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They will be fed with crop residues and fodder already available in the farm along with the purchased feed concentrates. The last 3 cows will be purchased in the 4thquarter of 1styear, when enough fodder, hays and silage are stocked, experience in managing cross bred Jersey cows, particularly in terms feeding and health, is gained and record keeping is learnt as well as other associated factors are better understood.

Human resourceplan The manager is literate and able to keep farm record and ensure hygiene and sanitation. Two family members fully engaged in farming will be used for operating the enterprise. No additional workers are needed or hired. Financial plan 9. Total Amount Particulars Quantity N.

Cows 1 Cost of Cows 5 80, , Structure 1 Cost of cow shed, calf shed, store and dung pit 1 , , Equipment 1. Chaff Cutter 1 20, Cream Separator cum Butter Churner 1 52, The assumptions considered in determining the profit and loss account includes:.

The milk price is Rs. The feed is priced at Rs. Labour cost is accounted at Rs. Saving from Bio-gas: Rs. Sale of Manure Rs. Salary of Manager - not accounted. Mortality: not accounted.

II Income S. Loan payment schedule It is proposed to pay Rs. Paying the loan at the rate of Rs. During the 8 years loan liquidation period Rs. Government clearance i. To mitigate the emission of the Methane CH4 gas into the atmosphere, the Bio-gas plant is integrated to this enterprise. The Bio-gas plant will enable to make use of Methane Gas for cooking purpose instead of letting it to the atmosphere for damaging the Ozone Layer causing global Warming and climate change.

Forest clearance The nearest forest boundary is more than a kilometer away. No debris shall be burnt. All debris will be converted into compost.

There will no felling of bushes or trees. Livestock Rules and Regulation The enterprise will comply with Livestock Rules and Regulation and every activity will be executed as per the advice of the Department of Livestock.

Monitoring and Evaluation District Livestock Service Office DLSO will be the advisor as well as oversight agency to monitor the operation and management of the enterprise. DLSO will be welcomed to monitor the enterprise as the sole financer of the enterprise. To the monitoring team all the records shall be made available and feedback will be sought and comply with all necessary recommendations.

Conclusion High initial capital investment, long turnover period and risk of outbreak of diseases make dairy a daunting enterprise for poor farmers. Unlike other enterprises, like poultry, it requires land for fodder production which makes unfeasible for farmers with small land holding. Nonetheless, with strong government support, entrepreneurial skill and increasing demand and price of milk and milk product the project is expected to succeed.

The benefits of dairy farming are multiple. The difficulties faced in the short run yields sustained income for the family in the long run providing opportunity for young children getting employed at home itself. The dairy farming will enable to have Bio-gas for cooking which will alleviate the drudgery of collecting firewood and cooking food in firewood. Besides it will enable to practice organic farming.

The total loan amount of Rs. In fourth year the enterprise will achieve the breakeven point when the capital investment cost along with interest will be paid back. Dairy is a socially appropriate enterprise and with the strong government policy support as it is now, it has good scope for more farmers of district to take similar enterprise which would alleviate rural poverty, create job, reduce dependence on forest for firewood and enable practicing organic farming.

The entrepreneur shall put utmost effort to promote Micro Dairy Farm, organic farming and adoption of Bio-gas in the district. Initiatives will be taken to promote Producers Group in the district which will encompass organic vegetables production and poultry production besides milk and milk products Source: Pradhan, Jibachhas Handbook of Animal Husbandry Open navigation menu. Close suggestions Search Search. User Settings. Skip carousel. Carousel Previous.

Carousel Next. What is Scribd? Project Proposal on dairy farm. Uploaded by Jibachha Shah. Jibachha Sah and DR. Prabhakar k. Sah,from Jibachha Publishing. The project proposal is developed for seeking financial support from commercial banks. Date uploaded May 28, Did you find this document useful? Is this content inappropriate? Report this Document. Flag for inappropriate content. Download now.

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Muhammad Ayub. Natalie Sanders. Rajpal Bhargava. Gaurav Taneja. Ramesh Bobba. Vijay Kumar. Saad Arain. More From Jibachha Shah. Jibachha Sah. Jibachha Shah. Definition, Incidence, Etiology, Epidemiology,of fasciolosis-by Dr. A veterinary physician my be B. Sc but B. Sc may not be vet. Prabhakar K. Veterinarians are poor Professional Value additional by Dr. Animal Disease diagnosis training with Dr. How to Sale Veterinary Profession-Dr. Jibachha Veterinary Hospital P Ltd,grad opening branch.

Jibachha veterinary hospital branch at Kathmandu Grand opening. Popular in Technology. Leiito Valbuena Luna. Hari Krishna Nagisetty. Jawaria Ch. Kairee Kspl. Tamil Selvan. Anonymous plQ7aHU. Alexandra Kouk. Zara Sofiya Badalova. Karthik Kumar Reddy. Jane Dudas. Bloxham and Boyd electronic version of developing effective assessment in higher ed.

Sara Muldowney. Rahmat Maulana. Bhavana Deep. ProMix has densely braided HMPE fibers with a high weave count for consistent quality, uniform diameter and performance. Available in , , 1, and 3,yard spools in 6-, , , , , , , and pound test. MotorGuide is bringing the benefits of its Xi3 trolling motor to kayak fishing with a new inch shaft motor. Lightweight design and SecureStep system make it simple to stow and deploy the motor, even in a seated position.

Along with its nearly silent operation and wireless remote, it's a great addition to any kayak. Xi3 with available Pinpoint GPS allows anglers to focus on fishing while taking advantage of GPS functions like anchor, heading lock, route record and more. Xi3 is now available in two shorter shaft pound thrust options with or without GPS, at 12 volts with inch shafts.

