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Having your Samsung S6, s5, Note, Note II or other device send calls directly to voicemail can be caused by several things, most of which are easily resolved:. If all of your inbound calls are going straight to voicemail, try turning OFF your Bluetooth connection. Sometimes your phone may think it Mobile Sheds For Rent Youtube has a connection to a Bluetooth device like your car or an earpiece but that device is not talking to the phone. In this situation, you will not hear the phone ring and think that the calls are going straight to voicemail.

If your volume is turned down, the calls may be coming in but you did not hear the ringing so you think they are being sent directly to voicemail. This is quite rare but possible. If your cell have very intermittent connectivity the cold solder joint that connects the internal antenna really just a small white clad copper wire may have come loose.

I finally figured out what was causing my phone to go straight to voicemail. After trying everything on the internet and it not working I found out that the different phone companies have an app that is making the phone go straight to voicemail. I never set up this app but apparently it comes pre-installed on the phone and there is a section called Block and under that there was a section labeled Unknown Callers and it was set to block.

Once I changed that to allow I could receive all my phone calls. You can check carrier outages for each of the four big carriers here:. Start by opening your settings menu. This will display a list of different network modes your phone to which your phone can be set. The GSM settings for these phones may cause roaming charges to apply.

Newer phones like the S7 and S7 edge allow users to place calls over WiFi networks as opposed to over their carriers. This can help when your network experiences slowdown or is overloaded, or, as we wrote above, you reside in an apartment building with poor reception.

Unfortunately, some Galaxy S7s have experienced a loss of service when WiFi calling is enabled. So, dive back into your settings menu. Unfortunately, finding your WiFi calling settings is going to depend on where your carrier has hidden the menu.

Some carriers�specifically T-Mobile�have multiple settings for their WiFi calling. If you have, you may be experiencing cellular outages when not connected to WiFi. Do note that your WiFi and Bluetooth settings and devices will be lost, so you will have to reenter your passwords and repair your devices back to your phone once the reset is done. After the reset is complete, check to see if your device has regained a connection to your mobile network.

If not, continue down our list of resets below. All in all, this is a fairly-technical procedure. Instead, your cache partition holds any temporary data saved by the applications and software on your phone, allowing your phone to load app data faster.

Unfortunately, this information can sometimes lead to problems or issues with your phone if something goes wrong with your cache. Start by powering your phone completely off. Once the device is off, press and hold the Home key, the Power key, and the Volume Up key.

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