Product Not Found Garden Workshops. Garden Workshops For Sale. When you choose one of our garden workshops, you get superior quality at an affordable price. Whether you�re looking for a wooden workshop dedicated to your DIY work. Or a place to store your tools and other machinery, we�ve got just the thing for you! Heavy Duty Wooden Workshop Options; sizes: Standard Heavy Duty Garden Workshops Are: 8 x 8, 8 x 10, 8 x 12, 8 x 14, 10 x 8, 10 x 10, 10 x 12, 10 x 14 Large Heavy Duty Wooden Workshops Begin At: 14 x 18, 14 x 20, Large Garden Sheds And Workshops System 14 x 22 & 12 x 24 Larger Sizes ARE Available On Request - .

Car storage, ATV storage, boat storage, golf cart storage, snowmobile storage and of course lawn tractor storage. Whether you use your new space as a large workshop or an extra-large storage space, this is one purchase decision we guarantee you will never regret. All rights reserved. Large Sheds. Large Sheds with Unlimited Storage Potential Our large sheds are great for storage, for use as a workshop or for use as whatever you can imagine.

Filter by Style Filter by Style. Gable Sheds. With a choice of internal cladding, you can choose one to suit you. If your wooden outbuilding is insulated either by yourself or through our service then it will be nearly as warm as inside your house.

Like your house during the colder spells you will have to have some form of heating inside. Ideally, an electric radiator, but never a Calor gas heater. Besides the flammability of it � these types of heaters give off a lot of moisture and can make the building damp. Avoid at all costs! Besides keeping your new garden house or man cave or she room warm in the winter it will help to keep it cooler in the summer. And this is something which not many people think about. And to be honest I never used to think about that but on our show site we had a normal uninsulated building next to an insulated one and I was checking them over.

When I went from the uninsulated into the insulated one I could not believe the difference in temperature. I had to go back into the uninsulated one to check, so well worth doing so it would be an intelligent decision to add the insulation. All of our Platinum pages have links to the prices of the basic buildings and on the order form, you will see the cost for that particular model.

On some, there is even an option to insulate the floor for even better protection from the elements. One of the questions is whether you can afford it. To be able to have an all year round office or hobby room is a great asset and a little piece of calm away from our mad world. Or call us directly and we will be glad to provide a no obligation personal quote for you. We are, of course, very happy to supply you with a firm quote to meet your needs.

Just call us on , or use our contact form or visit our display sites near Woking and Farnham. Any Questions? Call Right Now! Either way, you need to buy the right timber workshop for your own personal needs. Clearly, there are many people around the world who consider gardening a crucial part of a happy home life. Whether you are an old hand or a beginner, this article will give you the right intelligent advice for choosing the perfect garden workshop. Below are the top nine things you need to think about when it comes to choosing your workshop.

You deserve to have the best building for your budget, lifestyle, and garden. Before getting started on shopping for the right workshop, you need to consider why you want one. What are you going to use the extra space for? Maybe you need it for storage. Maybe you need more of a professional workspace where your creativity can bloom. Maybe you just need a sheltered building where you can flex those green fingers!

Growing you own has become extremely popular, especially amongst Millennials. Over the past ten years, Millennials have more than doubled their spend on growing their own food in their garden. Think about that! Many buildings do not need planning permission but be careful.

It may be that you need to get retrospective planning permission. Do the research ahead of time � this will save you from a few headaches down the road. Take accurate measurements of your garden and the available space. We have a building which will fit. Then, think about where in the garden you want to site the workshop. Too far away from your gardening space then you are only going to create problems for yourself.

If there is easy access to water then prioritise that, an outside tap or access to a hose. There is no point having a building which is too big! If you have children or pets running around then the new workshop might pose a threat.

You may wish to consider locking the garden when you are not around. This would prevent theft as well as keeping your children and pets safe! Designing the exterior of your workshop needs proper consideration. If you buy a wooden workshop, or maybe a log cabin , consider painting it in natural colours. Another option is to go the other way and create a George Clarke type of space with Farrow and Ball type paintwork to match the window sills or interior walls. Go one way or the other, either blend in or be adventurous!

After you have decided the exact use of your workshop, you will need to design the interior. Put those most frequently used at the front for easy access. Keep the centre of the workshop uncluttered.

That way, everything else will be easy to access. Keep the place neat and tidy so that you always know where everything is. This is harder than it may seem as time goes by! Your new garden workshop is an investment which will enhance the value of your property. As such it makes sense to make the most of the new building. Consider it a home improvement project. There many types of doors and windows which can improve the usability of your sectional building. For example double, barn sized doors provide a large opening if you think you will be storing mowers or other types of large equipment.

