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A Wednesday night shooting of a mother and her daughter on Gold Street was partly captured on a video that was then displayed on a Canberra Sheds Outdoor Storage Video social media site, Shelby Police say. Screams from the year-old girl can be heard that she and her mother had been shot.

People on the scene videoed part of the incident that left Kenya Youngblood, 35, and her year-old daughter injured from gunshot wounds, Shelby Police Detective Scott Champion said. The incident began as an online confrontation between the year-old and another teen and then turned into a shooting, Champion said. After a few seconds, he asked if everyone was OK. He cursed before exclaiming someone had been shot.

In the background, crying can be heard from the same voice, shouting she had been shot too. Police are still wondering how it happens. Minutes before the shooting that sent her and her daughter to the hospital, Youngblood called saying a crowd was gathering outside her home and she had her gun in hand. As she repeated the situation and her phone number to a dispatcher, Youngblood yelled out.

As Shelby Police responded, someone in the gathered crowd pulled out a gun and started shooting, Champion said. The family members were reportedly standing on the porch of their home when the shots rang out. Both were still in the hospital as of Thursday afternoon, according to investigators. The same social media platforms where the argument between the two teenage girls started is also helping police figure out what happened, Ledford said. Joyce Orlando The Shelby Star.

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