Tuff Shed Door Options - Tuff Shed * With 12? wall front, floor plan #4 has a 54? double-door, not 60?. Price includes delivery and installation. Sales tax required on MA, ME, RI, VT, CT deliveries. Where required, customer responsible for obtaining Building Permit. Prices in effect 03/01/ Subject to change without notice. Ledge Door. This garden building comes with Ledge doors to allow a staple and hasp to be fitted to secure your shed. Single Door. This garden building comes with a single door. Double Framed Corners. This garden building features double framed corners for added strength and stability. Butterfly Catch. Jun 18, �� Step Building Double Door. The finishing touch was the double shed door. Having built them for two previous sheds, I decided the tried and true would be best. I�ll give a brief explanation and save the detailed explanation for a separate article on how to build double shed doors.

Please let us know prior to delivery if you believe there could be any difficulties accessing your property or the delivery location. To save you waiting around all day, you can use our live tracking service within the delivery portal. This will give you the exact location of the driver and an accurate time of arrival, down to the minute!

Your item will be delivered by a flatbed vehicle to kerbside only, by one delivery driver. The delivery driver will unload the item piece by piece to prevent any damage, depending on the size of the item this may take a few hours. At no point will the delivery driver require assistance with unloading the item.

Your item will be delivered by a flatbed van to kerbside only, though at the driver's discretion they may be able to help you lift the building to a more suitable location outside your property. If you need to transport the building through your property, for example if you live in a terraced house, then please be mindful that you will have to make your own arrangements prior to delivery to do this, as our drivers are not insured to enter your property and will therefore only deliver to the front of your property.

For delivery areas and charges please see 'Delivery Charges Explained' next to the 'Add to Basket' button above. We offer a 14 day money back guarantee on all of our items. The guarantee commences from the date which you receive your item and we offer a free collection service as part of this agreement.

The building must be returned in its original, untreated, resalable condition. Until the item is collected by our courier, it's the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the building remains in this condition. As the buildings are sold as DIY kits, we cannot dismantle on your behalf and we cannot be held liable for any third party costs. Once the building has been received by our factory, a full refund will be issued within working days.

For more information check here. This building is supplied with an OSB roof. Hardwearing, stable, excellent moisture resistance and no knots or voids to worry about. This garden building comes with Ledge doors to allow a staple and hasp to be fitted to secure your shed. This garden building features double framed corners for added strength and stability.

A Butterfly catch is provided with this garden building to help keep the door shut tight. This garden building uses planed timber in the floor joists to provide a sturdy support on your base. This Product carries the 10 year Anti Rot guarantee as long as the garden building is well maintained.

Our overlap panels are made from domestic pine timber. The rough sawn finish make them very absorbent which helps when applying a spirit based wood preservative. The window panel can be located on either the left or the right handside of the building. This Product was manufactured in the UK. By purchasing this product you are supporting British manufacturing. Scroll through to learn more about the different cladding styles that are available for our sheds.

Our overlap cladding is manufactured using thick panels that are nailed to vertical, internal framing with an overlapping profile. Overlap cladding is the easiest and cheapest construction method, making it a cost effective option. This type of construction is great for those looking for a secure, dry storage solution but we would encourage those looking to spend a lot of time inside the shed to consider a Shiplap alternative.

We manufacture our shiplap cladding using thick, pressure treated 12mm tongue and groove boards that lock together and are then nailed to vertical internal framing. Featuring a protective lip, this cladding protects your building from the weather with a tight seal.

This type of construction is great for those looking to spend lots of time within the shed or for a more robust and strong storage solution.

Our sheds are dip treated during manufacture as standard. This is the process in which we apply a water based colourant for protection whilst in storage and transit. This is not a preservative therefore the building Double Door Storage Plastic Shed Light will require a preservative and waterproofing top coat application as soon after construction as possible. This is required to validate your 10 year anti-rot guarantee.

Pressure treatment is a high pressure chemical process designed to preserve exposed timber, by providing optimal protection against insect attack, fungal attack and decay. The pressure treatment process impregnates preservative chemicals deep into the timber fibres to protect it against the elements.

