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Kitchen Cabinets. Home Depot, American Woodmark - Reading? How is the quality of Home Depot's or Lowe's kitchen cabinets? Pete, We've had the preassembled white laminate cabinets from Lowes in our laundry room for about 3 years.

I have stored laundry, cleaning supplies, batteries and various other heavy things in the cabinets with no warping. I have been very happy with the quality of the cabinets and drawers. Good luck with your project. I had the cheapie stock cabinets in my laundry room for 11 years, and they were predominately the reason I did a remodel. The were practically falling off the walls. And the drawers are stapled, not dovetail. We stored some tools, paint etc which was heavy stuff tho.

I find that we stuck more in there than just light bulbs! I ordered the "cheapest best" cabinets from Lowes Shenandoah brand for my remodel. No staples. And they weren't really that much more. But this time I won't be storing stuff in them again that should be in the garage in the first place LOL. Sign In. Join as a Pro.

Send a Houzz Gift Card! Outdoor Rugs. Spring Front Door Decor. Outdoor Lounge Furniture. Alfresco Dining Sale. Laundry Room. Email Save Comment 6. Featured Answer. Well, good news. Lowes carried 2 "cheapie" cabinet types, one actually pretty decent: 1 Pre-assembled ones which were stapled door sides, particle board sides and backs, and partical board shelves.

Like 3 Save. Sort by: Oldest. Newest Oldest. Like Save. Related Discussions Grey Kitchen Cabinets. Looking for new kitchen cabinets. First we wentt o Lowes - didnt' like the design. Thomesville Home Depot. I was told they are the same cabinet just manufactured under a different name. Is this true. Kitchen cabinets, remodeling through Lowes or Home Depot Q. I worked with three installers and I only trusted one of them.

The other two would sooner mess up a job as look at it. To my knowledge, they're still made in American and Lowe's offers a lifetime warranty on them.

Buy your cabinets there only after vetting the design through someone you trust or by giving them a parts list and not having them design at all. With Lowe's you might get someone who's skilled and experienced in design and then in installation, but then again you might not and the only way you'll find out is after the installation starts. Jessica, every kitchen I bid in comparison to HD price, we beat it not only with cabinet quality but the price also. Seriously, have had Ikea in the past and now have crappy big-box cabinets in our new home, and am never looking there again.

But because the custom fronts can add considerable cost anyways, this is where I'm getting stuck, wondering if I can get essentially the same look at Lowe's for the same price or less. In the end, I know I need to just go through a bid process with the different options and see how the costs compare, but was just interested to know if anyone had experience doing so already.

A few differences I noticed include: IKEA cabinets come in fewer widths, not every 3 inches, which can be harder to work with. Uploading plans and getting a quote from Semihandmade was very easy. Obv big box has more door options and color choices, but basic cabinets can be junky unless upgraded.

I would not purchase any of these without taking advantage of a sale, which it seems like the big box stores have almost all of the time, even if not promoted, and Ikea has a few times a year Semihandmade runs one with similar timing.

Those members are great and will help make sure you get a functional layout for the best use of your space. We've talked to sales reps on a couple trips who basically said you can always get the Ikea kitchens sale discount you can go back for the discount if it's not running when you purchase. So that would be great. Unless their doors are that much better? But it's more installation for the contractor.

The general layout including deciding on a peninsula vs. We are in a rowhouse, so it's basically cabinets on both sides of the rowhouse plus a peninsula with barstools. It's a very typical layout for rowhouses that are flipped in this area, and also places the fridge where it won't stick out too much something not done well in some rowhouse flips. Couldn't hurt for a second option, I guess as long as nobody suggests anything that requires we go back to a permit revision took 7 months to get a permit for this project!!

Have Depot quote you the Woodmark San Mateo doorstyle. That ought to be right there price wise with anything IKEA. With tons more options, already assembled, and a lifetime warranty.

Do you have any suggestions for a stone that would work for the look we want with Ikea Grimslov off white? Not sure we'd be able to afford it this year, but we were looking into a security protective coating over the glass windows and french doors that would have UV protection, if that might help protect the quartz as well.

I should also add, though the kitchen will be sunny, it's located at the back of the house where 1 the sun sets, so isn't back there till later in the day, and 2 the direct sunlight is limited by what's behind us more rowhouses from the next street over to block the sun once it gets too low, plus a couple trees with overhanging branches from neighbor's yard. So perhaps I'm overemphasizing the amount of sunlight that the kitchen will get. It will be more sunlight than we've been used to as the floor to ceiling windows and doors will be new!

Update: The more I look, the more I think I'm ok with Ikea grimslov off white cabinets - and that it's just a matter of selecting the right countertop to complement them, for which I've read through a few threads and may post my own for additional feedback. I was looking at photos online and websites for Ikea Kitchen installers that have a lot of showcase photos, and finding I can get the look I want.

Plus as we know we can get the Ikea discount at some point, we can use that money back towards a new bed for our four year old. My DH bought 10k worth of cards for me, I received the 10k in cards, and he received 2k in cards in his name. Ikea might offer this card promotion again. I'd sign up for their family membership, that way you'll be notified of all promotions by email.

