If a vacuum develops, the tank roof will collapse. Because eeck their compact structure but wide spacing, they can hold a lot outdoor deck storage container oil stuff at a time. However, plastic containers are not sturdy. You do not have to pay high costs for quality products. Besides, a drainage spot and bottle opener are additional perks.

Log in Join. Search titles only. Search Advanced search´┐Ż. Today's Posts. New posts. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Thread starter donn12 Start date Mar 8, Mar 8, 1. I couldn't find a picture but 4 or 5 5 gallons tanks could fit in this container.

I am anxious to get my fuels out of my garage. I am a little worried about the heat in summer but it has got to be better than the garage. FWI I have plastic ventless cans and I could replace with metal if necessary. Mar 8, 2. JDeerekid Platinum Member. I think the big thing would be venting. If it is located out in the sun I am sure the cans with want to expand if not vented. Other than that I don't see a real problem. Mar 9, 3. CurlyDave Elite Member. I have tried to think of outdoor storage for gas, but every time I try to come up with something I keep coming back to the idea that it just giving neighborhood kids, vandals, vagrants, a fuel supply to further their tendency to play with matches.

I feel more secure with the gas locked inside my garage. Maybe the fact that I had a firebug kid live in my neighborhood and torch 5 or 6 cars many years ago colors my thinking. Mar 9, 4. Joined 230 Gallon Outdoor Storage Deck Box Online Oct 8, Messages 2, I store my 5 gal plastic can out in my small 10'x14' metal shed. The ambient temp in there is always hotter than the outside air.

My cans have expanded to the point they are almost round at times. It's kind of scary. I lost a fuel tank on my garden tiller because of expansion. I now just leave the Outdoor Corner Deck Storage 00 caps of the ventless cans open just a little to plan on expansion. I know I'm venting a small about of fuel into the air, but I've never walked into the shed and smelled gas. If it were me and I was going to store in plastic deck box, open the gas cans a little, allow for venting of fumes from the deck box and I'd make sure to lock the deck box.

I'm not big fan of keeping anything explosive in my garage, which is attached to my house. Mar 9, 5. LBrown59 Super Star Member. CurlyDave said:. Mar 9, 6. It did not blow up. And I did have one or two fire extinguishers at the other end of the truck bed not that they would have helped much if the gas had gone boom but they made me feel better.

I did not like it though. At least the fuel can was out of the direct sun. Back in the city I eventually moved my gas cans out to the side yard next to a fence and under a bush. It was not easily seen. I would rather have it out there than in the garage. On the place now I keep the fuel on the north side of the barn in either in a locked truck bed box in a Rubber Maid out door cabinet or just under one of the bed boxes.

In all cases the cans are out of the sun light due to being shaded Yardstash Outdoor Storage Deck Box Xl Data by the barn. Later, Dan. Mar 9, 7. Mar 9, 8. As far as storage, ventilated shed as far from house as possible, no electricty. Mar 9, 9. LBrown59 said:.

I'd rather loose this than this in a fire so I moved my full supply out of the garage into the storage building. Put some vents in the 10'x14' metal shed. Mar 9, NuBota Gold Member.

I use a large, old, rubbermaid doghouse - holds 4 - 5 gal cans - keeps it dry enough and is plenty ventilated. Only problem is reaching in without checking for wasps nest first. You must log in or register to reply here.

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