This process provides your building with 15 years anti rot guarantee, providing you apply a waterproof treatment once installed and annually thereafter.

Scroll through to learn more about the different roof and floor materials that are available for our sheds. Solid sheet board is an engineered wood formed by adding adhesive and then compressing layers of oriented strands of wood to form a strong and robust panel. This material is perfect for everyday use and will form a strong base or ceiling to your building.

If you require a more heavy duty flooring for holding large tools and equipment, you may want to consider upgrading to tongue and groove. The boards interlock to form a tight seal, helping them spread the load within the building. We'd always recommend upgrading to tongue and groove boards if you plan to spend a lot of time within the building or if you're storing heavier items. Styrene is a lightweight product that offers a safe and shatterproof alternative to traditional glass glazing.

Used as standard within our shed, summerhouse, playhouse and greenhouse ranges, styrene is ideal for those with busy gardens or young children.

High quality mineral felt is supplied as standard across our range of sheds, summerhouses, playhouses and log cabins. Superior duty felt is designed to protect your building against whatever the weather can throw. Ideal for buildings in an exposed area it provides a tough, durable and weatherproof membrane. The timber used in the construction of your garden building will have retained some of its natural moisture content. The moisture content of the timber will vary, depending upon prevailing environmental conditions, which will result in the components either naturally expanding or contracting.

As the components dry out shrinkage may occur. During the winter months, cold and damp conditions can result in an increased amount of moisture within your garden building, especially when used infrequently. Condensation can form on the timber and other items stored within your garden building. If left this moisture is likely to cause mould and mildew. To prevent the build-up of moisture, we recommend leaving the door or windows of your building open from time to time, to allow the fresh air to circulate.

We also advise against storing wet or damp items in your garden building as this will also increase the level of moisture in the building. If mould or mildew does start to form within your building we recommend using an anti-mould cleaner to remove it and to prevent it spreading, which if left untreated could permanantly damage your garden building. Small splits and cracks in some components or holes may appear where knots shrink and fall out. This will not affect the structure of your garden building however if you wish to fill them this can be easily done using any good quality wood filler.

Sap is naturally occurring in wood and may appear in some boards of your garden building. It has sturdy door handles with the option to be used in tandem with a padlock and the entire structure is weatherproof. The Factor 6 x 6 garden shed has a large litre capacity and comes with a skylight and a versatile window that gives you the option to install it on whichever side you prefer. To ensure integrity, the double walls feature ventilation grills and steel reinforcements atop a heavy-duty floor panel.

The 8x6 Double Door Wooden Shed Sale interior of the Factor 6 x 6 garden shed incorporates two adjustable shelves with brackets to help increase organisation and maximise the usable space. Expert assembly is available for an additional cost and a year warranty comes included. Cons for the Manor 6 x 6 include reports of the walls bowing over time or if you overload the shelves and the need for a second person to complete the assembly process.

If you are looking for a stylish, durable outdoor storage solution, then this is it. Designed to accommodate two wheelie bins, your garden furniture or equipment, this handy shed makes an excellent choice when you have limited space available. With its 1,litre capacity, this outdoor storage box can accommodate plenty of garden essentials.

Thanks to its piston-assisted lid, it makes an excellent place to store your unsightly household refuse bins. Simply lift the lid to use your bins without having to remove them. The double doors make accessing your stored items extremely easy.

Plus, the sloped front base is an excellent design feature for lawn mowers, bins, or any other wheeled items. Highly durable and completely weather-resistant, this storage shed will not fade over time.

Assembly is fairly tricky, so be prepared to set aside several hours. Also, screwing through the plastic can be very tiring, and a power driver is pretty much essential.

With its smart wood-effect panels and ingenious design, the Store-It Out Max is a popular choice. Its double-bolted closure makes it easy to open and close for storage, while the padlock facility gives you the option to secure your possessions. All in all, for compact garden equipment storage with easy access, this model is an excellent outdoor storage solution and one of the best plastic sheds around.