Also, as a family member, the sales price is really valid year round, as any purchase within 3 months of a sale is eligible for the sales discount. Just bring your original receipts back to Ikea. People get suckedin by the IKEA effect and just wont look at it objectively. I have no dog in the fight. It is not for someone paying labor. My sister used them. They are called by different names by different stores and they have different levels of customization but the boxes are the same.

Find out if the US stores have them. They are cheaper than Kraftmaid and really nice door selection. Most important, the box construction is really good. Again, Ikea bells and whistles are better and will cost less than anything from the big box stores.

When you figure the doors from another source, remember to price the Ikea pieces without doors and drawer fronts. I realize you feel a baby coming is making it impossible for you to do your own Ikea assembly and install. Ask your husband to check with his friends. He and one of them or more can do the assembly in a day and the install the next. You can concentrate on baby care. Think what you can do with the money you'd save. Your tight budget would get a bit more flexible.

A friend and I did his assembly and install without a hitch. It's really not difficult. I think you just have to price out a couple of options. Sounds like you already have an assembly quote. So just add those together and compare to a Home Depot quote for the same layout with already assembled cabinets. We did this in the DC metro area in around and Ikea was cheaper. We paid a carpenter to assemble and install them. He did a great job and got it done on time.

This is part of a huge project that involves essentially building an addition, knocking out walls, moving plumbing and electricity, and more, etc. I got hopeful for a moment while in Lowes, but I'm now skeptical. We WILL likely cost out some options when the time comes, just to be sure in the end. It's just not at all worth the headache to us to try to DIY the assembly at that time for a number of personal reasons I won't go into.

One thing to consider is the warmth Kelvins of the lighting you will use. With an Ikea Bodbyn off white door, the K made it look very creamy yellow white.

The K gave it a blue tinge. The K was just right, the closest to a neutral white. It seems to be hard to find screw in LED's for cans and fixtures in K, but easier to find in the recessed light fixtures with built in LED.

So also consider what lighting you use if you go with the Grimslov as it can make a big difference. One other thought with the ikea is that you do have the option to change your doors later when you want to spend more for something like Semi Handmade. They have some really gorgeous doors, but very pricey. Sign In. Join as a Pro. Send a Houzz Gift Card!

Outdoor Rugs. Spring Front Door Decor. Outdoor Lounge Furniture. Alfresco Dining Sale. Remodeling Design Dilemma Kitchens. Me 2 years ago. What am I missing? Is Ikea really that much cheaper? Email Save Comment Featured Answer. Like 6 Save. Sort by: Oldest. Newest Oldest.

Sophie Wheeler 2 years ago. Like 4 Save. The Frosty Carrina is creamier than the Grimslov and Bodbyn cabinets. It was more on the vanilla side. I'm using Pental Misterio with the Bodbyn. Look at the many kitchens using those here. Looks like a warm white. They read as a white kitchen. Pure white is too clinical and stark looking. Like 2 Save. Related Discussions Home Depot white kitchen??

If you are going with painted wood cabinets the paint will crack where the pieces of wood are joined, unless you are going with slab doors. The reason is the expanding and contracting of the wood from humidity in the kitchen. If this is something that will bother you, do not get wood.

MDF can be routed out to look like raised panel, Shaker style, etc. When a good finish is put on it will look like wood. Just keep in mind that wood can be refinished, whereas MDF cannot. I know that Home Depot cabinets can look good in a showroom, but you need to get all of your wants down in writing. Some of the showroom samples may have features that are not standard, but rather upgrades, which will add to the cost. An example would be the soft close hardware, wood versus melamine drawers, wood versus melamine boxes.

Also, go online and check out the reviews for the lines Home Depot carries. What is their customer service like if you run into an issue? What type of warranty do they have? These are just some points to consider.

Home Depot cabinet refacing Q. I am very displeased with my remodel. The work and material are shoddy, and not holding up well. The moldings on the bottom cabinets are splitting. The design was apparently poor, creating a cabinet door so long that the hinges split the wood right from the get-go, and the cabinet continues to sag.

They have come out multiple times to fix this, but the door begins to sag a few days after the fixit visit. On the last visit, which was on the tail end of the warranty, a cabinet door was not ordered, and the work could not be done. As I am now out of warranty, they want to charge me a considerable sum for those repairs. It is my contention that: a The warranty was active when these repairs were ordered, and B These issues have not been right since the very beginning, and I think Home Depot should stand by their work, and right this wrong.

If everything had been done correctly in the first place, there would not have been a need for the multiple visits that were required. In addition, one of the countertops was placed incorrectly, and there is a gap between it and the cabinet. I am told that was my fault because I signed off on it initially.

Sadly, I did not notice it the time, so I am just out of luck on that one. However, I feel that the cabinet door was poorly designed, and it cannot bear its own weight. This should have been addressed and squared away early on. I strongly suggest that anyone interested in a remodel go elsewhere. I selected Home Depot for this work, even though it was priced much higher than other companies. In the past, I have purchased all my home needs from them, including, but not limited to kitchen appliances, gift certificates, paint, plants, and garden supplies.

As it happens, I am now in the market for a bathroom remodel, but it will not be done by this company. I will never go to Home Depot again, not even for so much as a light bulb.

I can't stress enough: Shoddy work and exorbitant prices.

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