Rip Out Safety Glasses. It costs slightly more and is trickier to install, but its edges lock tightly together, creating craftsman 7x7 shed build codes rock-solid floor. Johner Images Getty Builf. Portable Folding Stand. Buy Now. For most DIYers, installed extension shed trickiest part of building a shed is framing the roof, which requires accurately executing lots of repetitive, angled cuts.

This item has been added to your catalog on Shop Your Way. Versa Track compatibility means you can increase interior capacity and organization by adding VersaTrack shelving, hooks and more. Weather-resistant vinyl coating keeps moisture out and helps stop scratches from exposing steel, preventing rust and prolonging shed life.

This Craftsman steel shed stores your lawn and garden equipment. With tons of storage space, you'll have no problem fitting that push mower and ladder inside. In rain or shine, everything stays protected. When it's time to get to work, your tools will be right where you need them. Do I need to buy a bottom for shed or is it with the 1i bought. Per the owner's manual, You can:? Use a Craftsman Floor Frame Kit? Pour a concrete slab? Use patio blocks?

Build on crushed gravel, dirt or grass Craftsman provides a floor frame kit accessory that is an option for most building sizes. A continuous unbroken plastic vapor barrier with a thickness of 6 mil.

Thank you! Hi there. What size box or boxes does this come in? Need to know for transporting home. Hi There! The carton measures 6. I realize that the floor is not included but is it available to buy and what is the cost? Per our lawn and garden team, the floor kit that ties back to the shed is the Hi There.

No floor is not included. What kind of base do I use? You can:? Build on crushed gravel, dirt or grass Craftsman provides a fl oor frame kit accessory that is an option for most building sizes. If you more Hi There. These specifics are not available per owner's manual. Please contact Arrow Customer Service, toll free, at press 1 or via e-mail at assist arrowsheds.

Thank you. Can this building be assembled against your home Foundation? Per owners manual; Q. How should I measure for my base? Shed dimensions are provided in? Nominal sizes are roof-edge measurements rounded to the nearest foot and are not the measurements to use for constructing the shed base. So, carefully check the exact, recommended base size in the specifications for your shed model.

Per the product description, Dimensions: 10 ft. H Thank you! I hired a contractor to build this shed for me. Afterward, I asked him to write a review of his experience in erecting it because he has some tips other purchasers will find helpful. I will start by saying the directions are not as good as I think they should be for a homeowner.

Some of the pictures and paragraphs are hard to make out. The most important thing about the shed is square but this will not make it easy. The walls must be exactly square also. The hard part is the siding panels form the shape as you put them into the slots.

I had the most trouble with the roof part. The building was squared but the roof panels did not line up the way that they should. I think the manufacturing part of this shed is less than the specs they should be.

I had to loosen everything back up to twist it out of square to line up everything. If you leave the panels loose you will be able to move things a little to line everything up. The doors are also a issue. The cross brackets can be loosened so you can rack the doors so they will fit. Also if the bottom is not exactly level you will need to make sure that is right. I cannot suggest building a shed like this unless you have help and some sort of handyman skills.

I thought the price looked good. I was excited to get a steel shed. I've built a few before. When it came, the box was smaller than expected, especially for a 10x7.

Most of the parts were bent on the ends and had to be straightened out with tools before I began the metal was VERY thin , the steel panels were very easily dented The instructions are a little confusing. It took a LOT of time just to get through the first quarter of the manual.

The manual says it can blow away with light winds For some reason I never saw it written anywhere as "Shed shell" or "Flooring not included". No wonder it was so cheep So keep in mind you have to secure your light winds shed down to something without a floor and still come out of pocket on the floor I honestly can't say that I cant think of anything good or helpful about this shed. It has a million different codes for every piece painted or indented on them.

Instructions had a double name for the various screws which was hard to figure out Which would be fine if it didn't come with over pieces and literally thousands of screws and nuts.

This is not a easy shed to put together. Good luck. I'm returning mine. Ordered 2 of these sheds for my mom so she could store outdoor furniture and garage items. Mom's very pleased! Nice looking sheds! Floor is sold separate so decide when ordering if you want floor. Craftsman does it right. The shed was well designed and engineered.

Everything was there to put it together and have it fit the first time. The number of panels, connectors and nuts and bolts was beyond counting, but it was not possible to get things in the wrong place. Assembly is a big project, so plan to take all day. I had one problem with the shed. The doors were on the wrong side.

The sales staff was not fully informed and told me the wrong thing. I had to return the shed and find another solution because of space limitations.

Sears did have another product that should work. Otherwise, I was totally satisfied with the Craftsman shed. I was slightly skeptical when I purchased this shed. I have put together many metal sheds in the past and they were awful. This I did by my self!! I would have given this 4. But my grinder took care of that. I would definitely suggest this.

The directions were simple to follow, it was rather easy to put together with almost no assistance and it is very nice looking as well definitely not an eye sore. This is a good light duty shed meant for boxed storage or floor items. It does the job and is easy enough to put together.

Just make sure you give yourself at least a half a day to put it together in order to get it done in one day. The panels are light so the shed isn't structurally strong until it is complete.

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