Dimensions: The Keter Store It Out Midi garden shed is our top choice for anyone prioritising a heavy-duty floor panel. A heavy-duty floor is essential if you want to store heavy items in your garden shed while also keeping them off the ground and dry. The Store It Out Midi is beige with a dark brown base and lid. This compact storage shed has an litre capacity which is designed to be large enough for two rubbish bins or a grill and other garden tools.

It features a lift-up top and a double door front opening for easy and versatile access to the contents stored within. The Midi is made with durable plastic that is both weather-resistant and low maintenance. A sloped entrance adorns the heavy-duty floor which allows you to easily roll wheeled items into and out of the shed without having to do any heavy lifting. Added support is built-in to this garden sheds walls for optional shelving.

It also features lockable handles and comes with a one-year warranty. Drawbacks to the Midi garden shed include it having thinner plastic walls which may turn out to be less durable and the top is not piston-assisted so it will not stay up once opened.

It has an litre capacity large enough for two standard wheelie bins. It features a unique bin opening kit that uses chains and clips to raise the lids of your bins simultaneously with the shed lid. The lid on the Premier XL is built at an angle and features pistons inside to help raise the lid and keep it open with minimal effort on your part.

The walls on this storage shed are designed with a ribbed structure and double wall panels for increased strength and durability. Ventilation ducts are built into the exterior on either side and a floor panel keeps your belongings elevated and dry.

Expert assembly is available for an upcharge. Shelf brackets and a year warranty are included with the purchase. You may also find that the walls bow if Pent Roof Shed With Double Doors China you lean heavy objects against them allowing some unwanted moisture to enter.

Whether you pick a metal, plastic or wooden shed, each has pros and cons which you should be aware of beforehand. In this section of our shed buying guide, we will view the important differences between each of these materials. Wooden sheds are by far the most traditional and popular type of shed. They are often highly-customisable, with options for extra interior shelving, windows, log stores and different types of cladding.

A timber design is attractive and blends well with garden surroundings. Should you wish to give your shed a personal touch, the colour can be easily changed with paint or stain.

Therefore, you should ensure the log used in your shed has been treated with a preservative before buying. There are two kinds of log treatment that are usually done. Dip-treated timber is one method. As the name suggests, this treatment involves dipping the timber into a treatment bath filled with a preservative solution. Dip-treated wood is a cheaper option but it wears off over time and requires regular maintenance to stay protected.

It should be installed onto a separate base which is usually but not always included as standard. Pressure-treated tanalised log has undergone a process which uses pressure to force preservative treatment deep into the fibres of the wood.

It is then left to dry out before being used in construction. This process is much more effective than dip treatments and is seen in the best quality garden sheds. Tanalised wood is durable and highly resistant to rot and decay. If your shed is going to be in an exposed location, you should choose this to ensure it is protected from the elements.

They can be moved around your garden as required, and are simple to disassemble and bring with you if you move home. They are very low-maintenance and naturally resistant to rot and discolouration.

However, unlike wooden sheds, they are hard to customise. If you want a highly-durable shed which will last you many years, a metal shed could be the perfect choice for you. If it starts flashing, you've been spotted. In most cases, the recommended inventory is fine. If you like a particular weapon, go ahead and add it, but it's usually a bad idea to replace the sniper rifle or the OICW if they are available.

When faced with sniper fire, having your own means of long-range fire is the best defense. The recommended inventory is usually sufficient. If you get stuck with a weapon you don't like, you shouldn't have too much trouble replacing it during the mission.

Enemies have a pretty varied arsenal, and eventually one of them will drop something you'd like better than something you already have. If your weapons load is maxed out, simply equip the weapon you'd like to drop and hit "T.

Also learn to use the alternate fire mode for different weapons, and learn to use the special weapons keys. As mentioned in the controls section, Soldier of Fortune II has more controls than your average FPS, and you won't be taking full advantage of your equipment if you don't learn them. There are many types of weapons--assault rifles, machine guns, shotguns, and pistols--and each type has several different varieties.

In addition, you have a grenade launcher, a sniper rifle, and a secret rocket-propelled grenade launcher which is only available if you activate the "all weapons" cheat. Each different weapon of a type has its own strengths and weaknesses, particularly if you have "weapon inaccuracy" enabled.