This reel was specifically designed and manufactured to bring anglers looking for an entry level baitcaster an entirely new standard of performance and aesthetics. Extremely palmable and a mere 7. It also features Daiwa's patented Magforce magnetic casting and braking system which is located on the exterior of the reel making adjustments easy to make depending on wind conditions, the rods you're fishing, and overall aerodynamics of the baits you're throwing.

When you take the reel out of gear it allows for less resistance on the line, allowing the line to cast further. Daiwa's spool lets anglers finely tune the spool tension while the T-Wing System level-wind opens up line feed, working together to cast longer, more accurately, and provide stress-free control when chunking into the wind, skipping baits or casting large lures. The T-Wing System is also very efficient at reducing backlashes on the size reel with large spool.

It does this by reducing the angle of the line coming off the spool and spool speed, providing efficient operation. This reel series features a one piece MONOCOQUE Zaion body that allows more space in the reel body for larger gears that necessitate more torque and power from the get-go at the same gear ratios of competitive reels.

This reel series features an aluminum body that allows more less body and frame flex providing better support on the gears and bearings allowing increased torque and power while also allowing longer life to the gears. Anglers will find that the aluminum body of the Procyon AL is incredibly lightweight when they pick it up and put it on their favorite rod. The Procyon AL also features an air rotor engineered to be very rigid, especially at high drag pressures with little flex.

The Procyon AL also has generous cut-outs in its engineering design, which reduces the weight of the rotor. The new reels also showcase a tubular air bail that reduces weight and offers more rigidity than standard wire, so you get less flex and bending or breaking. The tubular air bail is also manufactured with thicker material that feels good on the fingers when flipping the bail by hand. The FUEGO line of fishing rods are comprised of 14 specific bass actions designed for a variety of contemporary bass fishing techniques and applications.

The heart of the rod is a lightweight carbon graphite blank that is sensitive, yet true in bend, tough and durable. Each blank action is specifically designed for a variety of bass fishing presentations. The aluminum oxide rings are tough yet deliver a smooth cast throughout the blank.

The split EVA grip provides a firm handling of the rod without the unnecessary weight and bulk of a full grip. The 34 rod lineup incorporates blank designs tailored for a variety of species including bass, trout, stripers, walleye and panfish.

Two of the designs are handy, break-down travel rods. The foundation of the rod is a lightweight, carbon graphite blank that bends strong and true without sacrificing finesse and touch. The blank construction techniques insure durability and performance. The titanium oxide guides pay out line freely, are strong and durable yet minimally affect the bend of the blank. The split-grip handle allows for a more delicate feel of the rod, desirable when finessing smaller species.

A natural cork handle provides proven performance and a traditional, firm grip. Rods are designed for spinning and casting reels.

The craftsmanship of the product is backed by a limited 1-year warranty. The Made-in-Japan line is designed and manufactured to bring a new level of fishability to all, offering a multitude of sizes with varying levels of stretch and stiffness and super small diameter. Available in 2-, 4-, 5-, 6-, 7-, 8-, , , , , , , and pound, there's a line weight to suit varying fishing applications.

All are wound on ergonomic spools with convenient filler-enabled spool protectors with a D-VEC halfway sticker located at yards to inform the user of available line. The Daiwa Compact Travel kit comes with a high-quality telescopic rod developed the Daiwa's patented V-Joint technology that eliminates flat spots where the connection points are on multi piece rods. The rod come both in a cork handle and EVA handle model for your personal preference. This rod and reel kit married with a Daiwa Crossfire reel so you know you have quality and smoothness at your fingertips.

A carrying case allows for convenient easy storage in your luggage or in the trunk of your car. Now reintroduced, the Daiwa SC Shad has the reputation of a top bait for panfish, trout, walleye and bass. All feature high-quality VMC hooks. Featuring a double-sided design with gull wing-like doors on the top, the Tackle Barn is designed to hold up to and amazing eight Daiwa tackle boxes and four tackle boxes.

It comes with four Daiwa boxes and four boxes to get things started. It also features 8 and 10 nylon zippers for a long, rust-proof life and reinforced, waterproof bottom to match the wet conditions on boats and the bank.

The result is a double-structure fluorocarbon leader that exhibits the beneficial attributes of each of its two resins. Each kit contains an assortment of tackle to target a variety of species. Novice and experienced anglers alike will appreciate the value and quality of these kits for all their fishing needs.

Each kit contains American Made hooks as well as an assortment of swivels, sinkers, floats, rigs, snells and other terminal tackle. The weed guards protect the gap between the hook and soft plastic, keeping weeds from snagging the bait, and allowing for great bait presentation in grass and weeds. Large holographic eyes and premium paint in a wide range of colors, offer anglers the opportunity to adjust presentations to suit nearly any water condition in the pursuit of their target species.

Eagle Claw and YUM hand selected the most popular terminal tackle and soft baits for bass fishing and combined them into three unique kits. Add 5" YUM dingers, finesse nail weights and wacky o-rings, and you've got a winning combination. These jigs are fitted with American Made LV Pro-V Needlepoint Jig hooks to provide greater penetration and holding power than a standard round bend jig hook.

The hydrodynamic head design allows a faster fall rate and prevents tangling in weeds by allowing the jig to slip through obstacles easier than a round ballhead jig. Pro-V Teardrop Jigs are painted using a premium chip resistant paint and feature 3D, holographic eyes. The metal barb is longer than average helping to secure soft plastics or giving anglers the option to tie on their favorite bucktail colors.

Available in retail packs of 5 jigs. The change is solely in the hook part numbers; anglers can expect the same performance they've come to expect.

The new combo enhances the value and quality of the EC2. Featuring EC2. To complement the popular Lazer Sharp L Spinnerbait hook, Eagle Claw unveils several new American-made offerings to complete the family.

