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She has so many resources and helpful tips to assist too! Purple unicorn 14 Dec I won't be distracted because I like learning more than going on the phone. PurringMarmaladeKitten 14 Dec I used to have TikTok! That's great that she's using it in a good way! BlueFluffyTeddyBear 14 Dec I find her lives so helpful! I attend every day a live is on, and every time I learn more and more. But if you do like tiktok, I highly suggest maybe coming to one of her lives this week.

Who knows, you might enjoy it! I do not even have TikTok! I mean, she is using TikTok in a great way so I support her! Squishmallow23 13 Dec I hate tic tok! Loads of under age people have it! I couldnt study i silence any way! I always have music manly BTS and K-pop to keep me going! U 13 Dec I used to have tic toc but I could not do work. Cutekitten 13 Dec I don't have Tik Tok but still I would be distracted. I know i would just me messaging and i wont be able to do my work.

CamoflaugeWolf13 13 Dec It is unsafe and really bad. Well done Blair for finding a positive in it. Rainbowshimmer 13 Dec Aquafizzydolphin 13 Dec More replies 1 down. I have joined every session for the last two weeks and it has been really helpful, my marks have picked up as well. LilacSwimmerPanda 12 Dec When I was isolating we did a few online classes with a chat function and it was really distracting- and that was on-topic stuff. Though this is a bit off-topic, Your Bike Shed York Kit I don't really Keeping Your Shed Dry Valve like social media all that much.

People feel like they can get away with saying anything online, and our school has actually sent multiple letters because they've heard about problems. LilacSwimmerPanda replied: And everyone is suddenly 'friends' with people they've only met online through their friends, they're just a friend of a friend, which I personally think is a bit stupid but whatever. They can do what they like but I'm personally happier just having a few of my friend's numbers and staying off social media.

More replies 7 down. U 12 Dec Below are just a few brands that teen TikTokers are wearing nonstop. From the Charli D'Amelio's favorite bikini brand to the sweatpants everyone in the Hype House is wearing, ahead you can read up on the viral clothing brands that are allllll over the FYP.

The brand stocks the coolest patterns, trendiest styles, and softest fabrics. The key to TikTok style: that low-key '90s look. PacSun stocks some great inexpensive basics like this ribbed crop top.

The shoe that goes with everything , as proven by like every single TikToker you follow. These leggings are so unbelievably butt-sculpting that they have their own TikTok challenge.

If you need convincing, just watch Jordyn Woods' version —girl's servin bawdy. The brand will have you fitted in everything from funky sweatsuits to pretty '90s dresses. This necklace specifically, is huge among the internet's most stylish.

If you've never tried a pair, you owe your butt a sincere apology. That laid-back '90s style everyone on TikTok seems to replicate? Allll Urban. Obviously, slip-on Vans are a necessity. Charli can be seen wearing this exact bodysuit in her "Cannibal" by Kesha dance seriously, peep her TikTok. Their artsy sweats and cool urban pieces go viral on a weekly basis.

Cyberspace Shop supplies endless variations of hoop earrings for that perfect, personalized ear stack. Charli D'Amelio almost exclusively wears this jewelry brand. The jegging feel allows for optimal movement read: perfect for that latest TikTok dance. This really wouldn't be a TikTok style roundup without a Champion shout-out. Their sweats are a staple in Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.

Frankies Bikinis frankiesbikinis. Pacsun pacsun.

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