Learn which ones you like and stick with them when you can, both in single-player and multiplayer. A well-placed grenade can be very effective. Grenades have different uses, so make sure you're using the right one for the job. Stun and smoke grenades have very specific uses and should definitely not be employed when destruction is your goal.

The OICW's targeting feature in action. The superweapon in Soldier of Fortune II is only partially super. It works well as a sniper rifle and as an assault rifle, and it has a handy night-vision mode and a targeting function that gives you an outline of enemies who aren't even visible to the naked eye. But it's a terrible grenade launcher. In order to use it as such, you must operate a menu, and it's downright impossible to do so when fighting. If you choose to use the OICW and it definitely has its strengths , make sure you practice with the menu or just ignore its launching capabilities altogether.

As for miscellaneous equipment, just take what you like best, though night-vision goggles are generally more useful than binoculars or thermal goggles. Leaning from safe cover will allow you to survive the deadliest choke point. It is impossible to overstate the importance of cover. Crouching behind objects is good, but leaning around corners is better. If you can get most of your body behind a wall, you will be pretty much invincible. Leaning around corners is especially important in the later levels, where you will be facing dozens of enemies at a time.

To lean properly, make sure your entire body is behind the wall when you are upright. Then press "E" to lean right or "Q" to lean left.

Once you are in position, you will be mostly immune to enemy gunfire from the front, but beware of enemies trying to sneak up on your side. And if you hear the telltale clanging of a grenade, be sure to move back to safety. Enemies will usually follow you, and you don't want to fall for their attempts to flush you out. Headshots are almost always instantly fatal.

Always try to shoot enemies in the head and the neck. Headshots are vital, because they are almost always instantly fatal. Hitting the enemy's head will not only conserve ammunition, but will make large firefights much more manageable.

Trying to take down five or six enemies who are decked out in body armor can be bad for both your ammo reserves and your health, but a few well-placed headshots or neckshots, if they're wearing head armor will drop them easily. The rate at which you encounter enemies will differ depending on the difficulty setting and how much noise you make as you move around.

Likewise, items are somewhat random in terms of enemy drops and are usually easy to find providing you are looking on shelves and near crates. Because of these factors, these level walk-throughs won't include blow-by-blow descriptions. Instead, they will focus primarily on possible problem areas, potential choke points, puzzle solutions, and completing objectives.

You must find a way into the hotel where Dr. Ivanovich is being imprisoned, then escort him safely out of the country. Regardless of what the briefing says, this mission does not require or even allow you to keep a low profile--at least not until the very end. You begin on a well-guarded street.

There are enemies everywhere, but also plenty of places to take cover. It's a good level to practice your leaning and headshots.

Shoot the tank to clear the far end of the street. Follow the alley around. Before the first street, lean out and take some shots at the huge tank.

It will explode and clear out most of the nearby enemies. Then take cover, because a few more will be headed your way. Follow the road around to the area with the huge storage crates. Once the coast is clear, follow the far wall to the door. Watch for the guard above, who will lob grenades down from the roof. Pick the lock on the door, then proceed up the stairs.

Go out the window and jump from the railing to the ledge. Follow the ledge to the guard tower. A guard will emerge from one of the higher crates. Kill him now, or he'll make the next part more difficult. The fire escape leads to the ledge, which leads to the hotel entrance. Drop down on the right side of the ledge, then go through the doors. There is a mounted gun ahead. Use the truck as cover, then take out the guard manning the gun. There is some health and armor near the gun, but using the gun will cause a few enemies to spawn.

Instead, hide in the alleyway directly across from the gun. Take out the guards, then make your way to the crate to the truck near the fence. Get to the crate leading into the area behind the hotel. A truck will arrive, and several guards will use it as cover. Once they are dealt with, climb the fire escape and jump to the ledge on the outside of the hotel. Follow it around to the fire escape, then into the hotel.

Follow the hallway to the trap door, then drop down. Get the captain's shotgun before heading downstairs. Note that you'll now have access to dual MA1s. The nearby closet has some supplies. Stock up, then head into the hallway.