The Trokar TK is a round bend compliment to the L, adding the Trokar point to the already super effective L profile and dependable Lazer Sharp hook point. Trokar's patented surgically sharpened technology and premium American steel give anglers access to elite grade hooks for creating their ideal Spinnerbaits at a time when many anglers have more time at home, and want to engage with their hobby in new ways. Heads are precisely crafted and ultra-smooth, armed with a molded-in double keeper for pinning softbaits securely.

Durable powder-coated finishes include red, blue, chartreuse, black and green pumpkin patterns. Dual, sharp keeper barbs grip ElaZtech and traditional softbaits and hold them tight to the jighead.

The brainchild with EyeStrike Fishing co-founders Dave Fladd and Ralph Phillips, the Swimbait Eye Jighead makes a bold preyfish statement with its prominent 3D eyes, colored to match the situation to create a major strike target. The jig's custom, heavy duty No. A molded keeper pins baits in place and prevents them from slipping, even on hard casts and after missed strikes.

Crafted for versatility with the power to thump and vibrate at all retrieve speeds, the new Z-Man GOAT series baits sport twin action tails with the same unique curved paddle tail design arming other Z-Man baits.

By overwhelming customer demand, the 3. Bulked up ElaZtech claws are super-buoyant to float up at rest, displaying a crayfish's natural defensive posture. Anatomical realism continues with tucked under tail, bulbous crayfish eyes and natural swimmerets for secondary elements of underwater animation. Ten colors available. Super-soft, impossibly durable ElaZtech construction allows the 6-inch Long ShotZ to perform unlike any other dropshot bait available.

A tapered nose is marked with a special hook exit spot for easy-nose hooking, but won't tear like other finesse baits. Remarkably enticing movements and action is made possible by the Long ShotZ's thin body, flat belly, wedge-shaped cross section and tiny spade tail. A percent salt impregnation neutralizes some of the bait's natural buoyancy for a more fluid, enticing action. Adjustable dividers isolate bait types and file packages upright and securely. Top flaps with magnetic closures prevent lid from blowing open while locking water out.

Interior clear storage compartments with hook-and-loop closures grant additional jighead, hook and lure storage. Exterior mesh pocket holds larger items like tools and leader spools.

Soft baits are constructed from 10X Tough, non-toxic and naturally buoyant ElaZtech material. The Finesse ShroomZ jigheads feature mushroom-shaped heads preferred by finesse enthusiasts and a welded wire keeper for easy rigging. The Finesse EyeZ Jighead calls on a low-center-of-gravity head with Z-Man's grooved Stabiltrack design to maintain perfect balance at all retrieve speeds, or when fished vertically.

Oversized 3D eyeballs highlight four jig color patterns, focusing predatory attention and creating a pronounced strike target. A welded wire keeper facilitates easy, secure rigging of ElaZtech softbaits, locking them firmly into place. A molded "keeper" holds ElaZtech softbaits securely, and allows for quick, easy rigging. For optimal snag resistance around wood and grass, an adjustable, v-shaped, coated multi-strand wire weedguard deflects cover and prevents snagging and fouling, while folding back during hooksets.

The driving force behind the patented new ChatterBait design, a clear polycarbonate blade produces a totally different sound and vibration, but like its predecessor, starts thumping intensely with the first half-turn of the reel handle. The blade's specialized oval split-ring line tie increases stealth, and offers less surface area and no protrusions to catch vegetation or other snags.

Designed by ChatterBait originators Ronnie and Ron Davis, Z-Man's ChatterBait WillowVibe links a hardened, stainless steel willow leaf shaped blade with an aspirin-shaped jighead, for an intense, rapid-fire vibration that is ideal for targeting schooling fish of all species.

Matched with finesse straight-tail and swimbait trailers like the StreakZ, Finesse ShadZ and Slim SwimZ, the WillowVibe produces a tighter action and higher frequency vibration and can be fished throughout the water column. The stainless steel blade vibrates vividly on all retrieve speeds, activating the jig and matching softbait with the proven, seductive ChatterBait motion. An intelligently designed spinnerbait with inshore and redfish applications, the BullZeye Spinnerbait employs a stainless LiveWire frame for maximum vibration.

Custom size 4 and 4. A stainless steel ball bearing swivel maximizes rotation and durability. The wire arm connects to the EyeStrike Swimbait Eye jighead with a quick-clip attachment for quick, convenient jighead changes. The Leap FrogZ is built in 2. Both Leap FrogZ "species" feature a deep-V belly that acts like a rudder to carve the surface and empower easy walk-the-dog retrieves.

The frog's super soft hollow body collapses with ease, for high hookup ratios, further enabled with a custom angled, heavy-duty double hook. A rear drain hole sheds water to keep the Leap FrogZ floating at all times.

A pro grade realistic paint job and 3D eyes max out attraction, while silicone skirt legs kick, dance and flare like a live frog. Five different naturalistic frog patterns are available. Cousin to the Magic Man, El Diablo is the marauder of depths. Outfitted with VMC chemically sharpened black nickel hooks, these baits come rigged to play straight out of the box. The Multi rattle system of this lipless crankbait produces irresistible sounds and vibrations. That's right, bask in the glory of its flat sided magnificence.

We all know there's a time and place for a premium, flat sided crankbait. The refined shape produces superior hunting action and we've tuned them to be exceptional. Rigged with premium VMC chemically sharpened hooks to ensure maximum landing percentages. See the 13 Fishing Glidesdale underwater action video here. The Glidesdale harnesses its smooth motion from the hydrodynamic design, and combined years of testing and development.

The skilled tuning provides the ideal balance on the slow-sinking pause. Tested by some of the best glide bait fishermen in the business, this lure will dance.

VMC black nickel hooks forged with Hi Carbon steel create the ultimate weapon to go after your personal record. The Gordito is the perfect little nugget of fish catching excellence. The internal weighting system allows you to cast this dynamic little bugger accurately at distance. Rigged with premium VMC black nickel hooks, this small fry packs a wallop.

