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Reply Upvote. WRP4 Question 8 months ago on Introduction. After checking the witness marks to ensure the post is aligned properly, lift the post and set it down over the flange of the connector.

Be sure the ridge is flush with the tops of the rafters and secure each rafter to the ridge with two 6 inch screws. Put the aluminum drip-cap flashing onto the roof edge, positioned so that its wide flange lays flat on the plywood deck. Using the stair-step method to install roof shingles allows you to complete one section of roofing before moving down to the next.

There's also a chicken door that I can open up to let the chickens go back and forth if I want. Thanks to Horizon Structures, I was able to customize to get exactly what I wanted! This 8x10 chicken coop is shown with optional chicken run, chicken tractor and automatic Dawn-to-Dusk door. Collecting the eggs isn't a chore - takes just minutes a day. The 8 x 10 "Coop Mansion", with its easily accessible nest boxes, works on the same principle as all our other coops.

You don't have to go into the large chicken coop to get the eggs Simply lift the panel and reach inside. This is not a kit or just chicken coop plans If you've studied the details of the pictures of this big chicken coop you may have noticed some things that you haven't seen on any of the other chicken coops for sale on our web site.

That's because we've taken this backyard chicken coop to the extreme and added practically every chicken coop and run option we offer. A true backyard chicken enthusiast will easily recognize the convenience and practicality of all these coop upgrades. This is the personal chicken coop of Horizon Structures' owner, Dave Zook.

And below is his story I wanted to be able to let them free-range on my property and return to the safety of the chicken coop at night. Their Shed Floor Plans 8x8 Pdf job is to eat all the bugs, ticks and weed seeds around my home and garden without tearing up the flower beds.

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