Make your way to the captain's office, and kill him for his shotgun. Then continue downstairs. At the bottom of the stairs, a few guards will emerge from a locked door near the dining room. If you have any grenades, lob one in to clear out the room. Continue through the downstairs rooms until you find the stairs to the next wing. Make sure to search for equipment in the pantries along the way.

Ivanovich, I presume? The second wing is primarily one firefight after another along a pretty linear path. Make your way through the kitchen, upstairs, and to the guestrooms. You will come to four locked doors. You can pick two of the locks: The middle one leads to some supplies, the far right to the doctor. Talk to him, then follow his lead. Jump on the truck and grab the mounted gun. Enemies will be coming in droves.

You'll want to make sure that you keep the truck in relatively good condition until you get to the countryside--you've got a long trip ahead. Keep the truck safe until the doctor can get her started. In general, you'll want to shoot everyone as quickly as possible. There are plenty of barrels to shoot, but wait until there are enemies nearby so the explosions will do some good.

Once the truck 7 X 6 Shed Double Door Lock is moving, keep swinging the turret to make sure you shoot everyone you can. When the truck stops. Turn and destroy the barrels by the closed gate; the ensuing explosion will open it. Then keep firing at the guards until you're on the road. The countryside is a little more difficult. Trucks with gunmen will follow you and try to cut you off. You'll need to be fast if you want the doctor to make it to the train station safely. Destroy the parked truck to clear a path through the gate.

When the helicopter arrives, just fire at it with everything you've got. The bumpy road makes it difficult to aim, but you should be able to take it down relatively quickly. A few more trucks will come up on the side, then you'll hit a closed gate.

Shoot everything near the gate. The tanks will take out the guards, and the parked truck, when it explodes, will open the gate. A few more trucks will pull up as the doctor pulls through. Take out the rest of the opposition. You're almost there. This is the only level in the game where stealth is required. You'll want to knock out guards hit the Alt key with your pistol equipped then knife them while they are unconscious. Don't fire a single shot, or the mission will end.

Show your papers to the proper authorities. Follow the doctor to the restroom. Talk to your contact, then walk back to the ticket window. Give the conductor your papers, then enter the station. A guard is posted just outside the first door. Knock him out and kill him. Pick the restroom door lock, and the doctor will get on the train. Talk to him, then leave the train. Go through the green double doors at the far end of the station.

Kill the patrolling guard, then head up the stairs. Follow the hallway to the left, destroy the cardboard boxes with your knife, then go through the hole in the wall. Drop down quietly behind the tank. Wait until the guards are done talking, then take them both out. You must remain undetected at the train station.

Go through the double doors. Knock out the guard on the lower floor, then quickly get the other as he climbs the stairs. Kill them both, then climb the stairs and jump to the duct that runs along the wall. Go through the only open door, deal with the guard, then jump through the open window onto the ledge. Follow it around, then drop down near the control station. Your goal in Colombia is to find evidence of the virus and who might be responsible.

This mission is made up of several short areas. Be warned: Colombia is basically one big choke point crawling with rebels. The path through the jungle is almost completely linear, so just follow the obvious trail and be cautious about well-camouflaged rebels hiding around every bend. Objectives: Meet with Sgt. Jack Anderson Escape the camp and start your mission. Walk up to the Marines and listen as the sergeant explains the situation.

Once all hell breaks loose, help the Marines deal with the snipers, and walk over to the trail, jump over the jeep, and hit the road. You will encounter several groups of rebels as you make your way through the jungle. The first is hiding out in a group of ruined buildings. At this point, the path takes a U-shaped bend, so turn around and follow it once you're ready. Watch for the manned M The next camp features a manned gun. Stay low and covered until you can get a clean shot at the rebel manning the gun.

Follow the path along the hill. A small path leads up the bunker with the manned gun, which contains some supplies. Continue along the main path until you reach the temple. The path continues to the right from here, so continue on to forward camp once the coast is clear. This is a fairly tough section, with a large, well-hidden opposing force. Start shooting as soon as you see them, and try to stay hidden. Move only when you know it is safe.