See the 13 Fishing Jabber Jaw underwater action video here. The chattering bill is rigged inside the full metal jowls which give roaring resonance as it bangs side to side. Introduce your local fish to a new level of chaos. The crankbait's lip swings on an axis creating a different swim and audible clacking noise. So it's chatterbait, squarebill and swim crank all in one. The tail weighting system increases casting distance and gives it the optimal body position on the twitch and pause.

Because it does. Also included at no extra charge is the multi rattle system providing the panicking sounds of prey. See the 13 Fishing Shadow Spin underwater action video here. When you take the ultimate application of finesse techniques, develop and refine them into one package, this is exactly what comes out. It's all business in the front with a custom machined aluminum prop, and a downright party in the back with the subtle wedge-tailed paddle that shreds a whole new riff in the spy bait game.

Walk the dog style baits have been calling for an upgrade for a long time, The SpinWalker adds a bottom positioned prop and clacker that give off a beguiling sputter whether twitched side to side or retrieved directly. Watch local fish become enamored and consumed by their need to attack. You know how every angler wants that super specific depth and profile and each one is extremely different?

Well, this series has all of them. Every single one. That's why these bad boys come rigged in a broad array of options. With 8, 12, 15 and foot options and a weight transfer system, you can make long casts and reach each depth zone the bass frequent. The extra wide head's double benefit provides added wobble width, and the additional girth also gives this bait optimal deflection over cover. Available in various depths and sizes to fit any situation you request, the slim, erratic profile was designed to slash and dart through the water column providing a tremendously tantalizing effect.

When you need that extra mass to impress the bass, tie this on. Shake this in front of any fish's face to see how excited you can get them. Infused with Donkey Sauce this 5 or 6-inch worm features a Bubble Butt air pocket in the tail to help the tail stand up and dance in front of the fish. Strong vibrations while swimming that powerfully stimulate. There's no such thing as too intense when swimming and the highly buoyant appendages maintain a defense position when paused.

The super strong TPE material reduces breakage. Designed for a more natural feeling with less material for intense and sensitive comfort. Thinner than our standard Joystick worms, made from premium quality USA sourced plastic to reduce the risk of unwanted mishaps. With a slender hourglass figure, every fish knows what this bait represents Rabbit legs and a sweeping tail prove highly effective at tapping into fishes' primal urges. Infused with Donkey Sauce, hybrid salted belly and floating top so it will keel.

The new Bulldog Carbon Drag system is back and ready to stop the biggest trophy fish you can find with 25 lbs. Equipped with our H. A new Low-Friction Braking system provides anglers with smaller more relevant adjustments for all lure weights. Cast Iron Carbon material is a major advancement in material technology that delivers on our goal of building a zero-corrosion frame that fishes like it was metal.

This High Strength extremely low flex material matched with genius engineering and design elements is the key to the rock-solid feel and performance. The Ti-Armor Aluminum gearing is 8X more resistant to environmental wear that feels butter-smooth. Control casting downwind and then upwind on alternating casts with a flick of the thumb.

Long respected as the OG of the 13 Fishing lineup, our Omen Black series with lengths, actions and powers that cover techniques both current and emerging, every stick in this tournament-proven series features Japanese 36 Ton Toray blanks with Poly Vector Graphite technology.

Translation: Lighter and more sensitive without sacrificing durability. Fresh from the lab, Fate V3 has broken out of its test tube and is here. Without trying to re-invent the wheel, we added Evolve Soft Touch custom reel seat and Airfoil Carbon grips to manufacture grip and feel at absurd levels.

The PVG 36T graphite blank decreases the weight and increases the sensitivity pushing the blank to be that much better'er. Most importantly, we added the Snaggletooth hook keeper because it turns out that people like to store the baits in between uses.

If you don't know the Fate Black series by now, it's time to get acquainted. This series is back to make another bold statement. The continuing legacy of sensitivity and reactive spline on the PVG30T blank gives this rod a unique feeling. Through the Evolve Soft Touch ported reel seat and custom-wrapped stainless steel Alconite guides, this rod relays the most subtle of fish intentions by harnessing the energy and transferring it straight to your palm.

The lighter setup of the new edition improves the overall feel while maintaining the custom-tuned tapers the series is known for.

Taking nods from the elite rods in the 13 Fishing line up, this series delivers performance well beyond what you'd expect. Each taper is crafted to provide the best presentation and fighting ability possible. Continue defying the competition with the next edition of Defy Black. The taper is perfect for slinging baits as far as possible while providing responsive ample backbone to fight any fish. Zoom Bait Company's U-Tale Worm may be the most universally beloved soft plastic worm on the planet, responsible for novices' first fish and high-level tournament wins alike.

Zoom Bait Company's Brush Hog, the original and still the most popular creature bait on the planet have traditionally come in Tiny, Baby, and Standard sizes. For some situations, however, the Baby is a bit small and the Standard is just a bit too large. Zoom Bait Company's Ultra-Vibe Speed Craw has long been both a superstar and a utility player in the world of bass fishing. It may be compact, but over the years it has produced many big catches as a flipping bait, a Carolina Rig offering, and as the trailer for various kinds of jigs.

Now, responding to popular demand and the requests of the Zoom pro staff, the company hereby introduces the Magnum Ultra-Vibe Speed Craw, a larger model with the same basic proportions. The perfect match to the Warhead Jig, the Afterburner combines a wide body profile, with a supple tail for movement even in the slowest presentations.

The fluked body cuts provide a unique action, not seen in other designs. The toughness of the Warhead jig, with added flash and fantastic colors. The Warbird features Kevin's favorite color combinations for muddy water hand-to-fin combat. The most advanced crappie rod ever made, the X13 is full of components to make LiveScoping crappie a breeze. It's feet long, but still has enough backbone to swing trophy class crappie up and out of brush and into your boat.

