and most durable designs for bike storage. With a capacity of up to three bikes, the storage unit comes with a practical design.

With the spring-assisted opening, it is similar to solutions such as Protect-a-Cycle when it comes to the ultimate functionality, but with impressive durability. The unit is even fire-resistant. Furthermore, the product is guaranteed against corrosion for 15 years, making it a durable choice for the dedicated cyclist. Most importantly, it has a distinct value when it comes to protecting expensive bikes. With two padlock positions, you can keep your bikes locked and safe inside.

The bad news is that it needs 2 people for assembly and during installation, because the panels are heavy and need to be screwed into position. The good news is that the storage shed is not complicated to assemble and it comes with step-by-step instructions. Accommodates up to three bikes Two padlock positions Spring-assisted opening Sturdy metal construction year guarantee against corrosion. With a height of 5ft 4in and a width of 6ft, this wooden storage shed can protect up to two bikes. The two front doors open completely to give you access to the bikes.

The design allows it to be placed next to a fence or a wall to maximize space around your home. In terms of security, it keeps bikes fairly safe, with lockable front doors. While a padlock is not included in the pack, you probably have one sitting around the house.

The assembly of the shed is straightforward. One person can assemble this shed, but the manufacturer recommends having a second person help you install the half inch cladding. Looks like a traditional wooden garden shed Lockable front doors year rot free warranty. The shed works for bike storage and can also be used for garbage bins or grills, etc. The lid can be locked for better security. The interesting feature of this shed is the open lid design, which allows you full access to the bikes without having to bend over to crawl in.

Since the shed is made from plastic panels, it will need a flat surface for proper assembly and panel alignment. It can be installed on level ground, wooden pallets or cemented surfaces. Does not include a floor. Panels are UV treated. UV-resistant materials Easy panel installation Lockable lid design Also works with gallon garbage containers. With grooved steel walls, the shed is among the most durable options in it class, and also has the most room, with space to store up to four adult bikes.

At the same time, the bikes can be fully secured with a locking mechanism on the front doors. Made from a thicker metal, the shed is quite durable and sturdy.

The 8-year warranty against manufacturing defects is substantial. The absolute best part of this shed, in our opinion, is that it includes 4 adjustable bike tracks that make it easy to keep bikes in place inside the shed without leaning them on walls or against each other where they might fall down or scratch each other. Its walk-in design recommends the shed for tools and accessories. Made from plastic panels with ventilation, it ensures the bikes are protected from the mold.

With cu. Both the bikes and the tools can be locked with a classic padlock for extra safety. Installation is quite simple as well. As long as the ground is perfectly flat, the shed which is built on a metal frame is quick to install. However, since it comes in a light grey color, it might require light cleaning from time to time. If you want to go completely pro and you have the money to spend, consider the commercial Madrax Madlocker.

Madlockers are available in a wide variety of sizes and hold up to 2 bikes. They can also be stacked. There are options including a Madlocker 1 or 2 bike, a pie shaped locker, a vertical locker, and narrow locker.

Pictured above is the two bike model. You can see the divider and the way the back door opens on the right side. These sturdy lockers are gauge Metal Bike Shed For 3 Bikes With galvanized steel that is then powder coated for even more resistance to the weather.

The company offers an assortment of 16 different colors to choose from. They use stainless steel locking handles to prevent rust and galvanized frames. The lockers take approximately 45 minutes each to assemble. The company says that person can do it, although an extra set of hands is super helpful. Durable all-metal design Available in various sizes for almost any set up Commercial-grade durability. The Dero Single Bike Locker is built for long-term outdoor bike storage.

You get to choose from multiple locking options, a door closer, and gear hook. You can also pick from a selection of powder coat colors. Installation is simple, with leveling feet for uneven concrete. Plus the locker ships flat to save a bit on shipping. The price? Contact the company for a price quote. Other bike storage locker sizes and models are also available from Dero.

Not all bicycle storage sheds are created equal. It is why you want to ensure that you have the right solution for you and your budget. In many cases, you might also think of future bikes you might own, so that characteristics such as the size of the shed become even more important. As you can see from these options bike sheds come in a variety of sizes.

The compact solutions are suitable for one or maybe two bikes. If you have multiple bikes, a larger shed is your only real option. That means you need to spend more, and you need more room for it, but you can also use it as a storage solution for other stuff you might want to store outside with the bikes, whether it is spare wheels, a pump or other accessories.

Each material has its own strengths and weaknesses. Wooden sheds might need yearly treatment to keep the materials from rotting. Vinyl is lightweight and flexible, but not secure at all. Metal sheds are the most durable and secure, but harder to assemble and heavier and often more expensive.

You can go cheap with a tent-like vinyl shed, or you can potentially spend over two grand on a completely tricked out commercial solution. It really depends on your budget and your requirements.

Do you own a different bike shed you like better? Do you own one of these? Leave a comment and help others pick out the best bicycle shed. Return to RBR Newsletter b. Like a lot or readers I had a bike removed from my ownership by theft! None of these products have an apparent solution for this problem. Chains, sprockets and other components made of carbon steel do not store will in the high humidity of the southern U. Think twice about storing your bike in any outside, closed, storage shed in colder climates too, not just the humid southern US.

The bottom bracket shell showed signs like it had been completely full of water! No wonder she complained of stiff pedaling. That humidity condensed inside the frame tubes which were still cold. Only a drop or two every day � but those little drops apparently added up.

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