After the helicopter makes its first pass, start moving toward the cave. Beware of the sniper perched atop the cave and of the trip wire hidden in the grass. You can go around the trip wire or just use the Shop tools press Space when the icon appears to cut it. Watch for the trip wire in the grass.

Once you're through the cave, you have a few more rebel camps to deal with. You'll come to two camps separated by a bridge. There are snipers across the bridge, so use the bunkers for cover. Fire the SAM to eliminate the rebel chopper. When you've passed the final camp, you'll see a closed gate next to a locked shed and a small stone guardhouse. Enter the house and climb the ladder. Use the control box to fire the SAM.

This will destroy the helicopter. The SAM blast will also destroy the shed, revealing the gate controls. Open the gate and move through. You'll face a small amount of opposition right at the beginning of this area.

Continue down the path to meet up with Bravo Team. Shoot the sniper on the opposite side of the river, then wait for your orders. Once you meet Bravo Team, let them call the shots. It's important that you follow behind the members of Bravo Team. They're slow, but they'll start yelling and, eventually, shooting at you if you get too far ahead. You'll fight a handful of rebels, then proceed to the rebel encampment.

Objectives: Explore the camp for evidence Rescue Alpha Team survivors. As at the bridge, you should stick with Bravo Team here. Stay behind them, and shoot any rebel stragglers. You'll be ordered to clear out a few buildings. Do so when you're told, and then Bravo Team will continue its sweep of the camp. Check the board behind the desk in the first building for a clue about the virus. Examine the maps for a clue about the attack on Pureza.

Once all the buildings are clear, you'll be asked to free the prisoner. Walk up to the cage and use the Shop tools to open it. Then walk over to the gate and plant some explosives. In both cases, you just need to press Space when the appropriate icon appears. Stick with the Bravo Team leader so you can help with the overwhelming opposition. Follow the river to a ruined temple, where you'll face a fair number of rebels. There are supplies around here, so grab them if you need them.

Continue following Bravo Team up the path to the landing zone. Once you see the choppers, jump in and grab the mounted gun. Shoot the rebels as they come pouring out of the jungle. The briefing will tell you not to be a hero.

Don't listen. You'll need to eliminate almost every enemy you see, and the chopper will circle each camp several times. As with the later Prague levels, don't shoot the barrels unless there are enemies nearby. The second camp you approach will have a mounted gun. To get rid of it quickly, aim for the barrels near the wall just behind it. That will take out the entire building, gun and guard included. Shoot the barrels to kill the gunner.

The next tower has some strategically placed barrels as well. Shoot those, and it will go down immediately. When you come to the bridge, shoot the truck to get rid of all the guards on the right side, then the guard on the left.

Finally, shoot the guard manning the M60 near the bridge. Next up are the SAMs. Shoot them out of the sky as they approach the chopper. The boat, which will arrive next, is easily disposed of.

Just shoot it until it explodes, and don't worry about getting the occupants individually. You must make your way through Vergara's heavily guarded mansion and find out what he knows about the virus. The first two levels of this mission can be finished with minimal resistance if you choose to be stealthy about it. Climb up the trellis and onto the roof to enter the mansion. It is possible to get into Vergara's mansion without being detected.

Immediately turn to your left and follow the bushes around the house. Shoot the camera with the silenced Socom, and do the same to the patrolling guard. You'll need a good headshot, or the alarm will sound.

Sneak around the buildings, past the pool. The garage and the dog pen have supplies, if you want to stock up. Shoot out the camera over the pool. A guard will leave the garage and walk around the house. When he is out of sight, shoot the guard on the balcony, then hurry over into the pool area. Climb up the trellis and then jump the rail onto the roof. Open the grate, then enter the house.

Vergara's safe holds the information you need. You'll enter the house in an attic. Walk around until you see a hole in the floor. Drop down into a closet. Go through the door into a small gymnasium, and then sneak toward the hallway. Wait for the maid to walk down the hall, then shoot the guard. Grab his body and hide it in the gym, out of sight. Wait for the maid to pass again, and then sneak down the hall, take the first left, and shoot the guard.

