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My kids love to play outside on their bikes and scooters, the problem is where to store everything so it's easily accessible to. They can't open the garage doors by themselves, even if they could, the garage is mine! I don't want them near my tools 3c I decided to build them a shed to house all their outdoor toys.

I decided to leave the shed open, without doors, so they will know all diy outdoor toy storage shed 3d stuff is. I know this sounds crazy, but it's usually out of sight, out of mind with dit kids By leaving the shed open they will be able to get their toys easily storzge hopefully remember to clean up too!

Also below are free plans and affiliate links. Clicking on the links helps me outdoir this site going :. Siding Nails. Storage Baskets. I built this shed using very basic tools, you don't need a full shop to build cool things, you just need some ingenuity!

To make diy outdoor toy storage shed 3d build easier the first thing I did was make a guide storagf my saw to run. This guide will be helpful in making straight and square cuts. The best part about it is the built in spacer. If you ty a regular straight edge as your guide, you have to measure the distance from the striaght edge to your cut line before making each cut.

With this simple guide, you just need to line up the bottom piece with your cut line and cut away without any measuring! To make diy outdoor toy storage shed 3d guide, I glued and screwed two pieces of scrap wood click making sure they were perfectly 90 degrees to each.

I made sure to keep the bottom part of diy outdoor toy storage shed 3d guide long so I can cut it away in the next step. I needed to make a new guide because it was a dly saw, and it's a beast of a saw at diy outdoor toy storage shed 3d It's a very heavy saw, but it cuts so smooth and fast you don't even notice it while you're cutting. I clamped the guide to my makeshift work table and ran the saw against the guide, diy outdoor toy storage shed 3d sure to keep the saw straight against the guide.

The excess gets cut away, and now you have a perfect spacer for your saw! That's all there is read article making http://www.- /onetable/small-garden-shed-with-shelves-edition.html guide!

I made sure to label it so I don't sorage it up and use it for something else Every saw is different so make sure to label it if you have multiple saws! Notice the excess was cut away on the bottom right. Now, whenever I need to make a cut with this saw I can just bring that bottom right edge to my cut line and it will be dead on square and my cuts will always be diy outdoor toy storage shed 3d perfect length. I decided to build the frame out of 2x2's to try and keep the cost.

I cut as many pieces as I could at a time by clamping them together and running the saw along the guide. The Diablo Framing Blade is perfect for cutting 2x material. It would also be great if you are using reclaimed material because it's meant to withstand cutting through nails. I cut through some wood with screws stuck in it to test that feature out, it's like the screws weren't even there Another thing I love about this saw is the break.

Diy outdoor toy storage shed 3d soon as you're done cutting, the blade just stops. There's no waiting around for the blade please click for source stop spinning, so it saves time and it feels safer. Figuring out what angle to pitch the roof at was a diy outdoor toy storage shed 3d difficult, in the end I decided to go with I set the saw to cut a That means it sort diy outdoor toy storage shed 3d clicks into place when it gets to commonly used angles.

I really love that feature because it reduces set up time which is one of the most 3dd consuming parts of woodworking and building. It's definitely nice to have a cordless sander for these types of situations. It's really nice to have cordless tools in general! Being able to bring the tools to my project, especially a big one like this, instead of the other way around please click for source a game changer.

I'm going to be outdoor storage shed 10x12 pro and screwing the frame for the shed. To try and make it a stronger joint I put a layer of glue on all the end grain pieces before actually glueing it up.

This first layer of glue will get sucked up into the pores of the wood so there is a better chance for adhesion during the actual glue up. I started with the base, I used pressure treated wood because it will contact the ground. If you can't find 2x2 pressure treated lumber just use 2x4.

I clamped a speed square to my pieces to best small sheds uk twitter ensure the joints will be square and drove the screws in! I was lazy and didn't pre-drill any of my holes and I had a few splits Once the base was assembled I worked on the sides. All of these pieces have the The uprights have an angle click to see more on one side, the tops.

And the connecting piece has the angles cut on both sides. I assembled it like this, but for the plans I figured out a more efficient way to assemble it. It makes more sense to attach the 2 uprights to the base first, then you can get a perfect measurement for the pieces that will connect the 2 uprights.

My measurement was off, that's why the base protrudes from the whole structure. This http://www.- /onetable/preloved-sheds-derbyshire-jobs.html where I started to get nervous about my use of 2x2's. I knew I had to lay these side pieces on the back side to assemble the whole frame and I didn't think that back angle was strong enough to support the.

So I made a brace to make that back corner a bit stronger. I'm really happy Diy outdoor toy storage shed 3d decided to put those braces in, The side totally would have outdoof in this next step. I attached the sides with a long stretcher. I made sure to turn this stretcher a bit so it's edge was matching the angled slope of the sides.

I did this so the roof had a flat surface to rest on. I actually made another mistake. These stretchers were too long. Somehow I didn't notice the base was an outside measurement and the roof was supposed to be an inside measurement. I didn't notice this mistake until after the whole roof was assembled, but at least I noticed http://www.- /onetable/deck-box-200-gallon-30.html Here is where you see that mistake I mentioned diy outdoor toy storage shed 3d I wanted the sides to be flush with the front, but I cut the angled pieces for the sides just a bit too short because math is hard Once tly base was attached I stood the frame up and attached the front of the roof support.

And here you can probably see that xtorage bowing out at the top That's the second mistake I mentioned. The front and back pieces for the roof were too long Not realizing my mistake yet, I moved on to measuring and cutting the rest of the supports. I lined up the pieces to diy outdoor toy storage shed 3d for my cuts instead shde taking measurements. I find it easier this way.

Just a note, these roof supports do not have an angle cut on their ends. Because I twisted the front and back roof stretchers to match the angle of the sides, these pieces were square to eachother. Before I could move the shed to its final location I had to do some Power Washing. This spot on our deck used to have a built in planter box that we ripped out because it was falling apart.

So the wood behind it was in really bad shape, In fact, our whole deck is in really bad shape. Fixing it up, is on the ever growing list In the past I have only used gas powered washers and it was such a pain! I had to run out in the middle of washing my deck to purchase more gas, it smelled and it was crazy loud. This RYOBI ohtdoor washer is electric, so you just plug it in, attach your hose and you're good to go! The frame for the shed is Douglas Fir and I am going to to use Cedar for the outside planks.

Next up I had to fit the boards I was using for the floor. I cut a notch in the sides using my jigsaw so It would fit around the side supports sgorage the frame. I started off using http://www.- /onetable/shed-floor-insulation-ideas.html hammer and nails to attach the planks to the frame, and it was taking forever So I decided to use screws instead.

Way quicker. This time I was more careful, I predrilled sed counter sunk the holes before attaching with screws since they will be visible from the outside.

It was at this point I realized I was short a board But I just didn't want to go out and buy more material, so I ran with it. To get the correct size for the spacing I placed all the boards on the back of the shed and measured how much of a gap was left. Then I divided that number by the amount of spaces I needed. In my diy outdoor toy storage shed 3d, the gap was I divided that by 5, because thats how many spaces I needed and got 2.

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