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Depending on the thickness you require, choose from the following: D profile — For gaps from 1 to 3. Once you have established your desired length of draught excluder tape, cut it with a pair of scissors and prepare to stick it in place.

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Door Frames All Door Frames. Door Locks All Door Locks. Door Handles All Door Handles. Accessories All Accessories. Ask our door experts. Specialist advice COVID updates. Nationwide delivery. Rated great. This will hide all the cutting mistakes mismeasuring the vertical boards, and makes it look nice. Leave a gap for the doors of course. To get fancy you can chamfer the corners on a 45 but we were lazy and just left them flat.

Depending on if you have a front vent, the front peak will just be a horizontal board, or two. The cut will be a bit of an angle.

It should just fit under the lip of the roof line. You can put a few inches of strapping verticaly on the inside to hold it on like the rest of the boards. If you have a vent, just frame around it and cover it with screen or mesh if need be.

Luckily we didnt have that problem. You can make the doors as fancy as you want, but here we just went with 3 2x4 pieces horizontally and with vertical boards screwed into them, and some small horizontal supports on the top corners larger ones Lean To Shed Side Door Name interfere with the doorframe at the top.

The hinges can be screwed from the outside right into the vertical boards, but we placed the horizontal 2x4s where the hinges are located for extra support. Put pieces of base boards on the bottom of the doors to match the outside of the rest of the shed, and we put another one up the edge of the right door to cover the gap in the doors, and to prevent them from closing in too much into the inside of the shed.

We had to use two pieces with a gap where the latch is. You could make this fancier if you want. Now since the gaps in the vertical boards all around might have some gaps, we cut a bunch of 1x2's the height of the vertical boards minus the baseboard and screwed them right into the vertical boards just one screw top, mid, and bottom to make everything look intentional, and cover up any mistakes.

Painting the shed black first would have been smart too At the end, we attached some dollar store hanging basket supports, and put in two baskets of nice plants for that illusion of sophistication. We think we might add a small strap along the roof line of wood, so you cant see the tin at the front.

Other suggested upgrades include gingerbread on the roof peek. Some old window frames backed with old or dollar store mirrors screwed onto the walls. Window boxes would be a nice touch. We didnt want to make the roof leak by screwing into it, and because it was out of sight, we left it, but you could maybe use some plywood sheets on either side held together with hinges or metal straps, tack in some cedar shakes onto the plywood and then just set it on top if you are into that.

Participated in the squeeze more awesome out of summer contest. This was such a fantastic project!! We had an old 8x10 metal shed that was just wasting space.

This was a great weekend project that makes such a visual impact. Here are the before and after shots. Thank you so much for the step by step instructions. Reply 8 months ago. Thanks for the inspiration!! Before and after pics attached. Absolutely love it! Reply 2 years ago. What were the measurements for the plywood doors you used. Thanks for the previous assistance, my shed is starting to come together with your help. The right door was originally the same size but when we added in the new 2 x 4 on either side of the door it made the gap non existent.

Home depot will cut the sheets down for you if you take in your measurements. I would advise waiting to do this until the front is done so you don't have any rework like us. Way easier than trying to use a small jig saw. We used the trim wood to make the final gap adjustments more visually appealing and to add rigidity to the doors.

You'll need shorter screws likely so they don't protrude through the other side. Its decorative and functional. You'll need the 2 x 4 on the front and a 1 x 2 on the back to give the doors the support they need. They screw into each other before you affix the doors.

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