Go down the stairs and out the door to the left. Take your first right and enter the study. Pick the lock on the safe. At this point, your cover is blown, so arm your M and get ready. Shoot the guards, and go into the rec room. A pair of double doors will open--go through the single door to the left of these once the guards have been killed. Go down the stairs into the wine cellar. When you enter the wine cellar, a guard will shut the double doors ahead of you.

Pick the lock on these doors, then kill the guards beyond. Listen to Vergara's thugs before breaking up the meeting with some bullets. Follow the hallway ahead into the bowling alley. There are supplies in the room behind the bar if you're in need. When you're ready, go through the first door on your right as you enter the alley. Follow the hallway around, past the pool, and into the first open door. Climb the steps, then crouch and enter the ventilation shaft.

As you crawl through the shaft, be careful not to step on the first grate you see. This will drop you down into the bowling alley again.

Instead, keep crawling until you reach the second grate. Listen to the conversation, then shoot Vergara's men from your vantage point. Throw a grenade down if you're so inclined. Drop down into the office, then proceed down the stairs. You'll come to a target range and a nearby vault. Pick the lock on the vault door and restock your health, armor, and ammo inside.

The switch for the bunker entrance is well hidden behind these boxes. Continue down to the wine cellar proper. Make your way through the maze of boxes and kegs until you come to what appears to be a dead end. There's a large pile of boxes near a wine rack--the pile is on the far right wall as you enter this room.

Destroy the boxes to reveal a switch. Flip the switch and go through the secret passage. To kill Sanchez, shoot the circuit box behind him. Follow Sanchez as he retreats. When you reach the bunker door, everything will go haywire. You must make your way through the maze of tunnels and rooms until you corner Sanchez. The path is straightforward: Follow the trail of guards and items until you pass a locked door with a red card reader.

Just beyond that door is Sanchez. Sanchez will kill you if you try to shoot him directly. Quickly take cover behind the first stone pillar in the room. He'll destroy the shelf next to you, or you can do so yourself. Now run to the pillar directly ahead and to the left, then run to the pillar directly to your right.

Lean out from the beam and aim at the circuit box behind Sanchez. To kill Sanchez, you need to shoot the circuit box twice--once to open it and once to short it. After he's electrocuted, grab the red keycard and head back into the hallway and through the locked door.

Your goal is to get to the cargo hold of the ship and destroy the virus. The first level can be completed, for the most part, without alerting anyone to your presence. Once you make it to the interior of the ship, however, it's back to killing-is-my-business as usual. And, as the man said, business is good. Listen to the guards' conversation for an important clue, then wait until they finish talking and one walks away.

Aim your silenced Socom through the crates and shoot the remaining guard in the head. Go up the first flight of steps and through the door. The second flight leads up to a locked door, and you will need a security keycard to get through. Find the keycard in the guard captain's cabin. Follow the hallway through the laundry room and outside. Kill any guards you encounter with the silenced Socom. When you can see the stacks of cargo on the deck, peer around the corner and shoot the crewmember through the window.

Now go down the stairs, and then down the second flight behind you. Turn the corner and go through the door into the bunk rooms. Turn left at the first hallway. The first locked door goes to the guard captain's chambers. Kill him in his sleep and grab the key. Now go all the way back to where you boarded and unlock the security door.

Throw this switch to clear the cargo doors. Kill the guards, then pick the lock on the door to the communications room. Find the switch to open the cargo hold. It's stuck. Head out through the nearby door and down to the deck.

Sneak around the crates until you find a switch at the far end of the ship. Flip the switch to clear the cargo hatch doors. At this point, you either need to hide or give up the pretense of stealth. It's easier to do the latter. Get back to the communications room and throw the switch.

Return to the deck and drop down into the ship's interior. First, you need to get to the main cargo area. It's a fairly linear path at first. Follow the walkways and kill any guards you encounter. You'll come to a locked door next to some stacks of cargo. Jump over the rail and drop down between the two walkways and crawl into the next hold.

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