Featuring a rear weight system to help balance the rod and not fatigue the angler all day. The rod also has sleek custom rod grips, seat and butt and a custom bag for the rod as well so you don't damage your investment. The Jenko Kevin Rogers Signature foot Jigging Rod is a 2-Piece rod with the strength and sensitivity to feel the lightest bite in cover with a ton of backbone to horse fish on braid!

Also features EVA grips, stainless eyes, and an indestructible Recoil tip! These rods have the backbone to boat flip the biggest slabs with confidence! Yet it only weighs 7. This is going to be a popular rod with all the new Livescope crappie anglers.

The latest in the line of Trick Sticks, the Trick Stick Light is the softer brother of the original that features sleek powerful blanks, custom grips and reel seats, high end components for the highest quality crappie and panfish rod. This is not your every day light stick. It's made to be extra sensitive and strong for getting your baits to the bigger fish and hauling them in.

A step up from the DCVR Gambler series of rods, these new bass technique specific rods from Jenko feature custom grips, sensitive blanks and sleek profile. These new sticks will be able to handle big bait fishing with ease. Extra long comfortable handles, powerful blanks and backbones to not only throw the big baits but winch in that PB when you get it on the line.

Carefully formulated body material offers optimal balance between structural integrity and compression, delivering unrivaled action and excellent hook-up ratios. Custom hook shape, wire diameter, and penetration angles guarantee optimal hook-up ratios and improve landing percentages. The BIG-M2. With a low center-of-gravity design, the BIG-M2. Casts are powered by a triple balancer system, enabling long-distance ballistic approaches in weather conditions that would otherwise overpower conventional flat-sided offerings.

A quarter-century later, "Project Living Legend" was established to ensure that each cycle of destruction and creation through innovation preserved Megabass' rich DNA, bringing anglers ever-closer to the ideal. Guided by this spirit, the LAIHA program gave birth to a limited concept rod series in , developed to test and refine standard-destroying technologies to push innovation past present limits.

From this tireless effort, the 5-D Graphite System was born. The super-thin 0. The placement of the rear treble and innovative tinsel-tail detail significantly reduce line tangle on slack line and at the end of long casts, in addition to providing an enticingly new flicker-flash to the DYNA RESPONSE's vibrating action.

See the Jamaica Boa underwater action video here. Rear-weighted head and rattle-chamber's secondary function limiting blade rotation during flight, combine to facilitate long-distance aerial assaults to search out targets far and wide. The MANTA PROP's proprietary shape converts water flow to flash, vibration, and sonic force with a fearsome power akin to a turbine engine, making easy prey of elusive targets.

Furthermore, to correct the historical weakness of many buzzbaits, JAMAICA BOA is built with thick gauge high-grade stainless-steel wire to take the fight to heavy cover and brutally head-shaking trophies alike. P moving balancer system. The Z1 delivers excellent stability in current and "bulldog contact," relentlessly contacting bottom structure to trigger frenzied reaction bites.

Powered by our patented LBO II balancer system, the Z1 casts like a heavier plug, delivering unrivaled performance for its size.

In the bitter winter, early spring, and during turnover periods, the Z1's hard-hitting approach displays surprising stability that allows it to continuously engage riprap and shallow contours. Furious deflections never compromise the Z1's high-pitch action, stimulating tough fish until they are compelled to bite. This next generation shallow runner is perfectly suited for attacking cruising fish around backwater sand bars, riprap, and shallow structures.

The Z2's high-pitch action and relentless "bulldog" style of bottom contact is ideal for the mid-range and large transition areas. The Z2 dives to 10ft�no small feat given it's diminutive size and weight�and allows for longer, more accurate casts due to Megabass' patented LBO II moving balancer system.

The Z2 features a "hard contact bill" designed to give clear feedback to the angler as it tirelessly engages structure. The Z2's immediate posture recovery after contact and ability to trace tightly along the bottom is exceptional in its size and weight class.

Previously, this kind of performance required a significantly larger body and internal volume in order to harness the effects of buoyancy, but the Z2 has packed astonishing performance in an unbelievably small size.

See the Megabass SV-3 underwater action video here. Crafted for victory in the toughest fields, the SV-3 draws inspiration from the legendary V-3, which earned its place in history as one of the pioneering baitfish-head spinnerbaits. Our "Super" V-3 spinnerbait is the embodiment of design and angling expertise, developed for top-level pros competing in the most challenging tournaments. No detail has been spared. From the first twitch, the Jr.

With a straight retrieve, it exhibits high pitch rolling and seductive flash. See the 3DB Jerkbait Deep underwater action video here. The 3DB Jerkbait Deep is a suspending lure with an irresistible minnow shape. This version dives down to feet. The new weight transfer system makes for long casts and the head-down position during pauses in the retrieve are features developed by Yo-Zuri's product development teams working closely with their pro-staff bass anglers.

All baits in this series feature Yo-Zuri's exclusive "Wave Motion Technology" that sends vibrations throughout the water column. The new Weight Transfer System makes for unbelievably long casts and the head-down position during pauses in the retrieve are features developed by Yo-Zuri's product development teams working closely with their pro-staff bass anglers.

The large single internal cadence rattle gives this lure exceptional fish attracting sound during the side to side walking action, plus the ability to cast long distances even into a strong wind. Put it all together and you have a high-quality, freshwater Japanese hard bait at an excellent price point. Check out the Yo-Zuri Rattl'n Vibe underwater action video. Red Black is a top pattern for muddy or stained water and is a favorite in the Texas market.

The Ghost Shad is a great clear water color with its translucent finish shad pattern. The Gizzard is a great all-around color for any body of water where fish are actively feeding on shad. This new squarebill design allows the Crank SR to deflect off of structure.

It maintains great buoyancy allowing anglers to bump over laydowns, run over rocks, and be effective in every situation. Dives feet. Checkout the Hardcore Flashi'n Vibe underwater action video. The Hardcore Flashi'n Vibe 65S is a compact, extra-wide lipless crankbait for deep-water fish. The extra wide head section of the bait is heavily weighted for a fast downward fall with subtle swimming action.

