The Deck Box Halifax - Deckbox The Deck Box, found at Quinpool Road, sells collectible card games such as Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon. �I�ve always played your stereotypical games that come with this,� Pyle-Carter said.� He opened his first store in Prince Edward Island, and decided to launch The Deck Box in Halifax after getting multiple requests from people in the city looking for similar products. Pyle-Carter Etsy Commander Deck Box said one of his first priorities when he started The Deck Box was to grow the local gaming community. Come to The Deck Box to see all those good old 8-bit games! We have an extensive collection of SNES and N64 games! Learn more. War Gaming. We have paint nights, Escalation Leagues, Massive point games and much more! Come check out War Gaming at The Deck Box! Learn more. Weekly Event Schedule. �� ������� � ����������� ���� � �������� www.- : ������� ������� The Deck Box �� ������: ������, Deck Box Sams List ����� ���������, �������� �� ��������. �� ������ ������� ���������� www.- ��� ������ ���������� ���������� �� Android ��� iOS � ��������� ������� �������� �� ������� ������� ������� The Deck Box, ���� �� ��������� �������� �������: + ����: www.- ������ ��� ����� � ���������� ��������: ��. Venus Envy.

I can only control how I respond to it. In fact, on the day of the robbery he was back up and running by his normal opening time. Some of his staff who were off for the day even showed up to help out.

Pyle-Carter has run The Deck Box for seven years and says from the beginning the place was always about building a community. So shortly after leaving school, when he was still flat broke, he and his partner decided to take a risk and open. They started small, but over the years have grown and expanded their focus to video games and other tabletop games.

They also built a loyal customer base in the process, through their retail work, but also by being a hub for gamers by hosting tournaments and events.

Even since the break-in customers and clients have been stopping by to check in on them. Others have shown up specifically to buy something, just to show their support. And that attitude has allowed him to take what for some might be huge setbacks and turn them into wins. Just like in , when a runaway minivan smashed into the storefront of The Deck Box, causing major damage that required serious repairs. After the incident, Pyle-Carter was looking at a long stretch of being boarded up, so he got in touch with an artist got them to deck out the plywood with gaming-inspired street art.

People liked the art so much he incorporated it into his business and used it to inspire how the shop still looks today. Trevor Nichols is a staff writer with Huddle in Halifax. Send him an e-mail with your story suggestions: [email protected].

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