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Both are classed as Outbuildings. PDR allow you to erect any "Outbuilding" subject to certain rules concerning exactly where it is built, how far it is from house, how big it is, 2. Earthman , Sep 15, Yes but: "I want to build a "garage" but live in a conservation area Mr GrimNasty , Sep 15, Only if there is an Article 4 directive withdrawing PDR. If not, PDRs still apply, but with the added restriction that nothing can be build beside the house. And if Article 4 does apply then he can't build a shed either so the whole Q.

The OP has stated his exact situation, if you bothered to read it instead of trying to bore everyone. Wow, MGN your soubriquet is pretty accurate. Sorry if I offended you somehow. I was only trying to point out to the OP that there is no difference between a shed and a garage under PDR and the OP asked what the definition of shed vs garage was under permitted development.

So did I do something wrong? Anyway sorry too to the OP, I've obviously been wasting your time as well. The difference for me between a shed and a garage is that when it was new I could get the car in, but four months down the line it's a shed 'cos its full of " important stuff " like boxes and thingys and other watsits that I find it impossible to do without!

Big Jumbo , Sep 16, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Share This Page Tweet. Have either a tool box or a storage unit to keep everything stored neatly away and out of sight. In here you can keep your larger tools and equipment you use less often.

Items like a lawn mower, rakes, shovels, fertilizer, and gardening tools are usually stored away in a shed. Optimize shed space by utilizing shelves and hanging tools on the walls, giving you more floor space for larger items.

This will give you the ability to see everything you need neatly displayed in front of you. Want to customize this content for your business? Follow us on social Large Garage Shed Prices 02 media today! Facebook Twitter LinkedIn. Are you storing the same items you have in your shed in your garage, or vice versa? These two spaces are often mistakenly used as one in the same. Start optimizing each space and ensure your own safety by separating what goes where.

Tips for the garage: Whether you keep your car in the garage or not, the small space can begin to look cluttered very quickly. Items to never store in the garage: Paint: extreme temperature change can damage the consistency Seasonal clothing: can be damaged by moths Electronics: can be damaged from change in temperature Propane: fire hazard Pet food: too easily accessible to small animals that may find their way into your garage.

Tips for the shed: In here you can keep your larger tools and equipment you use less often. Items to never store in the shed: Clothes: can be damaged by moisture or moths Food: can attract animals and will be exposed to change in temperature Paint: extreme heat or cold can damage the consistency of the paint. Related Posts. Home Mar 11,

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