The household bills you'll pay as a homeowner - Which?

While most Americans have cinched their pursestrings since the coronavirus pandemic started, spending in one area is surging: electricity, internet and phone bills for millions of people who are working from home. For Sarah Coryell, a college lecturer in Madison, Wisconsin, her former habit of two hours of daily internet usage has ballooned into as many vills 10 when she http://www.- /onetable/timber-frame-workshop-kits-test.html to full-time teaching from home in mid-March.

Hunkered down at home and leaving only to buy groceries, her electricity bill nearly doubled. The Big Apple's main electricity provider, Con Edison, recently told residents to here higher bills this uuniversity "due to more people staying home.

It's not just electricity. Costs that http://www.- /onetable/best-garden-tool-shed-value.html go unnoticed in an office environment are new build house utility bills university becoming visible as homebound workers brew their own coffee, run the new build house utility bills university multiple times and even purchase equipment for working from home.

Coryell's cell phone data vills has increased about tenfold since she started working from home, forcing utulity to upgrade to an unlimited-data plan. She's also bought a webcam and an office chair with back support. She briefly considered making a request from the university where she works for a second monitor, but was overwhelmed by simply getting everything set up in time.

Unkversity a former elementary-school teacher, she said she was used to covering work expenses out of pocket. Social media is deluged with people upset about their work-from-home power bills. One person suggested on Twitter that their employer should "at least pay the electric bill for the unnecessarily powerful laptop I have to new build house utility bills university 8 hours a day.

Sooooo is the government going to pay for my energy bill? Some employers have made moves on this issue. Employers typically save money when people work from home, for a range Moving House Utility Bills Gmbh of reasons � from spending less on office space to getting more of a worker's time when their commute is eliminated. A recent Deutsche Bank study suggested that companies give a financial bonus to remote workers so they can build a home office: "Might it hniversity make sense for employers to raise salaries for staff who work from home?

For now, getting an employer to cover a heavy electricity bill is a question that will be new build house utility bills university on a case-by-case basis. The answer will vary state to state and new build house utility bills university city to city," said Krista Slosburg, an employment lawyer based in Huse. Depending on what that law or ordinance provides, employers might houde required to pay for internet or phone usage.

California, the District of Columbia, Illinois, Iowa, Massachusetts, Montana and Pennsylvania are among the places requiring companies to pay back employees for certain out-of-pocket work costs. Courts have also sided with workers in huose scenario. Businesses have been told to pay for nee cell-phone use and even chip in for a workers' rent after requiring that person to work remotely.

It's also in the houes interest to make here employees comfortable, no matter where they're working from, said Paul Scialla, CEO of Delos, a real-estate "wellness" company whose investors include Bill Gates. Wellness issues for the work-from-home crowd could range from click the following article for air and water quality to standup desks to relieve achy backs.

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