This feature is based on a carefully constructed array of different scaling patterns found along the top, middle, and bottom of the lure.

Equipped with a super loud tungsten rattle chamber, consisting of multiple size BBs for a unique sound. See the Minnow Flat SP underwater action video here. The Hardcore Minnow Flat SP is a flat-sided Plastic Sheds 8ft By 8ft Qt suspending jerkbait with the internationally patented Magnetic Weight Transfer System and an outstanding quick darting action.

The Hardcore Minnow Flat SP leverages patented technology and exceptional Japanese engineering to further the proven success of the jerkbait. Available in 70mm, 90mm, mm and mm sizes. The Hardcore Popper 70F is a newly designed, topwater popper that features the only internationally patented Magnetic Weight Transfer System which allows anglers to make precise casts over long distances easier than ever before.

It is the only popper on the market featuring a Magnetic Weight Transfer system. This bait is equipped with an immensely wide cup face for pushing large amounts of water. See the Hardcore Shad 75SP underwater action video here. The Hardcore Shad 75SP is a slow-floating shad bait featuring a unique Flex-Lip design that reduces drag and improves the "tight wiggle" swimming action.

A variety of newly designed finishes and colors allows you to match the hatch of your local waters. The Hardcore Crank MR 60F is a newly designed, round-bodied crankbait with the internationally patented Magnetic Weight Transfer System allowing anglers to make precise casts over long distances.

The Vanford line-up offers seven sizes for ultralight and ice-fishing, panfish, trout, bass and walleye, as well as inshore action for redfish, sea trout, stripers, bluefish and smaller tarpon and tuna. Each combo features Shimano's known Symetre spinning reel � and in the right size to perform properly with the rod's length, power and action � with lightweight graphite G-Free Body technology developed to shift the reel's center of gravity closer to the rod for more fishing comfort.

Shimano keeps the Symetre reels performing properly with its Propulsion Line Management System to help anglers make longer casts, while preventing backlashes and wind knots. Continuing the enhanced casting accuracy and distance from its Hi-Power X blank construction, Shimano offers a new line-up of Zodias rods with added sensitivity from their Carbon Monocoque grips and light, rigid CI4 reel seats.

The new Zodias series includes 9 casting rods and 8 spinning rods in the key lengths, powers and actions for today's popular bass fishing techniques.

First offered on its flagship Poison Adrena bass rods, Shimano's hollow Carbon Monocoque grip transfers even the smallest vibrations from underwater structure, lure action or bites to an angler's hand. Relying on nearly years of manufacturing what many consider some of the best fishing rods anywhere, along with the input and field-testing leading tournament bass pros, G.

Loomis adds to its IMX-PRO line-up 10 new rods with models to specifically use with swimbaits, bladed jig baits, Ned rigs, lipless crankbaits, and when working ledges. Ledge fishing at the right time of year can many times lead to personal bests, and G. The new bag features an easily accessible front-loading compartment to store the three included size tackle trays, along with a front and side pockets for extra room for tools, a spare reel, rain jacket and more.

To alleviate problems from hook snags and pulls, the Borona Tackle Bag is constructed from a ripstop polyester fabric, along with double reinforced stitching to prevent ripping at the seams along with heavy duty TPU Zippers that won't corrode.

Its flexible wire arm enhances casting distance to cover plenty of water and also contributes to increased hookup ratios. The free-swinging blade is modeled after a plopper-style tail.

The body design combined with the tungsten mouth provide for long casts and the ability to cover more water quickly and efficiently. The 10, Fish Yoto Worm is a versatile creature bait - with a cutting edge profile.

The body is molded with ribbed edges and a tapered tail, for mouthwatering action and realistic texture. The Yoto Worm is designed with four hook channels down the body, for several rigging options. The Yoto Worm's tickling tail end will help entice bites when rigged on multiple set-ups.

Rig the Yoto Worm vertically when fishing a spinnerbait or bladed jig. The Biospawn ExoPod is a genetically engineered creature bait built with a streamlined flapping action. The ExoPod's compact and practical design allows for easy rigging for multiple presentations. The classic BioSpawn ribbed body design seamlessly leads into two flapping flanges that give the ExoPod a subtle but distinctive swimming action.

Culprit announces a new 3-inch version of their popular Flutter Craw is a versatile option in the Culprit lineup that catches a bunch of big bass, especially in shallow water.

This bait excels on a Texas rig and swim jig. The new smaller version of the Adrenaline Bug will have many applications including as a trailer on a mini jig or, due to its floating claws, it will be great on a Ned Rig. It is set to launch in eight of X Zone Lures' most popular colors.

This new craw design features extra large claw flanges for great action. The versatility of the new Adrenaline Craw will range from being a fantastic ChatterBait trailer to flipping and pitching on its own or as a jig trailer.

It will be coming to market in plus proven fish-catching colors. Engineered with Lithium Iron Phosphate LiFePo4 technology, this battery has twice the power, half the weight, and lasts 4 times longer than a sealed lead acid battery - providing exceptional lifetime value. LiFePO4 charger recommended. Built to power all your passions, the Powerbox gives you the freedom to use one battery to power many things. For night time use the Powerbox 10 comes equipped with a high efficiency LED flashlight.

For longer expeditions solar panels can quickly be connected to the binder posts, providing you with dependable power.

The DL 54 is built for high performance in the most rugged of conditions. Engineered with Lithium Iron Phosphate LiFePo4 technology this battery has twice the power, half the weight, and lasts 4 times longer than a lead acid battery - providing exceptional lifetime value. Ideal for deep cycle applications where you need lots of power for a long time.

