Arrow Lexington 10' x 14' Metal Storage Shed - www.- This shed is a great, smaller shed. It has the ability to be built up against a wall for extra support. However, they also offer a modification where if you�d like the shed to be free-standing, it can be. Available in sizes up to 10�0� x 10�0�. Roll formed, 18 gauge galvanized GUIDES are fitted with dual polyethylene wear strips to reduce friction and muffle door noises. All guide attachment to jamb is performed through the guides without the addition of clips welded to the back of the guide. Excellent shed. When choosing a shed to buy I spent a long time searching for something with good quality t&g shiplap panels, but they were all too expensive. Tiger Sheds ticked all the boxes and the quality is excellent. Having the door and lock already fitted to the front gable is an added bonus!

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The user looses a ground-shaking quake affecting everyone around the user. Its power varies. All screws and nails included, as was a substantial lock Due to Covid 19 there was a delay in delivery, but communication was more than adequate. Suits the garden a treat and the wife has plenty of space for her potting. Hey Ho, we won. Lovely job. I bought a Tiger Potting Shed 3 or 4 years ago, 6' x 8' and erected it with the help of next door's son in an afternoon. No trouble! Buying from Tiger was the best thing ever, polite, reliable, excellent service.

The shed is solid, strong and well designed and has proven to be everything that I had hoped for, totally recommended. All I now need is a good gardener! I love my shed. It was delivered when promised in November in torrential rain by a very kind man who helped me get the pieces indoors. There it stayed until March when I was able to get it outside to paint it. Then lockdown occurred so it was only erected this week.

It took 2 of us 4 hours to put together. I would highly recommend attaching the roof felt before putting the roof on, especially if you are 5'2" The instructions were for a standard pent roof shed so there were a few head scratching moments. It's quality wood, sturdy and will likely out live me. I upgraded to glass windows which are large and give me a great view of the garden.

I also had a stable door option but this wasn't really necessary. Currently sat inside the shed drinking my morning coffee in the rain. It's an extra room, and a lot cheaper than an extension. Love it :. A well made potting shed easy to assemble even for two 70 year olds. I would recommend Tiger sheds and the delivery driver was very obliging by unloading the shed and stacking it close to my erection site.

Very happy with the 8x6 potting shed, good quality, Shed Door Metal Zone easy to assemble. Delivered ahead of schedule as well. Superb service, the ease Ready Assembled Metal Garden Sheds of ordering my potting shed, the ease of delivery was just so easy and efficient.

Well happy with the quality of my potting shed and the service from Tiger sheds and would happily recommend both the service from start to finish along with a good quality product. A well built potting shed ,considering the very difficult times we are in their service was top notch.

Delivery excellent would recommend them to all my friends. Love my new potting shed have been doing lots of seeding and potting, erection of shed easy did it on my own, well made shed, had to change the colour pretty quick as didn't like the colour it was looked like UFO had landed at end of garden also I only ordered Perspex windows so phoned company and asked for glass which was delivered as efficiently as the shed was.

Thanks very much. Great service from Tiger Sheds. Excellent delivery service. Well built shed. Another very happy customer. For delivery terms and conditions and further information click here. We are working hard to maintain a safe and hygienic environment as your building is built and delivered. We would ask for your patience, as it may take longer than normal to deliver your building, but we hope you will understand in the current circumstances.

After all, with our exclusive Tiger 20 Year Guarantee the wait will be worth it � we promise! Tigerbox endeavours to deliver garden sheds and log cabins and other garden buildings within the estimated number of working days stipulated. However, we cannot be held responsible for events outside of our reasonable control which may cause slight delays in the delivery time; Please note that this delivery lead time is an estimate, and will depend on external factors we do not have full control of in these unprecedented times.

We will keep you regularly updated with the status of any order you place. What we can say is that we believe we make the best value buildings in the UK, with very strong ratings and reviews from customers, and that we have a lot of customers who come back to order again and again , so while there may be a bit of an extra wait, we're sure you'll feel it will have been worth it.

Please note: certain garden buildings may require someone present to assist with the unloading such as large workshops or log cabins ;. Technical Information Sizes are approximate only and refer to external dimensions excluding roof overhangs.

For specific dimensions please consult our technical department. The TIGER 20 year guarantee offers protection against general timber rot and decay � the guarantee does not cover the product against timber splits or warping which may occur naturally over time.

To maintain the validity of this guarantee the product must be assembled strictly in accordance with the instructions supplied, treated annually with an appropriate high quality preservative and all glazing units must be sealed, inside and out, with silicone or other watertight sealant. At Tiger Sheds we have a massive range of repayment options, we are sure there will be one to suit you.

If we didn't build it, we don't sell it. We're proud to say that every garden building is made in our own mill in Leeds. This gives us complete control over the manufacturing, from start to finish, so we can ensure only top-grade timber makes the cut.

Our expert craftspeople and precision machinery mean our sheds and log cabins are built to the highest quality � Tigers always stay sharp. We offer year protection against general timber rot and decay.

That said, many people find our sheds last more than 25 years, because we build them to be the toughest around. We treat our timber with a specially formulated preservative, developed over many years � for a weatherproof, lifeproof seal. We call this protective stain our Tiger Skin. It's our iconic mark of quality. It's why, along with our expert 8-point quality check, that spans from forest to factory, you can trust a Tiger to survive. Finance is a great way to spread the cost of your purchase.

To make it easy we've teamed up with Klarna whose technology lets you apply for and complete the loan application quickly and entirely online. Add items as normal to your basket. Once you are at the checkout select the finance option that suits you and choose Klarna. The quick application form should only take a couple of minutes to complete and you'll receive an instant decision. Visit our dedicated finance page for more information, including our finance calculator. We only use slow-grown, high-grade FSC-accredited European softwood, sawn in our own mill so we can oversee the quality.

Better for you, better for the planet. Tiger Potting Shed. Average Customer Rating Reviews. Product Description. Delivery Information. Technical Data.

Tell Your Friends:. Customer Images Load More. Share Your Image. Step 1: Select Size. Step 2: Choose Your Extras. Potting Shed Toughened Glass for 3x Windows.

Step 3: Add To Basket. Your Total Price:. Good To Know All our products are backed by our industry leading 20 year product guarantee. View Technical Data. Customer Reviews Great value for money.

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