What is the top-selling product within Plastic Sheds? The top-selling product within Plastic Sheds is the Rubbermaid 7 ft. x 7 ft. Storage Shed. What is the most common feature for Plastic Sheds? The most common feature for Plastic Sheds is lockable door. Can Plastic Sheds be returned? Yes, Plastic Sheds can be returned and have a Day. Plastic Storage Sheds: Easy to install, durable and maintenance free buildings from Lifetime, Palram and Suncast! Find our plastic storage sheds, also known as resin sheds, from Lifetime, Palram and Suncast manufacturers here. Lifetime brand plastic or resin shed kits come in a full range of sizes. Patio & Garden Home Target VM Express $25 � $50 $50 � $ $ � $ $ � $ $ � $ $ � $ $ � $ $ � $ 22" � 24" " � " 28" � 36" 54" and under 55" � 63" 64" � 84" 85" � 95" deck boxes storage sheds shipping same day delivery include out of stock All Deals Sale Beige Black Brown.
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