A stable door is an intelligent choice if you need to keep pets or children out for their safety. These only open at the top, allowing airflow and light in whilst the bottom half can be locked. Shutters can be a good idea for windows to keep the sunlight out during the summer. Be sensible about how to look after your workshop in all weathers!

If you live in an area by the sea or subject to storms then make sure you have a proper roof, with tiles. Make you build a premium timber workshop as these will stand up to the worst the weather has to throw at us! For sunny places, you will need to think about a lot of windows to open to keep the place cool. The best option, of course, is to choose an insulated building for all year round practical use!

Installing a garden workshop is a big job. Do not underestimate the time and effort required to install the building!

We can take the pain away assembling your new build. That has to make sense! We are here to make sure you get the best workshop to fit your lifestyle and gardening needs. Check out our Surrey showrooms today to get started on your sensible home improvement project. We also can arrange steel frame buildings if that is what you would prefer. This roof also has 15 years design life against leaking. These Platinum Southampton Apex heavy duty garden buildings are made from fully tanalised redwood timber not cheap whitewood are some of the best available on the market.

Available to be viewed at our display site near Guildford and Farnham where you can examine the high quality of this large workshop for your self. Fully bespoke options and any size. Made from fully tanalised redwood timber not cheap whitewood. This is designed to protect against rot for up to 15 years. These superb pent large wooden workshops include double doors, wooden floor and are erected FREE to make your life easier and FREE delivery to most of England mainland.

Available to be viewed at our heavy duty workshops display site near Woking and Farnham in Surrey where you can examine the high quality of these pent wooden garden rooms for your self. These superb transverse apex large timber buildings include wooden floor, double doors, FREE assembly to make your life easier and FREE delivery to most of England mainland.

These Platinum Fareham Apex Garden Buildings on a wooden frame feature top quality materials and are made from fully tanalised redwood timber not cheap whitewood. View examples at our wooden buildings display area near Woking and Farnham in Surrey where you can examine the high quality of these Fareham Apex heavy duty garden workshops for your self. Platinum Fareham Pent Wooden Sectional Workshops feature top quality materials and are made from fully tanalised pressure treated redwood timber not cheap whitewood.

View examples at our wooden garden workshop display site between Woking and Farnham in Surrey where you can examine the high quality of this Fareham Pent UK garden building for your self. Platinum Fareham Transverse Sectional Workshops feature top quality materials and are made from fully tanalised pressure treated redwood timber not cheap whitewood.

View examples at our garden buildings display sites near Farnham and Guildford in Surrey and where you can examine the high quality of these Fareham Transverse Apex Garden Buildings for your self. Fully bespoke options. Even NASA uses it! A corner workshop will give you the extra space you need to expand your living space without expensive house extensions. Ensure your garden workshop lasts the ages, by taking the correct measures to maintain it properly.

At Dunster House, we offer a variety of wall preservatives that are solvent and water-based. This will depend on the cabin preservative you have chosen.

Furthermore, creating an environment that aids moisture control is an important element in maintaining your garden room. Make sure measures are in place for the roof, floor, foundations and surrounding drainage to help shake off the extra moisture and prevent rot, fungal and insect infestations.

At Dunster House, we use pressure treated floor bearers to protect the lowest part of the building. We use a large pressure treatment tank that forces the treatment deep into the timber at high pressure.

Due to this effective process, we offer our customers a genuine year guarantee against rot and insect infestation on the bearers. We use interlocking tongue and groove timber in our garden rooms to help with the strength and stability of the walls, as well as the natural expansion and contraction Wooden Shed Garden Tool Shed Storage Room Large Jpg of the timber. For more information, take a look at our how to maintain your log cabin guide. Our wooden garden workshops are available in a range of wall thicknesses; 28mm, 45mm and 62mm Insulated which is equivalent to mm U-Value.

U-Values, provide a measure of heat loss found within building materials used for walls, floors and roofs. If you intend to use your cabin all-year-round - rather than seasonally - you should choose as thick a wall as possible, to maximise the insulation. U-Value 2. U-Value 1. Our 62mm walls are a triple tongue and groove sandwich of timber and polyurethane insulation. This achieves a U-Value equivalent to mm walls.

U-Value 0. Head over to our U-Values guide for more information. This is due to the unique designs that utilise the maximum width and height available to us, giving you as much space as possible, without the need to opt for tall log cabins. Although we have a wide range of under 2. Head over to our Planning Permission Quiz and the official government site for more info on building regulation s.

Please Note: This is an introductory guide for Dunster House garden buildings only and not a definitive source of legal information. This is because log cabin kits come in all shapes and sizes to fit all budgets. Head over to our customer reviews and case studies for hundreds of glowing reviews from satisfied. This website uses cookies to improve user experience. By using our website you consent to all cookies in accordance to our Privacy Policy.

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