Cut along the lines to make the first stringer. Use a block of wood to simulate the ledger board. Hold the block of wood on the shed wall and set the stringer on the block to make sure that the bottom angle rests evenly on the ground. Adjust Small Shed 2x4 Error as necessary to get the edges of the stringer either resting against the shed wall or ground. You built your shed and now you need easier access to the shed. Therefore, you need to learn how to build a shed ramp. A ramp for a shed is different than a handicap ramp for a house because the handicap ramp has a different slope by code. However, a shed ramp can be at many different angles but you do not want to build it too steep. Jun 06,  · Basically the shed it on a slope that's higher than I expected in a mulched area. I'm not going up or down the slope to enter the shed, so that's another problem Small Shed 3 X 2 Error which demands some kind of small earthmoving to create a more level ramp. Long story short, I think I'm going to have to play with it a bit and see how it turns out. Respond back when. The board may be angle in certain way so there remains no hole between the highest point of the slope and shed floor. Quick Links View Forum Leaders. Post Small shed ramp error. With a ramp, small shed ramp Small Shed 6x6 Error error the floor is ereor creeps over the ground, the slope will be 72 inches long 1. Gable Shed Plans. The highest point of the ledger board will sit 2" beneath the shed floor height so that when the decking sheets are introduced there will armp a smooth move between the principal deck board and the shed floor.

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