Easily link in series to create 24V, 36V, or 48V systems. LiFePO4 charger included. Engineered with Lithium Iron Phosphate LiFePo4 technology this battery has twice the power, half the weight, and lasts 4 times longer than a sealed lead acid battery - providing exceptional lifetime value.

Ideal for deep cycle applications like trolling motors, solar energy storage, or boating, where you need lots of power for a long time. All backed up by a best in class 11 year warranty. This lure was designed to perform at any speed. It maintains its natural wobbling action on a slow crawl and also stays true to form when fished at light speed.

It also swims on the fall with no retrieve at all. The Z also has a super-loud rattle chamber. Comes with high-quality hooks and split rings. The Topwater Slider TS performs a wider side-to-side walking action while maintaining its castability. It also features three No. The Topwater Popper TP70 is designed for easy casting and walking. With the unique angle at which it sits on the water, it spits water nicely while it walks side to side. It also makes great sound and moves a bunch of water when with short, downward twitches of your rod tip.

The Topwater Blower TB is designed for super-long casts and easy walking action. It delivers perfect walk-the-dog action while not moving much in distance, which means it stays in the strike zone longer and attracts more bites.

The Lipless Crank LP38 deploys a slightly heavier design than the other baits in its class to achieve longer casting distance. It also generates a low-pitch sound throughout the retrieve.

The Squarebill Crank CT Series features a magnetic weight transfer system which results in excellent casting distance. The CT35 dives to 3 to 5 feet and the CT57 dives to 5 to 7 feet. Both have a very tight-wobbling action unique low-pitch sound. The Crank Mini CM36 features a magnetic weight transfer system which results in very long casts. It dives to 3 to 6 feet with a very tight-wobbling action and unique low-pitch sound.

It features three spinning models and 11 casting models. Each rod comes with limited rod sleeve and unique numbered VIP card. Features Durable D polyester construction, includes 5 trays, big mouth main tray compartment opening, 5 trays fit horizontally, buckle system to secure trays, rubber mesh slip pocket on back and on all exterior pockets, non-slip dimpled PVC bottom, line spool in side pocket, plier holster on front pocket, padded top handle with hook and loop wrap and adjustable padded shoulder strap.

Durable D polyester construction, includes 5 trays, big mouth main tray compartment opening, 5 trays fit vertically, buckle system to secure trays, ubber mesh slip pocket on back and on all exterior pockets, non-slip dimpled PVC bottom, line spool in side pocket, plier holster on front pocket, padded top handle with hook and loop wrap and adjustable padded shoulder strap.

It's all in the shape. Not only will this have superb functionality, the In-Line Fishing Tackle Bags have a unique elongated shape which makes it easy to carry, transport and store anywhere. It saves space and gives you more room while you're fishing. Imagine how easy this would be to store on your boat, the back of your vehicle or anywhere else. It not only look awesome but provides the ultimate in functionality wherever you're fishing. You'll love the large mouth opening as it provides easy access.

It comes with 3 trays but can hold up to 7 trays. The front storage pocket holds one tray as the top utility storage compartment holds two trays. Transporting your gear will be a breeze with the adjustable shoulder strap. Your fishing pliers will find a home in the tackle bag's plier holster. Its large mouth opening provides easy access. The front loading tray storage section holds up to 3 trays as the top compartment holds four trays.

This bag includes 3 trays. Transporting your gear will be a breeze with the wrap around hook and loop carry handle. The side pocket also has an exterior EVA plier holster.

This tackle bag will last for years as it's made of durable triple-lined dobby ripstop polyester, heavy duty PVC construction, and compression molded EVA bottom with water-resistant PVC laminate. This bag will also provide convenience with its gate-mouth opening for easy access and heavy duty plier holster.

It includes 3 trays but can hold up to 6 trays. Store all your bait in one very convenient place while you enjoy your fishing adventure. The binder is tough and has a compression molded EVA exterior to give you superior protection and it includes 8 removable sleeves. With plenty of storage, you'll love the large mouth opening as it provides easy access.

Transporting your gear will be a breeze with the adjustable shoulder strap and padded carry handle. A plier holster is also included. This versatile backpack provides high capacity, heavy duty storage that is built tough. The large mouth opening offers the ultimate functionality with easy access. The bottom compartment holds up to 3 trays as the top compartment holds four trays. Transporting your gear will be a breeze with the padded backpack straps with sternum strap or you can also use the padded top carry handle.

E Pop 80 serves as the popper bait providing anglers a perfect bait for that aggressive topwater bite. The E POP 80 has an extremely loud popping action with a loud knocking sound--calling in fish from a distance.

The bait is designed to cast easily and can be walked back to the boat, creating life-like action that bass can't resist. Paired with Gamakatsu's No. Hunter 65 SB brings the versatile square bill bait into play. Square bill baits are notorious for getting the biggest of bass to strike as they deflect off the thick cover. It's erratic hunting action and loud knocking sound gets the bass's attention, making this bait a must-have for any bass angler.

Armed with the world's sharpest 4 Gamakatsu treble hooks, you will be able to count on solid hook-sets to wench bass out of the heavy cover. With a dive curve of 3 to 5 feet, this is a great bait to fish over rocks and timber. The Zero Minnow is a wakebait with a diving depth of 0 to 1 feet and can be used in several different ways.

With its excellent castability, loud knocking sound and No. The all-new Gouken Line offers serious power at a reduced diameter in a highly desired invisible Fluorocarbon material design. Maintaining a balance of power, sensitivity and environmental camouflage, this line offers everything an angler needs in a fishing line.

Strength rating options include 10, 12, 15, 16 and 20 pounds. This one-ounce frog will now come in four additional proven fish-catching colors. The MadEye Diver features the proven "banana" profile that delivers a tight wobbling action with unpredictable side-to-side movement that causes walleyes to strike with abandon. Designed for trolling at speeds between 1. The MadEye Diver excels when water temps reach 55 degrees and above. The MadEye Minnow has a distinctive rolling and wobbling action that allows it to be trolled effectively at speeds as slow as 0.

