We ship Suncast and Lifetime sheds factory direct so you are sure to get the newest model available! Order your new plastic shed today at the lowest price when you buy direct! For helpful information and answers to frequently asked questions about our storage sheds read articles about our sheds.

If you have questions about our plastic storage buildings please contact us and we will do our best to assist you! Folding Tables Rectangular Folding Tables Bulk Orders Folding Tables Round Folding Tables Fold-In-Half Tables Miscellaneous Tables Kids Tables Table Carts Dollies Trucks Adjustable Height Tables Table Chair Sets Square Tables Chairs Bulk Orders Chairs Folding Chairs Stacking Chairs Kids Chairs Benches Chair Carts Dollies Trucks Picnic Tables Storage Sheds Small Sheds Medium Sheds Large Sheds Side Entry Sheds Shed Accessories Vertical Sheds Horizontal Sheds Composters If anything, you may have enough room to add floor standing shelves, which will, of course, take up valuable floor space.

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Plastic Sheds Are Easy to Plastic Sheds For Delivery Zone Assemble. Well-made with Good Design. Customizing can be expensive or impossible. Rubbermaid Horizontal Storage Shed Review. Suncast 98 Cubic Foot Shed Review. Set and Forget with Plastic Pros Cons Maintenance free Security Long life Strength Plastic is water and weatherproof Extreme temperatures Looks great Assembly can be tricky Plastic sheds are easy to assemble Customizing can be expensive or impossible Value for money Restricted size Well made with good design.

Maintenance Free No rot, no rust, no problems! They are also easy to clean with soapy water and a brush, or a pressure washer If you build a wooden or metal shed for your backyard, there is no end to the amount of maintenance you are committing yourself to. Both wood and metal must be kept painted and properly sealed to keep the weather at bay With Wood, if you don't keep a fresh coat of paint and where necessary new shingles in place, the wood will rot and the metal will rust. Certainly not what you want when you build a garden shed where you be storing your valuable items Plastic, on the other hand, does not rust, rot, or suffer any other ill effects of the weather.

You can keep using them year after year with no worries 2. Long Life Plastic sheds are made to stand the test of time. The good manufacturers will guarantee their sheds for long periods 10 years , to give you piece of mind 3. Plastic is Water and Weatherproof By its very nature, plastic is impermeable, this means that plastic is the perfect medium to keep out the rains , snow, and ice.

Looks Great Plastic sheds look great. Some reviewers believe that the shed improves their whole properties appearance 5. Plastic Sheds Are Easy to Assemble Unless you are a contractor or have extensive construction experience, you may find building a wood shed to be beyond your skills. Most newer 8 x 6 plastic sheds can be put together in no more than a few hours at best, some can be built in less than an hour 6.

Value for Money Plastic sheds are priced well, especially the larger ones. Well-made with Good Design A lot of effort goes into producing a plastic shed and that means the design is thought out. Security One of the biggest concerns most people express about using a plastic shed in their backyard concerns how they are supposed to secure it and keep everything safe inside.

The average shed is fully lockable as they include a hasp made just for a padlock However, when you are looking at the various brands of plastic sheds, you need Cheap Plastic Garden Sheds 8x6 Mac to pay close attention to the amount of force it is likely to take for someone to break the lock off or force the door open One more thing you may want to consider is how much replacement parts or repairs are going to cost if someone does break into your shed Tip - Look for sheds that are reinforced with steel, and have steel locking mechanisms.

Many of the sheds do. Strength While plastic sheds are designed to offer plenty of protection against rain, ice, and snow, they do suffer from poor wind protection. Plastic sheds that have been properly designed are strong enough to resist the effects of the wind and should also be firmly anchored to the ground for added protection Tip - Look for plastic sheds that have steel reinforced walls and roofs 3. Extreme temperatures Plastic sheds do not like extreme temperatures.

Tip - Under heat the plastic will conform to the shape around it, so it must be installed correctly. Also, when placing the shed, keep it out of extreme weather such as direct sun in heat waves. Tip — Plastic sheds must be installed on a flat, level foundation. There is typically no forgiveness in doors and joints, so a small bump or incline can throw your shed out quite a bit.

Use WD40 or dish soap on the bottom of the walls over the piece that has to click in.

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