The unique bill design is tuned to perform well at a variety of depths down to 20 feet. The , D, M and models offer a variety of sizing and compartment depths to fit specific angler needs. All boxes are constructed from high-impact resistant polycarbonate. The hard-sided security will withstand years of hard abuse while shedding water and moisture. The locking lids create an excellent seal, ensuring the interior contents remain dry in the worst of storms. The SteelShad Elite Complete Fishing Kit comes with everything you need to land all types of fish in a compact travel design.

SteelShad Series 80 Graphite 2-piece Fishing Rod that is 6'6" in length with a medium-fast action, a custom cork handle and premium reel seat. Introducing the next generation of Veritas rods. The rods also feature titanium alloy guides with zirconium inserts and closed cell EVA split grips. The ZATA spinning reels exemplify sleek reel design and performance in a compact package. Precision engineered with a lightweight aluminum frame and premium machined gear, ZATA provides a smooth and durable platform for all fishing situations.

This combo includes a Zata low profile reel, Ton graphite rod, custom Winn Dri-Tac grips, Texas-rigged hook keeper, machined aluminum braid ready spool. The ZATA low profile reels exemplify a sleek reel design in a compact package.

Packed with features like 11 ball Garden Sheds 10ft By 8ft Ca bearings and a Duragear brass gear the ZATA provides smooth casting and retrieval. Graphite frame and side plates, Carbon Matrix Drag System, Duragear brass gear, Infini brake system, compact bent handle and star drag, and lube port for easy maintenance. One of the lightest spinning reels ever made, the Zenon features a magnesium body, contoured to comfortably fit in your hand and provide greater weight savings and durability.

With a silky smooth drag system for light line finesse presentations, this flagship spinning reel for Abu Garcia provides comfort and incredible sensitivity to the angler fishing for the toughest of bites and fishing conditions. Most line counter reels are bulky, large-bodied reels with an attached line counter. The new low-profile Abu Garcia Max DLC reels feature a digital line counter that has been integrated to be part of the reel design. These new reels incorporate exciting new features to save power and maximize performance, including:.

Extending the immediately popular Frittside flat side crankbait line, two new sizes will offer anglers a lot more profile options in the same great crankbait. All run from feet. The Biggun' is nearly 3 inches and the Jr. The integrated FlashDisc improves tracking stability and accuracy gives the bait true balsa-like action.

Baits come with tacky sharp Fusion19 hooks. Berkley scientists have discovered how to infuse fluorocarbon into a copolymer blend, combining the manageability of monofilament with the abrasion resistance and invisibility of fluorocarbon.

The increasingly popular Fusion19 hook platform is expanding its offering to include EWG trebles. With needlepoint sharpness, EWG bends and lightweight design, these are ideal hooks for high action, small profile lures like crankbaits and jerkbaits. New and unique colors allow for even more customization of your lures. Fusion19 Frog Hooks offer needle points for easier penetration, forged hook for increased lateral strenght, round bend, double hook design keeps fish hooked in a resalable clam for easier tackle management.

See the Berkley Hit Stick underwater action video here. Packed with features, size and color options, this new stickbait has the largest rolling action of any Berkley hard bait ever produced, mimicking balsa like no other plastic bait can. Walleye pros spent 15 years designing and testing to come up with this line. The Berkley Power Pop is part popper and part frog, and an all new twist on high floating topwater baits.

Loaded with these features, this should be a fun lure to fish. The paddle-style feet beat the water with a sound bass want to crush, ultra-reel look and lifelike HD Tru Colors for the ultimate frog fishing experience. Unique perpendicular hook-point keepers protect single hook and double frog hook rigs. The Berkley PowerBait Buzzn Speed Toad features serrated feet, ultra-reel look and lifelike HD options, a unique perpendicular hook-point keepers protect single hook and double-frog hook rigs allowing you to fish in all structures, belly slot with extended leading edge to keep the bait from sliding up the shank.

Now with HD Tru color technology, the Berkley PowerBait Pre-Rigged Swim Shad delivers realistic colors, 3D eyes with holographic inserts, the combination of features makes it simple to match the hatch on your favorite body of water.

With the legendary PowerBait scent and flavor these new renditions will for sure be dynamic fish catchers. Built from 24 Ton graphite and with the accumulated knowledge of seventy years of tinkering and testing with the best, the Fenwick Eagle series connects tradition and technology.

Upgraded stainless steel guides with aluminum oxide inserts provide increased casting performance with less friction, while the blank through construction and minimal reel seat transmit even the lightest bites. Ugly Stik toughness and dependability in a new line of Spincast and Spinning reels. The all new Ugly Stik reels are made for anglers demanding durability out of their gear. Made with aluminum construction and stainless-steel ball bearings, Ugly Stik reels are meant to stand up to the toughest of fights.

Ugly Tools are designed with the angler and outdoor conditions in mind; Robust non-slip handles give the angler more control in any condition and rugged metals with hardy coatings ensure the tools will not corrode or pit. Choose from 9 new tools including two filet knives, a utility knife, a serrated knife, a gut hook bait knife, two different 9-inch pliers, a fish skinner, and marine shears.

These interlocking dividers can be configured in any possible configuration to create small or large, short or long and any combination of storage bays. With this flexibility, anglers can store tools, large lures, and soft plastics next to small terminal tackle, weights and hooks in one box. No more opening and closing multiple boxes to find a specific lure or bait. When closed, the Dri-Loc watertight seal makes a barrier that moisture cannot penetrate. Hooks, weights, floats, swivels, pins, and any other odds and ends now have a place to live in your tackle system.

Adaptable, durable and intuitively designed means terminal tackle is available in seconds. Pull-out boxes ensure smaller items are easy to access and prevent tackle disasters and lock into place within the box to reduce rattles and spills.

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